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Moving Up To Wholesale

We must follow the steps if we are to get rich from the game. We cannot go from selling nothing to selling kilos. We must be patient and get to understand the game before we progress to that level. It’s obviously safer to sell kilos than grams but you must get experience with the street level first. You can’t skip any steps if you want to do things properly. This is for your own good. Pay your dues nigger.

If you are to be a wholesaler, you need to be savvier than your dealer clients. If they are savvier than you, they will try to touch you. That’s just the way it is. Learn the ins and outs first before you start doing wholesale.

The only way to get wiser is by experiencing the hustle directly from the streets. If you survived on the streets for a year, you should be ready to go. The more that you experience on the street level, the more it will help you. Sharpen up your skills while you’re still at the street level.

When most people start doing wholesale, they do it wrong. They skip a couple of steps and start to recruit other dealers. They forget that they are other wholesaler’s customers. This is one way to do it but that will create trouble in my hood. If you do that, you’ll get a warning within 2 business cycles. And if you don’t stop, you either work for us or you get killed. It’s your choice.

However, there’s a way to do things where you won’t experience the same problems. That way is to start from the bottom up. We call this “Creating your own customers.” This strategy focuses on building many drug lines on the street level. Once they get successful, you sell them to other hungry dealers and become their supplier. Here are some articles on managing drug lines: Drug Runner’s guide,  When You Get Pulled Over, Switch Up Your Reload Spots, How to Build a  Drug Organization. Read these.

This strategy will bring you repeat business and will promote loyalty because you have already established trust with them. Many referrals will result form this as well. Using this strategy will take about 2 years to progress to the wholesale level. During these 2 years you’ll have to work really hard at making your lines busy. Having 3 to 5 lines is best recommended. If you are serious about succeeding in wholesale, each of your lines should be pushing at least 5 kilos a week.

If you have 5 lines, each moving an average of 5 kilos a week, that will be 25 kilos a week you will be moving when you become a wholesaler. This is all possible. I’ve seen people do it with 6-7 lines moving 50 kilos a week. For those who want to become wholesalers, I urge you to use my strategy. It will work beautifully if you do it right. Just get a couple of lines going and flip them, then become their supplier. Easy.

Read more. Learn more. By buying the book “How to Sell Cocaine.”

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.



  1. Not sure where you’re from but around my way its every man for them self. There is no “this is my customer”. Customers go to who ever they want. If you have the best price and quality they go to you, if not they go to someone else, period.

    As far as going from retail to wholesale, its simple.

    You hustle, stack money, so you can buy weight at wholesale prices. Turn around and sell wholesale to everybody you know that still sells at the lower level you just moved up from. As they move up to get to where you are, buying weight, you naturally will move to the next level……as long as they are buying from you.

    Example: You normally buy 8 balls and break them down to smaller amounts to sell. You hustle, stack up and buy an ounce for say $1,000. 8 balls are say $150 in your area. There are 8 balls in an ounce. You make $200 profit by selling 8 balls to other dealers. The key to making money wholesaling is getting your product gone fast because profit margins are lower than selling retail.

    The Hustler


    1. That kind of open market existed in our area 10 years ago. Now everything is franchised with all the big players moving in. If a new player comes in, they get shut down in about a week. If the customers go to someone else, they beat the crap out of their customers. You’re so lucky. Make the money while you can bro. You’re living in the golden ages.


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