How to create a criminal empire

How to Build a Drug Organization

Lets focus on teamwork. As an individual: Focus on your strength, not on your weaknesses. Whatever you are lacking, you can cover by expediting. If you are spending too much time trying to improve on your weaknesses, you are compromising the time that you could be improving on your strength.

We have to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect person. No one can be good at everything. This goes for you as well as for your employees. One must remember that you cannot do this all alone, you must have a well-rounded crew which balances the strength and weaknesses of others.

If you’re a good organizer but aren’t good with people, partner up with someone that is. What we are creating is a team. If you are to do it alone, the path to riches will be a slow and tedious one. If you work as a group, you will be able to make more because each person that is in your team brings in earning potential.

Use your people as leverage to make even more money. An organization of a 100 people has the ability to earn more than an organization that has only 5. It is the basic law of economics. Each person in your group is an open outlet of distribution and the more outlets that you own, the more you will make.

By creating a team, you no longer have to look at the weaknesses of your current teammates. Instead, you can focus on hiring people who will complement them. Create winning teams that balance each other. On these teams, each member will be able to utilize their own strength, while covering for the weaknesses of others.

We have to remember that we never work individually. We always work and act as one. The team is a living organism and each member is a cell that keeps it going. We need to remember that. We look at each team as a human body.


There is the head that consists of the brain, eyes, ears, and mouth. This would be the team leader. He will organize (brain), observe what is going on (eyes), listen to what’s going on (ears), and bark out orders to the crew (mouth).


The body is the connector of the human. The body connects with the arms, feet, and head. These would be the managers. The managers make everything move in the organization. They get orders from the head and control the hands and feet.


The hands do all the dirty work. These would be the security. They get the orders from the body and kill whoever needs to be killed. They get the job done and clear the way.


The feet move the whole body. These would be the drug runners. They get orders from the body and sell the drugs. Without them, the entire organization would not exist. They are the income earners and are the most important. Without them, our organization would not exist.


Forming a well-rounded team where everybody brings something to the table is essential to making more. It will also make your organization stronger because your military and security will be improved. Never hire just one type of personality, we want diversity. Hire a whole bunch of individuals that brings something to the table. They can all be different but must have the same mindset and goals.

Learn to see your talents and that of others. As a leader of a group, it is essential that you know what your men are capable of. In order to find what they are capable of, you must be able to read them. You must know what they are good at and you must know what they are bad at. God has given each dealer a gift and it is your responsibility to nurture and grow their gifts.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


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