US Presidents. Bill Clinton. George Bush. Are major Drug Dealers

These are the Faces of Real Drug Dealers

If the government is doing it, why can’t we? What gives them the right to distribute drugs and what gives us the right not to? How can they get away with so much stuff, while we do all the hard work and end up in jail?

This world is a crooked place and the more that you know, the more you will see how fucked up it is. Everything is inter-connected and it is a fact that drugs and other criminal activities makes the world go around. In fact, some banks would collapse if it wasn’t for drug money.

Our money finances the CIA, Mossad, and many other criminal stuff that the government is into. With the money produced from drugs, they create the terrorist groups, provide them with guns, provide them with training, and spend an enormous amount of money on the media to sway public opinion.

This is one big hustle that the Western governments keeps on repeating. This is overly simplistic but the main points look like this:

  1. They sell the drugs
  2. Make the money
  3. Create terrorist groups to wreck havoc on other nations
  4. Show terrorists on the news to create a reason to invade that country
  5. Keep on repeating negative news about that country & create conflict
  6. Go to war with that country
  7. Make money off of arms
  8. Pay their contractors huge sums of money to build infrastructure for the war
  9. Kill innocent lives and destroy what is good
  10. Steal the country’s resources (OIL) and take over their banks
  11. And do it all over again with another country

They will keep on doing this again and again until there is no other country to invade. It is truly a shame that all of our money goes into this kind of bullshit. We believe that our money should be spent appropriately in ways which can benefit humanity. The government uses their drug profits in evil ways, all they are after is the power and the money.

For us, it is different because our reason is that there was no other way. It’s hard in the ghetto and with all the stuff that’s going on down there… It’s been a horrible situation for us… We’ve been repressed for far too long. We do this because we have to live. This was our way out of poverty and the profits that we made first went to our family and our communities.

For the government folks, they are already born rich. They don’t even need to do sell drugs because they can just print their money out of thin air. Instead, they choose to destroy people’s lives and play a game with us. This creates us opportunity but gets us in trouble as well.

The Western world thinks that they’re god, but they will never be. Soon, the people will wake up and the tables will begin to reverse. This time will come sooner than later. Millions of people, even those who work for the evil government will realize what they are doing, and realize that this world can’t be like this. Those who have been intimidated and threatened will no longer feel threatened because there will be millions who are with them. And those evil people at the top will all be eliminated.

Paying my respects to my man Prodigee from Mobb Deep. Rest in Peace. You spoke the truth and got killed. We know who killed ya. We know. They will soon get what they deserve plus a 100X more. For Real… We won’t stop.


Kenny K.




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