Crystal Meth Market Report for Drug Dealer's Use Only

Crystal Meth Market Report

The big question in America is: Can production keep up with consumption? Meth could be made in America but only in small batches. To make big batches, you must have the ability to gather the ingredients in bulk. A couple of litres will not do it, you need a couple of gallons to do it.

Crystal meth sales will continue to grow throughout the world because it is a cheap alternative compared with other drugs. With the chemicals readily available from China, you can manufacture and distribute it everywhere in the world. The cost is cheap to produce, but with more people doing it, we need to watch out, because the amateurs will make mistakes and that will shed light to the industry.

Getting the chemicals by hiring smurfs to purchase them is a long and laborious process. You can easily make a million dollars per year by doing this but I want you to think bigger. The more people that you have working for you, the more risk there is. Why not go big and get ingredients by the gallon? Why not lease a big warehouse and make it there? By thinking bigger, you can make a couple kg of meth everyday, very easily. Being small is more laborious than being big, remember that.

If you buy in bulk via China, the cost of the chemicals will continue to rise, as long as law enforcement keeps ramping up it’s efforts. The main costs will be distribution so whoever is good at concealing the shipments will make a lot of money. It may be wise to warehouse the extra inventory while you can. The thing about meth is that it can be produced anywhere if you have access to the right ingredients. You also have the choice of playing it safe and just focusing on moving the chemicals to produce meth. Becoming an international broker could be the next biggest thing.

If China produced meth in their own country and distributed it throughout the world, the price would be high because of the risk. One thing that stops the Chinese from making their own meth is their own government. In China, there are very stiff penalties to drug dealing which includes the death penalty.

China plays it safe because there are very stiff penalties. They only produce the chemicals used to produce meth and distribute it throughout the world. China is by far the biggest producer of synthetic drugs out there. New drugs come in from China all the time. Being in the import business will help.

South Asia will play a bigger part in the manufacturing throughout the years and may become the next big mega producer which can be comparable with Mexico. As the chemicals used to produce meth becomes harder to get, the countries closer to China will reap the benefits.

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Kenny K.


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