Watch out for Undercover Cops

Undercover Cops

Summer time is the busiest time, and shit can get hectic. This is when most of our business grows as we get a lot of new customers. But we have to find the ones that are good so that we can feed off of them for the winter.

What we want to avoid at this time are undercover agents posing as customers. This is the most successful time for them to penetrate our groups because business is booming everywhere. There are new customers coming in every week, there are new people calling everyday. When your business is not used to being busy, you will really have to work on your customer relationship management (CRM).

CRM is a technique that we use to keep track of our customers. We can track when they got into our system, all of their contact information, who introduced them to us, where they met us, and what they usually order. We use a professional system such as SalesForce to manage our customers. I believe that using CRM can help all drug dealers out there. This will help you in managing your clients much better.

If new customers are coming in at a frenzied pace, such as when your competition gets shut down, you must slow down your business. What we like to do is to separate our original business and create a new branch to capture the new business. By doing this, our original business remains safe, while we play and experiment with the new prototype.

We classify our customers into 3 different categories. The A class is for our original clients who we know are reliable. The B class are the dependable people who are referred by the A clients. And the C class are the people who we aren’t too sure of. Once the people in the C class get approved to be worthy, we bump them up to the B class. As you can see, we are always working on the C class to see if they are true. We discard those who are shady and we keep the ones who are proven.

Undercover cops can be easily countered with intel. Your customers on the streets are the eyes and ears of the streets. Listen to what they say and do your due diligence. Do they always have their money? Have they ever been short? Most undercovers have full paper and are always ready to go. They are always on time and just too perfect. They would make perfect customers if they weren’t undercover cops.

Check their hands. Are their hands full of callus? Are their thumbs rough and rugged like they’ve been using the lighter a lot? How do they smell? Do they smell like they’ve been out on a binge or do they smell fresh like a cop? How clean are they? Do their clothes look like they’ve been worn a lot? How do they speak? Do they talk about their history? Take a look at their identification and take a picture of it. If they have a car, run their plates and see what comes up. Hack into their phones if they have a smart phone and see what goes on there.

If it doesn’t feel right, cut them off. Your freedom is worth more than money. If your business is too busy, slow it down and make sure that each step you take is safe. Safety first always. Move at the pace where you feel most comfortable. You can’t take on a 100 new clients at once, and expect to be safe. Get new clients in moderation. 5 a week should be fine, but anything more than that, you will need a good CRM system to manage.

Be safe while you make the money. This summer’s going to be HOT!


Kenny K.

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