Expediting the Money Laundering Process for Drug Dealers

Expediting the Money Laundering Process

The money laundering process is a tedious one because it takes a lot of time and patience to go through. To go through all the steps, it may take a couple of weeks to a couple of months. If you’re a first timer, it could be a nerve-wracking experience. Always make sure that you allow yourself enough time so that you don’t need the money right away.

Depending on the volume that you want to process, there may be some specialized people that you may need to hire just so they can help you with your money. This article focuses on the expediting of these services to professional money launderers. We save on some costs by compressing our bills ourselves.

Step #1 Compress Your Bills

Change all your bills into $100 bills. Physical money is a liability to have and the more paper that we carry, the harder it is to store. It is also a major security threat to us because it can get taken away at anytime. This is the main reason behind compressing all the money into $100s, so that it’s more convenient to store and easier to move around.

This step can be made easier if you train your employees to bring in all $100s. I usually give them an extra $50 on top if they do that so it makes my life easier. I don’t have time to show my face to banks just so that I can exchange bills.

Step #2 Get the Minimum Amount

Get the minimum amount your guy needs to launder. Some people take a minimum of a $100,000, while others require $500,000 or more. It all depends on your service provider, but be warned that not all service providers are born equal. I find that the larger amount that you put in, the better and faster it is. Going rate is usually around 20%.

Step #3 Wait

Some places will make you wait for a couple of months until they have placed all the money into the financial system, while others only take a couple of weeks. It all depends on how big of an organization you are dealing with because the more people and outlets they have, the faster they can process.

You also have to remember that we are in the illegal industries and that we have to be careful of who we trust our money with. Money launderers are the shadiest types of people in this world and have the quaint ability to vanish unexpectedly. Always go through mutual connections who are using their services.

I remember the first time that I used a service, gave a guy a $100,000. After that, I felt real anxious because I thought that the person took off with my money. I called them regularly and checked up on them just enough to annoy them. Thank god the person was nice about it. He said that it was normal for people to do that and that he was used to it. Took 3 weeks to process.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.



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