Drug Runner's Guide to Security and on how to run their business

Drug Runner’s Guide

There are many dealers out there who have not had any formal training. Well, today I would like to teach you some of the basics of managing a drug business. All of this information will provide you with a good foundation for you to build upon.


When managing a line, we like to use a call forwarding system where all of the customers phone the main phone line. From there, we call forward the call to the drug runner’s phone. This way, the main phone can be kept in a safe and secure place with the manager.

Some dealers lend the line phone to the drug runners during their shift but this is a big mistake. If the drug runner gets caught or takes off with the phone, your business will be disrupted for a couple of hours. Always have possession of your line phones and call forward it to whoever that is working. This way, you always remain in control.

Quantity of Drugs to Carry

First of all, we like to limit the quantity of drugs that each runner carries according to what day it is. By looking at our sales charts, we can predict whether it is going to be a busy day or not. Typically, Fridays and Saturdays are the most busiest days so we have all our men carry more quantity than usual. By them carrying more, they do not have to spend time reloading. Sundays through Thursdays are slower days so we have them carry less.

On the days where the product is not moving, there is no point in letting your men carry more quantity. If the drugs are selling, it is wise for you to let them carry a lot. Our main concerns are the safety of our workers. We always think “What if they get caught?” We also don’t want any loss on our product. By making our runners carry the appropriate amounts, we minimize our risks as well as our worker’s risks.


Reload spots should not be frequented on regular intervals as this is one of our most vulnerable spots. Workers should exercise great caution when coming back to reload. We have the workers circle around the block a couple of times to make sure that nobody is following them before they come. If anything seems suspicious, all our workers let us know.

Some dealers like to give the runners a key to the place, and this can work if there is a limited quantity of drugs in there. However, if you have a lot of drugs in there, we advise you not to give away any spare keys. We also advise you to carry a minimum amount of drugs in your stash houses, which should last for about a week. This is a security precaution just in case so we don’t get all our product nabbed at once.

If there is security inside of the drug house, they should be notified before the runners come to the house. If the drug runners say “10 minutes, 15 minutes,” it should be good enough. This way, the security can prepare for the drug runners appearance.

There should be cameras posted in and around the house so that the security can prepare for any kind of situation. The security should have the drugs already prepared for the runner so that he can quickly be on his way. The drug runner has to exchange the cash for the new drugs when he is there. The security will count the money in front of the runner so that all the numbers are confirmed. Any information that could not be talked over the phone should be discussed then and there so that they do not leave incriminating evidence.

If there is any suspicious activity going around the stash house, there will be a relocation that will happen on the same day. This is the reason why we like to hold 2 or 3 properties at a time, so that we can use them in case of an emergency. It is better to be safe than sorry in this business. Never be too lazy to move.

Another tip is to not have too much stuff such as furniture in the stash house. This will make it easier for you to move. The layout of the stash house should be nice and simple. Some dealers like to leave a lot of clutter in the stash houses so that it throws the cops off. Be aware that this trick does not outsmart the dogs. Less stuff or more stuff does not affect anything, the dogs can smell through that. If this is the case, having less stuff is better.

In the stash houses where we have security, we like to stash our drugs near the washrooms farthest away from the front door. This way, if the cops ever come by, we can get a head start by flushing all the drugs.

I need to cut this a little short but I will be back. Leave me some comments of what you guys do.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


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