Multicultural Gangs. UN Gang

The Power of Racial Diversity In Gangs

Racial diversity is becoming a trend for all gangs from around the world. Black, White, Asian, Hispanics, it doesn’t matter where you come from anymore, as long as you want to make money, we are all in this together.

To be successful, we need to start getting rid of the racial stigma. Nowadays, if we have a white person selling in a black neighborhood, they will get lynched. We all know this. White people are only good in white neighborhoods, and Hispanics are only good in Hispanic neighborhoods. That is the truth.

So, the gangs have come up with a way to overcome this by getting the people to sell to their own races. By doing business this way, we are not restricted on which markets we can enter. We can operate in a huge area which spans more than one nationality. This opens up many doors for us and the advantages are of many:

We can all speak multiple languages. We have access to multiple ethnic communities. We have international business connections. We have connections with other ethnic gangs. We are hard to identify because we have so many different races working with us.

If you’re dealing, it’s time to really start thinking about this. If you want to make it big, you have to go multicultural. You can make double the money in the same amount of time just by doing this. This world is a big place and it’s better off to associate with all of the different races. Take advantage of this new era and get used to it.

Oh, and did we say international business. Hiring people from all over the world will give you many opportunities of going international, especially if they are fresh off the boat. Take advantage of this fact and work with each other. If they have a connection overseas, use it, and vice versa. International business is much more profitable and safer than dealing domestically.

Think Bigger My Friends,


Kenny K.

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