Attack the Leadership in times of war

War: Attack the Leadership

Take down the leaders and all will come crumbling down. There is no use in taking out the low-level workers. In order to win quickly and decisively, strike where it counts. By doing it this way, there will be less casualties and the length of battle will be shortened.

On the streets, battles wage on because the military strategy is lacking. They lack the discipline and just focus on the action part. This impatience leads them to hit up anything that they can target and when they do this, it gives the enemy a chance to up their guard. Prolonged warfare is not good for anyone.

When we do battle, we like to hit them when they are least expecting it. By doing our homework on all that the competition has, it allows us to systematically dismantle them. We always start our investigations from the bottom up at the street level. If a new competition comes in, we want to know who they get their product from. And from there, our investigation begins.

We find out out who their runners are, where they reside, and where they go to get their product. Then we go on to step 2, where we scope out the stash house and get the manager’s information. This part is most often the longest part of our investigations because they may only pick up large volumes about twice a month. From there, step 3, find out the final source.

Doing the investigations can take upwards of 3 months, and if you get lucky, even less. Know your enemy more than they know themselves and make it seem like everything is normal, then strike when the time is right.

In this current age, we are also able to tap into smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers which makes our investigations even easier. By listening into their conversations, we know how many people are involved and get to know their hierarchy. This helps us when deciding who to target.

Of course, it will be nicer to disengage the enemy through formal alliances but it does not necessarily pan out. There are just too many egos in this game and it is just easier to take them out physically. Putting a stop to 10 people will do it for the organization, as these are the people who know and manage everything.

If you cannot get the number 1, take out the closest people to them. That will have the same effect as taking out the number 1, because the number 1 will no longer have the support to get the work done.

In warfare, we want as few casualties as possible. We also want to finish the battle quickly and to keep it out of the public’s eye. We don’t want the TV stations to be broadcasting what we do.

When going to war, put all your resources into defeating the enemy. The window of opportunity is open for only so long. From disorganized attacks, the enemy will have their guard up, making it an even tougher battle. Make life easier by building a strategy for war.


Kenny K.



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