Gangs hiring ex-military to protect them.

Hiring Ex-Military Workers

We have the best luck with hiring people from the military. This is because they have experienced a whole lot during their missions to war-torn countries. We find that they are much tougher and much more disciplined than the normal civilians. It also helps when we have a bunch of them working together because they can read each other’s minds. They have very good teamwork and it helps when our organization needs to go to battle.

These people are calm under pressure and have the battle instincts necessary to survive on the streets. Their weapon’s abilities are spectacular and they have the ability to take down opponents even when they are outnumbered. This really helps us because they win battles for us.

However, there are drawbacks as well. Sometimes we need to deal with people that are going through post traumatic stress disorder. But we help them through it the best we can. We provide them with high paying jobs and we let them work at a schedule that fits them. They are only assigned to certain roles that they feel comfortable with. If they want time off, we give them time off. We accommodate to their needs and they accommodate to ours. It is a 2-way street when dealing with them. If their PTSD is too severe, sometimes our only choice is to let them go.

These people are great teachers as well. They teach our troops about the strategies used in warfare: Where to position yourself, how to use the resources around you, which weapons to use, etc. These people are incredible and we recommend that everybody hire them. If the government doesn’t provide them with jobs, we will.


Kenny K.


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