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Money is Never Enough to Help People

I have tried helping countless people thinking that giving them money will help solve all their problems, but I was wrong. Giving them money only complicated their situation and they ended up in worse positions than they were in before.

But I can’t help myself from helping people. If somebody needs my help, my automatic reaction is to reach out and help them. Although I may do crooked things, my love for people is real. I love and respect my friends, families, workers and customers and I am grateful that I have them, because without them, none of this will be possible.

So back to the topic, money only helps people temporarily and the more you count on money to help people, the more they will need. It is similar to putting a band aid over a broken wound, no matter how many band aids you put, you need to heal the wound first before anything.

Throughout my time, I found that being a mentor is the best for these people because without education, their life will not be prosperous. Without education, they won’t know how to handle the money, and without education, they won’t be able to make the right choices. Education is the key to everything in life.

I’m not talking about a post-secondary education here. I’m talking about things outside of that. Of course we can teach them how to handle money or how to do business, but the most integral part that we can teach them is how to look at life because without that nothing will work.

If you are able to instill in these people a positive mindset of abundance and confidence, it will help them much more than if you give them a million dollars. Everything starts from within, giving away materialistic possessions will not help. We need to focus more on the spiritual aspects of life that exists deep within each person to enact such a thing as charity.


Kenny K.


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