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Never Be Intimidated

Sometimes there will be people who will try to intimidate you. Some of them will use the size of their body to try to get their way, while others may use threats. Some may boast about their connections to scare you or talk about lavish things to outclass you. Never worry about these things because you have the power to handle these situations.

From a strictly strategic perspective, when people try to intimidate you, do not intimidate or fight back. You want to walk out of the situation as calmly as possible so that you can hit them when they least expect it. On a cautionary note, if you leave the impression that you are going to fight back, they will be ready with their guard up or may attack right there.

Never fall for any intimidation tactics or threats. These people are very basic and easy to read. If you know what they are doing, it is easy to take away their power. The people who try to intimidate don’t know half the story. They don’t know your full capabilities or what you can do to them. During these situations stand firm. What these people want to see is if they can get a reaction out of you. If you don’t give them a reaction, either of these 2 things will happen: A) They will get mad or B) They will respect you.

For those who get mad, there may be conflicts which may get escalated to new heights. For these people, it is better off to kill them because the more time you give to the situation, the more people may get involved which equals more blood spilled. End the drama before it goes to your momma.

We are all human beings and each has their strong and weak points. Even the toughest of people get scared when their life is at stake. I have seen some of the biggest baddest people cry and beg for their lives. Just remember, anybody can be touched as nobody is invincible.

In your mind, visualize your enemy scared out of their minds. Picture them panicking and crying, running for their lives because this is what you will do to them when you go on the offensive.

On one last note, don’t start any shit. Only start shit when others do something to you. Never abuse your power and always remain humble.


Kenny K.



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