what to do when on the do not detain list

When On The “Do Not Detain” List

When you are high profile, the police won’t fuck with you. Even if you are speeding or doing drug deals in the open, they won’t fuck with you. The reason is simple, it’s because they are doing their investigations and trying to reach your higher-ups.

When you reach this kind of status in the game, you are on the “do not detain” list. This list is exclusive to the top dealers and makes them immune from arrest until the cops are satisfied with their investigations. They may be immune from arrest for 1 or 2 years, but it all depends on how far the cop’s investigations are going.

The whole point of not busting the dealers are because they are looking for a bigger case. They’re smart enough not to arrest you for anything minor because by doing that, they will let the whole case go to jeopardy. Instead they remain patient, waiting for the bigger prize.

So what do you do when you are on the do not detain list? Well, you already know that the cops have enough evidence to incriminate you so the smart choice is to go on the run. However, when you do this you cannot let anybody know. You must escape alone and must continue to act normal until that date.

If the police know that you’re going to make a run for it, they will clamp down on you hard. If you haven’t already got your fake passports and IDs, I suggest you get this now for these purposes. They are very easy to get online or through European organized crime.

When you get these fake IDs, always check to see what options it comes with. Which states do they specialize in? What kinds of technologies can they embed on the card? Can they reproduce the current to date version? Can they reproduce all of the security features? If you haven’t got one, go get one right away.

When you go on the run, it is better to avoid airports. There is too much security at the airports nowadays and it is way too risky. But if you are on a continent such as Europe, you have the chance to escape via vehicle or train into other country’s borders. Right now is the most opportune time in Europe because of all of the immigrant migration going on. Anyways, all of you remain safe. Until next time.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.




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