Nicky Barnes. A Classy Respectable Dealer

Be a Respectable Dealer

It don’t matter if you own the block, when you do business, do it behind closed doors. We want to hide the dirt that goes on and to make the block look clean. We don’t want our neighbors, kids or passer-bys to know what goes on because our business is our business and should only be known by the people involved.

Doing crime openly will result in public outrage and if you do, the residents will report to the police. Public opinion matters a lot to the police and if they get enough complaints, they will act swiftly to shut you down. It’s very political in that sense because the current police chiefs don’t want to look bad.

I’m saying this for the safety of the dealers and for the safety of the public. We don’t want to expose our youth to this kind of stuff, we want them to think far beyond that. As a community, we must promote other things that actually enhance the community. Dealers in the past were looked up to as role models but the public opinion has began to shift.

Drug dealing existed because there was no other choice. There were no jobs and there was no money in the ghetto, so we had to do what we had to do to make our money. When the drug dealers of the past made their money, they spread the wealth around the entire block. But the drug dealers as of late only spend the money on themselves.

These new dealers spend lavishly while ignoring the poverty of their people. They take, take, take, and never give. They buy a Ferrari while the kids around the block starve to death. This creates resentment among the common people which breeds anger and hate.

A lot has changed from the past origins of drug dealing. The young dealers must respect the block and come to terms that we, the people of the ghetto are in this together to rise past poverty. One man rising up from the ghetto while forgetting his people deserves no respect. If we get bread, we must give bread to those in need.

Have pride in your origins and support your people because if you don’t, nobody else will. Remember what happened during Hurricane Katrina? Like Kayne West said, “They don’t give a fuck about us.” This is true and as a dealer, you must do everything in your power to support your people.

Bring your people up with you, always.


Kenny K.


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