A nice tight circle is better for drug dealers. Sometimes smaller is better

Sometimes Smaller is Better

We all have the perception that bigger is better, but we need to know that that’s not always the case. In the drug business, the bigger you are, the more attention you will get. Attention is great in the legitimate industries but it doesn’t work that well in the illegal fields.

Lets talk size first. Lets just imagine that you have 50 people under you and out of that number, how many do you think will get arrested? The bigger your organization, the more prone to slip-ups you get. That means that there are more times that people can rat you out. Think about it, it’s kinda hard managing 50 people and expecting them not to make a single mistake.

If you train your employees well enough, you will minimize your risk, but you won’t be able to control how they react. You can also keep track of what everybody is doing and make sure they know how to handle certain situations but you can’t always expect them to perform perfectly as planned. Unless you have managers and sub-managers to look after them, having 50 people under you is very risky.

Another fact about being big is that even the smallest of mistakes can get magnified. One minor slip-up could lead to the take-down of your entire organization. Being big gives the cops more incentive to take you down. And trust me, they will take their time in their investigations so that they take down your entire hierarchy.

However, there is an advantage of being big. You will have the man-power to win at war and the smaller guys won’t mess with you. But that is quickly turned into a negative because going to war will get attention from the police. Just imagine if you are operating in every single city and someone starts a war. It will be very easy for them to attack you and the war that will be waged will get a lot of media attention.

The reasons why I say small is better is because it gives you mobility and more control over your business. And you want to remain invisible when you are operating in this business. You may think that it is less money by being small but it depends on how you look at it. If you have a crew of 10 people and you are raking in $100,000 per month, that is pretty good. Of course, you will be pushing less weight but your employee expenses and costs of doing business will be lower and that will more than make up for it.

Compare it with an organization of 50 people. In this case, you will be pushing a lot more weight and making more but the profits may be the same if you subtract the business expenses. By operating bigger, you will have a lot more business assets to cover your grounds and you will have the responsibility of feeding 50 people. That is a lot of pressure and if business doesn’t go right, you will have to resort to war to feed your people.

So think about it. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Of course, you will have more power by being the bigger guy but you will also lose your mobility and control. The trend is to go small so that you get maximum mobility and control over your business.

This article is only talking about the retailers and wholesalers, not the cartels. The only exception of having a big group is if you are an organization that moves a massive quantity of drugs internationally from the source country.


Kenny K.



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