Country Songs Talk More About Drugs than Hip-Hop

Country Songs Talk More About Drugs than Hip-Hop

Who would have known that these plain country white folks even know about drugs. My image of them was that they were Sunday morning church goers who sat on their front porches sipping on whiskey all day. Who would have known?

The conception was that hip-hop talked more about drugs than any other musical genre, but studies have found that they are dead last when it comes to mentioning drugs. Country music topped the list at #1 for having the most mention of drugs. Take a look at the list:

  1. Country
  2. Jazz
  3. Pop
  4. Rock
  5. Other
  6. Folk
  7. Hip-Hop

Is this because the hip-hop fan base has less money than the other genres? This may be the reason why as the illicit drug industry controls a segment of the media. Different music caters to different audiences and their income differs as well.

If the government drug dealers want to focus on where the money is, they will spill mentions of drugs in the musical genres that reach the most people with the most money. That makes logical sense, doesn’t it. So now that they experimented with the black man, they are moving on to the white man who has the money.

The government is involved in the drug trade and has set up the war on drugs as a front to cover what they are doing. They infiltrate the source countries and then grant power to a certain number of people. And from there, they market the drugs while these people distribute and sell the drugs for them. Music and movies are one of the outlets that they use to market their drugs. You can read it in my past article here.

If you are a dealer, follow these trends as this will make you rich. Watch, listen and get a sense of what is going around you. Music is a good barometer on which markets to focus on. If we pay attention to which music makes certain drugs popular, then it gives you the ability to capitalize on them. So it’s time to step out of our own comfort zone (ghetto) and it’s time to hit the suburbs.


Kenny K.



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