How to Sell Cocaine: #1 Introduction to the Business by Kenny K.

Only in Nigeria: Money Everyday and No one Goes to Jail

In Nigeria, large sums of money are being found but no one is getting arrested. That shows how corrupt the country is and that means that there is a lot of opportunities for criminals.

And for us, it is very easy to fit in. First, they are an English speaking country. Second, they are a fast developing country with a lot of developments taking place. Third, there are many Nigerian people in our home countries that have the connects back home. So it might be time to think about it.

Wherever there is corruption, there is opportunity. Big money is just around the corner waiting for us in third world countries. As criminals, all you have to do is pay people off to secure your freedom. How easy is that?

The poverty of the country makes it easy for us to operate. These people are starving and even the people in power are struggling so the people with money hold power over them. That is how corruption gets started. However, not everyone is down with this. There are people who have high moral standards but they often get killed.

The rule when you operate in these countries is to pay them off when they ask. It is a two-way street, pay and you get off or not pay and you face punishment. In the end, it is just a cost of doing business, something like a tax. We should not think nothing of it and just continue to pay them.

In the beginning they will hold the power but if you operate in the country for a long time, you will eventually become an asset to them. In other words, you will own them. If the amount that you pay is a significant portion of their income, they will need you. And when this happens, you hold all the power.

You will be able to do anything that you want, untouchable, almost reaching a god-like status. As money talks and corrupts minds, we can use this as a weapon in the poorest of regions.


Kenny K.

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