How to Get Cocaine to Sell

How to Get Cocaine to Sell

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I got asked this before and it all depends on what your budget is. If you’re just starting out, you will want to start off with an ounce. For this, you can go to just about any dealer as they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Finding coke to sell is easy, start off by asking your sphere of influence. Ask your family and friends if they know of a connect and if they don’t just hit the streets. I’m pretty confident that you will be able to find it in your circle of friends because everything is so easy to get nowadays but if you are in a country that is scarce, you might want to hit the dark web or travel to a country where the supply is plentiful.

If you are in one of those countries where cocaine is scarce, we recommend you travel to first-world countries and build connects there. Drugs are plentiful in first-world countries and everything will be easy to get.

If you were thinking of going to third-world countries, think twice because finding the connects there are hard to find unless you go to very dangerous areas. On a cautionary note, you must know a native person there or there will be dangers lurking.

You will have better luck in first-world countries where it is safe; however, you will pay a premium price. If you are on a budget, go to the third-world countries and take the risk. Do your research and see if it’s worth it. If you’re not getting at least a 100% return on investment, it’s not worth the risk.

If you want to buy a kilo, the people you will be dealing with will change. You will find that the dealer that you were picking up ounces from was just a middleman and you will want to get to the main source. These people will be harder to find as they operate under a veil. The only way to meet them is through working with the middleman until you get to that stage.

Focus on the quality and negotiate the prices. 

Get an edge over your competition. 


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