How to Get Cocaine to Sell

Prime Business Opportunity in Sycrause, New York: 52 Charged in Syracuse Drug Bust Bricktown Gang

Police are going after the most violent gangs first so if you fit in this category, operate low key. The group that was busted in April, 2017 Bricktown Gang is said to be one of the most violent street gangs in the South Side of Syracuse, New York.

This group is permanently crippled and we will see if they can recover in the near future. 52 arrests were made and this will have a major impact on the hierarchy of the organization. If the top leaders were busted, the organization of the group will be non-existent and they will only have the ability to deal with small business in limited quantities because the cops took their money and drugs.

A big risk that they face is that they may have lost their supplier connections with their top lieutenants missing. Also if they still have suppliers, they may not want to risk dealing with them. This is a huge problem that they face.

What this group needs to do is to switch up all of their communication devices and start from scratch. The smartest choice that they can take would be to skip town and lay low for awhile. But whatever they choose , the rival gangs will be watching.

The rival gangs are licking their lips at this moment because it gives them a chance to wipe them all out and flood the area with their men. This is a prime opportunity for the people on the East Coast as there is a lucky chance to enter this market.

Syracuse is prime real estate as highways span North, East, South, West. It is also close to Canada if you are looking for international business opportunities. There is also a lake as that connects with Canada. If you can figure something out, I highly recommend that you enter this market.


Kenny K.

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