What to do When You Get Paranoid

What to do When You Get Paranoid

From our experience dealing, we have experienced many bouts of paranoia. As we are in a very volatile industry, many eyes are watching us at all times. Some eyes may be harmless while some eyes may kill. We must be very careful in what we do so that we don’t end up dead or going to jail.

While dealing, we will get paranoid at some point in our lives. And when this happens, we have to consider if it’s for legitimate purposes or if it’s just a figment of our imagination. And this part can get tricky. But let us tell you this…

Humans have an innate ability to predict danger and if you are feeling something, there is definitely something going on. It may be a small thing that you don’t have to worry about but it could also be a big thing that can come and take your life.

Human beings are all receptors and we radiate a certain frequency. If someone were to think of us, we would catch this because their thought carries our vibration frequencies with it. Our minds are in some way a radio that emits frequencies and receives them.

That is why when we think of someone, we can feel it in the air. Have you ever had the time when you thought of someone and the phone rang, and it was them. It is all the same concept as this life works in synchronicity.

When we can feel it, there is something going on. And if it doesn’t feel right, you need to be aware. This is called gut instinct or inner clairvoyance. It is what was taught by our ancestors in Egypt which this generation has forgot.

This esoteric knowledge can be used in the game to shield us from harm. We can tell what is going on in the world around us by what we feel. The people who don’t understand this will die on the streets, but for the people who know will be many stories of survival.

In order for this to work, you must abstain from using drugs and other mind-altering substances, as these will cloud your thoughts. And when you feel something, prepare for it right away because paranoid thoughts don’t just come out of nowhere, there is always a reason. So cover all your bases and make sure that you are secured.

And remember that we are human receptors that catch on to certain frequencies.

Best of luck guys.


Kenny K.


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