Having Too Much Money Does Not Lead to Happiness

Having Too Much Money Does Not Lead to Happiness

Like in everything in life, there needs to be a balance. Too little money and you will be unhappy, and too much money will make you unhappy. You need to find that fine line that brings balance into your life.

The problem with too much money is that once you get it, your done because that’s what you’ve been striving for all the time. And once your mission is complete, it’s hard to find meaning in your life. Money doesn’t equal happiness but it eliminates all your financial worries.

When you get to the stage where you can buy anything that you want, it’s good for awhile but it gets old. You can buy all the designer clothes, drive whatever you want, and live wherever you want but once you have everything that you want, none of that stuff matters anymore.

Many people wonder what to do with their lives and they find that life becomes boring after they get rich. These people need to find a new challenge in their lives, a new purpose or else they will end up crazy.

Everyday, all the rich worry about is what to do. So they eat breakfast, go out shopping, go dining at nice restaurants, fuck a few bitches and then repeat the same pattern over again. After a couple of months, they get bored and try to find new and stimulating ways to spend their day.

My advice to you is to have something else to strive for other than money. Find something that makes you happy because money won’t. Make all the money you want but have a purpose is all I’m saying.


Kenny K.

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