Respect the Game

Since our industry is not regulated, we pretty much operate in the wild west. We operate in an industry where everyone operates the way they want and that creates conflict among groups. One group could be acting ethically while another group could be breaking all the rules.

The group that is breaking all the rules have an unfair advantage over the others because the way they do business is dirty. This causes the other groups to become dirtier so that they can compete with them, thus a never ending cycle is created until the whole industry becomes full of crooks.

This lack of regulating authority encourages people to break the rules because they can get ahead. This is due to the fact that the media has encouraged this type of behavior. By glamorizing ripping people off and doing dirty business, it teaches the youth to do this. The end result is the creation of hundreds and thousands of savages who act violently on the streets. The media has brought our ethics down and has brought with it a dangerous way of thinking.

The people in our industry should know right from wrong and just because they are doing something illegal doesn’t mean that they can act like savages. What we need are responsible people to operate in the game and for them to control and regulate the industry.

We must begin to kill off the people who act unethically. It is our responsibility to bring law and order to the game by enforcing a high standard of ethics. We may need to rule with an iron fist, but by killing off the rule breakers it will bring good changes into our industry.

The rule breakers have provided bad examples for our youth and must be made examples of. They must be humiliated and ridiculed before being put to death, only then will people know to behave. This kind of action may seem cruel but is absolutely necessary to bring this industry to a more respectable state.

Because this lawless behavior has continued for too long, trust has become a major issue in our industry. We never know what to expect from people and that causes us to act in a paranoid state. We want to build a platform in which people feel safe. We need law and order in our industry so that people will obey the rules and play fairly.

The dealers of now disrespect the game by breaking all the rules. They preach that they do the right things, but do the other. These aren’t true dealers but are professional con artists. These people don’t even care about the future of this industry and leave a mess for everyone.

We should all feel an urgency to act. We must fix this now to provide the youth with a better future. We have to teach them right and raise them right so that they can have a good career in the game.


Kenny K.


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