3 Things Junkies Look For in a Dealer

3 Things Junkies Look For in a Dealer

If you’re wondering why you’re sales are lagging, it may be time to take a look at your business. Think about your customers. Why is it that they came to you in the first place? And why don’t they come anymore? See things from the customer’s point of view and you will find the key.

Sometimes when we are in business, we ignore the basic fundamentals which we built our business on. By relearning what we did right in the past, it will improve our business and the relationships with our customers.

Junkies look for 3 main things when they look a dealer. They are: High quality of product, availability and speed of delivery. You must have all 3 components to be able to satisfy your customers.

  1. High Quality of Product

Junkies want the best quality product, that pure shit. They don’t want the stuff that is buffed with shit. If you have the best product in town, all of the junkies will come to you. This is the ultimate key. Always be known to have the best and the money will follow.

One thing we found is that junkies would pay a higher price to get the purest product out there. They don’t like spending money on buffed product. What they want is potency and the genuine high that only the purest of products can provide. Too many products are buffed nowadays and they don’t like that. They would rather pay a premium for the best shit.

2. Availability

Junkies are always looking for dealers who are available when they need them. They love the dealers who always pick up their phones and respond quickly. As drugs are an impulsive purchase, you need to be there when they need it. It’s important to set your hours of operations so that it accommodates their needs. The more available you are, the more they will come.

3. Speed of Delivery

When they order, they want the product delivered right away. They want short delivery times and they love it when you show up at the time you say you will. To keep competitive, your delivery times should not exceed 20 minutes.

Anything longer than that may become a cancelled order. You never want that because you don’t want them to go to other dealers. However, if you have the best quality product, they may wait. Junkies are really impatient and when they want to get high, they want to get high now.


By having these 3 things, the chances that you will be their 1st choice will increase. However one must keep it consistent and each piece of the puzzle should be there at all times. Make sure the junkies know what to expect from you when they pick up. You want to be the reliable dealer that they can always count on.


Kenny K.



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