Keep the War on Drugs Going

Keep the War on Drugs Going

We must never let the government take control over our industry because they will mess everything up. We need to fight with our lives for this to maintain our keeps. Drugs is our business and that is how we make our living.

Right now, the market is wide open, just waiting to get fucked. We can set up shop whenever we want and wherever we want. We can also sell anything that we choose while not having to pay taxes. Do we really want to lose this freedom?

The war on drugs keeps our prices high and many businesses are flourishing because of this. The distribution of wealth is the highest among drug dealers and things have never looked better. The war on drugs is what we feed off of.

Just think what may happen if they legalize drugs. The first thing they would do is to control who is able to operate, and chances are likely that won’t be us. The second thing they would do is to make a profit through taxation, making it unprofitable.  And third, they would give only a handful of companies control over the market, which will kick us out of the picture.

Legalization will strip the dealers of their power and give power to the elite. Our businesses will get wiped out because big business will take over, much like what Walmart did to small business. The big businesses will be running the show and will form the new cartel. In other words, they will shut us down while making all the cash. Legalization will destroy our ability to make large sums of money fast.

The scary part is, once they figure out how they can profit from it, the regulation will come. Slowly but surely this is happening as society is becoming more accepting of drugs. Remember back when being gay was not socially acceptable? Look what has happened now, being gay is widely accepted among society. We do not want the same to happen to us.

One word has the ability to shake up our industry and when that time comes, it is game over for us. That is why it is so important to take advantage of this opportunity while we can. Make the money and milk it, sell as much drugs as we can.

We must never let them strip us of our livelihoods. The current way that things are going is good. Just look at the amount of freedom that we have right now.

Now that’s something worth fighting for.


Kenny K.


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