The Western Mainstream Media Shows Drugs and Violence to Our Children

Media Shows Drugs to Our Children

Today, I’d like to touch upon a subject that has been brushed aside for too long. A subject so deep and controversial that the motives are clear, yet we do not notice. What am I talking about, you say. I’m talking about the media and how corrupt they are.

Have you ever wondered why they glamorize drugs in the movies? Or ever wondered why they showcase drugs and murder through our music? Why are they making this stuff look good? And why are they promoting it anyways? Do they want our black youth to want to do it?

The media should go to jail in this matter. There isn’t any other country who demoralizes it’s own people more than our country, the USA. We are hypocrites, having one hand in the cookie jar while the other hand waves no.

And when we sell drugs and get caught, they act like it’s such a big deal. But in reality, they are the ones who showed us this stuff through their media. If we didn’t see this stuff in the first place, we may have never known about this stuff. So why are they blaming us that it is bad when they are the ones who are doing evil by showing us in the first place.

In these current times, they show our celebrity role models getting high and advertise what kind of drugs they do. This makes the young kids want to do those drugs so that they can be a little bit like their celebrity role models.

And when little kids watch the movies and see how cool that drug dealing is, they want to do the same. The same goes for the people who idolize their rappers, when they talk about that shit, they want to do it. So why is this stuff even legal to show anyways? And why isn’t the government doing anything about it? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

The big question is who wins here? Is the government in on it too? Are the cartels funding the media into showing what they want to show? In my opinion, I assume that everyone is profiting from it and that’s why they do it. The government makes money off of drugs and the media makes money off of advertising drugs. And they profit by making us slaves to it.


Kenny K.



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