Donald Trump and His Drug Laws


Donald Trump has spoken and it’s gonna affect some of our US partners. He’s focusing on making tougher laws on drug dealers, and for the big fish, he’s even considering the death sentence. This isn’t pretty because the US is a good market, it’s a prime destination for our drugs, plus the US currency is the basis of our international trade.

This is what Donald Trump had to say:

“If we don’t get tough on the drug dealers, we are wasting our time and that toughness includes the death penalty.”

“This is about winning a very, very tough problem and if we don’t get very tough on these dealers, it is not going to happen, folks.”

“Dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetime but won’t be punished for the carnage they cause. The big pushers, the ones who are really killing people.”

“Maybe our country is not ready for the death penalty and I can understand it, although personally I can’t understand that.”

“The best way to beat the drug crisis is to keep people from getting hooked in the first place. This has been something I have been strongly in favor of, spending a lot of money on great commercials showing how bad it is.”

With Trump’s focus on drugs, they’re going to up the penalties for all US dealers. This raises our concern on the terms of loyalty because sometimes we can’t trust our US partners. The US has the highest amount of rats due to the tough sentencing laws, if they make the laws even tougher, it may cause some more people to crack, which means more rats. We will definitely need to add a couple more layers so that we can insulate ourselves from the streets.

Trump is very focused on the opioid epidemic so it may be wise to stay out of that market. Once he implements the laws, the first couple of dealers to get caught will be held as examples so expect some very harsh penalties for them. Lets see what happens and go with the flow. As he implements the new laws, it we will be posted on this website.

Trump’s broader plan will focus on a few key areas: law enforcement and interdiction, prevention and education, and rehab. Congress recently appointed $6 billion to combat the opioid epidemic, they’re serious.

With the drug penalties getting tougher, more dealers may switch to selling drugs digitally, where they start selling drugs online. Other major dealers may also use Canada to facilitate their big deals instead of in the US. Canada is still lenient on it’s drug laws and isn’t as harsh as the US, this makes it a prime deal spot, also because of it’s geographical location.

Kenny K.



Leasing Cars/ Mortgaging Houses


Last week, heard word from the grapevine that someone’s assets got seized: 3 houses, 2 cars gone from asset forfeiture. The pictures that were posted aren’t his by the way, just something from Google. The houses here ain’t cheap either, they’re worth about $2M for a tear down, that’s because the Chinese foreign buyers have pushed up our real estate prices so high.

Shitty news to the person who got caught but lets get real, he shouldn’t have bought all that stuff while he was still in the game. Understandable why he got caught because the way he lived was too high profile, a bit much for a medium caliber cocaine smuggler. 

Word is he put a down payment on the properties via bank draft. That means he was able to get that money in the bank somehow. He probably had multiple bank accounts to inject his money into the financial system. That’s alright, we read the language. He also had a cover person who put the properties under their name also. But the silliest thing I heard was that he got both the mortgages paid off in 7 years. He paid it off by doubling down on the payments and by using a windfall. How heat-score is that?

All you players in the game, we’d like to warn you. Never buy expensive shit while in the game. We’re serious. We’re not playing. Imagine all your hard work going down the drain. Remember El Chapo? Well, since he got caught, the US government can’t even find where $14 BILLION of his money’s at. 

You know the cops in Canada, they get loaned money from the government to run their operations. And how do they make their money to pay off the government? You guessed it, through asset seizures. Lately they’ve stopped doing investigations on big organized crime because it takes too long, so for the cash flow they started to target the smaller guys.

Also if you have a lawyer, know that you can pay off your legal fees by the liquidation of your assets. So if you do this, you can take some money away from the cops before they liquidate everything. Got it? Cut a deal with your lawyer and he will charge you a bit more. Maybe 25% more than usual so you get the money later.

When you want shit while in the game, rent it or lease it. Never own anything expensive. If you rent it or lease it, it’s like pay as you go. You only pay for the amount of time that you use it. But before you even do that, have a couple of friends with businesses cut checks for you so that it makes it seem like you’re working. Pay your taxes and stay low key. You guys take care and continue on with your business. Been real busy lately with the coming of the second book, also some shits going down in court.

And if you haven’t bought the book, buy it already. I see a lot of guys visit this site and browse around like crazy but don’t even purchase it. I know there’s a lot of interesting information on here but in the book there’s more to it. It’s also in a more organized fashion, more potent information. Anyways you guys keep it real and be safe out there in the concrete jungle.

Kenny K.

China Money


An enormous rise in real estate prices is happening at an unprecedented pace in many cities from around the world. China is buying up the world and driving all asset prices up. With their economy booming, they want their money out of China so that their money is safe from their government’s hands.

That’s understandable, since the current president, Xi Jinping took over, many Chinese criminals have began migrating their money out of China at an astounding pace. This is because the current president has began to crack down on the mafia and crooked government officials. 

China money is buying up real estate, businesses, and assets from all around the world. We need to watch where they’re investing because wherever they put their money is our opportunity. China has a lot of money right now and we need to use it to our advantage, money laundering is a business that you should get into. 

The Chinese will be very keen to purchase an asset such as a business or some real estate because possession of the cash is more incriminating while possession of the business or the land enables them to build apparently legitimate wealth. Remember that their source of income is unproven, they will want to do anything in their power to make it seem legit and to create legitimate wealth from it.

In order to purchase the business or the land, they won’t care how much they pay. They will outbid other buyers, not caring if they pay more than the true worth of the purchase. This is because they have too much money that they need to spend. Also by buying high, it drives up the purchase prices of equivalent businesses or parcels of real estate to unsustainable levels, so that only other crime resourced purchasers can afford to buy.

Furthermore, if the launderer buys and operates a business, while simultaneously conducting the criminal activities, which generate additional funds, they may integrate these funds into the business, effectively subsidizing the business, possibly to the point where they drive out legitimate competitors.

Finally, they may be tempted to ensure the success of their venture by corrupting government officials or other business colleagues. The current state of affairs is that government officials are profiting from this too by the collection of tax money, they are secretly in bed with China. There may be significant adverse effects arising from the take-over of China but whatever right, the world is a fucked up place already.

And remember, when the Chinese buy real estate, they always want to buy new, and also mind the size of the lot. Brand new condos are also prized as well. And once they buy, they will want to leave their properties vacant as holding properties. They like to purchase through companies. There was one lady who flew in from China for 4 days. She toured 14 properties. By the end of the 3 days, she said that she didn’t want 2 of the properties but would buy them all. She signed the contract to purchase all 12 properties which was around $46M and the next day she flew off. Big pay day.

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Got Love for the Ghetto


Every now and then, I make my way into the ghetto. It’s a humbling experience. The place that I worked so hard to get out of, the place where I had hated, the place where I never thought I’d get out of. It’s always with mixed feelings when I’m in this place.

Drive into the neighborhood, the people are scoping me out already. When I park my car, bike patrol passes and gives me the look that they’re watching. A hooker comes up to the window because I parked my car, I wave my hand that I don’t need her services. I step out the car and hear grumbling in the background, an alcoholic dude struggling in the back alley. Walk another few steps, and look down, there’s needles that the heroin users threw away, littered on the streets. Used condoms, blood, garbage, you  name it, all decorating the pavement. And to think back… this is where I came from.

The ghetto is home and is still a big part of me. This is the place where I made my money, fighting everyday, just to survive. So many people died but nothing has changed, it’s still the same. As dealers get taken out, there are new ones to replace them. As junkies die, new ones replace them. This is a hell hole of some sort, genocide.

My parents worked so hard but still ended up here, they did their best. They worked themselves to death, couldn’t even afford a grave so they told me to just dump their bodies when they dead. But I didn’t want that, I wanted a better life for us so I worked my ass off every single fucking day to make it. Ran a tight ship, made my money, and finally got the chance to move out of this place which I did.

This business ain’t no joke and many people just say it and don’t realize it’s full meaning. When they’re doing good, they think that everything’s good, they lower their guard and it’s game over. Just hustling isn’t enough, it never is. If you just do that, you’ll get stuck in the rat race. You must educate yourselves so that you can create a legitimate hustle so that you never have to resort to crime again.

And every now and then, I’ll run into a young hustler and it’ll remind me of those days. And a thought comes up: Is he gonna make it?

Kenny K.



International Travel for Drug Dealers


If you haven’t already got one, get one, a passport is one of the most important tools at your disposal when you’re on the run, smuggling drugs, or just checking out new territories. Often times, when we get caught, we get stuck in our own country with our movements strictly limited. If you act properly and fast, a passport can get you out of the country and get you into safe havens.

In North America, even though our land is big, it’s very hard to stay hidden for long because of the same media coverage happening all over the country, the same news gets reported from East to West, throughout every small community. You have a better chance of going to a different country where they don’t share the same news.

Take note that even if you do have a passport, you won’t be able to travel to certain countries if you’re out on bail, still serving probation, or have a criminal record. But there is a way around that!!! If your parents are from another country, you may be able to get foreign passports. If you’re able to get a foreign passport, there’s no criminal record on it, thus making you eligible to travel anywhere in the world, even with a criminal record in your home country. You just won’t be able to use the country’s passport where you committed the crime. 

In order to do this, you must go to the embassy of your parent’s country. From there, you’ll need to prove where you live in your parent’s country so before you even go to the embassy, you have to set stuff up with your family in the mother land. You need to get an address in the mother land and register that you pay taxes through that address. Only then will you be able to prove that you’re from that country and the rest is easy. Take note that this does not work with all known countries, some countries make you choose which nationality you want to keep. If that’s the case and if you have a criminal record, choose to get the foreign passport.

A passport is very easy to get, even if you live in the ghetto. It’ll open many doors for you and will enhance your mode of thinking. If your parents are immigrants from another country, try obtaining a passport from their motherland as well. Having multiple passports will reap the most benefits.

Some countries make it harder for certain nationalities to get in and you may need a visa to enter their country. But when entering certain countries with certain passports, in some cases, you won’t even need a visa. Having multiple passports is a huge plus because you don’t have to go through the hassle of having only one nationality.

If you have multiple passports, fly to one country using one nationality and fly to your next destination using another country’s passport. You can cover your tracks this way but make sure that you re-enter the country with the passport that you originally used to get out of the country, otherwise the border guards may get suspicious. Also keep on renewing your passports and never let them expire once you get them.

For those with no other options, there are places where the borders are loose where you can easily slip through them. Some parts of Canada are easily accessible by foot, you just park near a national park and make your way from there in the woods. It must be even easier in Europe where the whole continent is connected by land. What a dream come true if you’re a drug dealer from there, so many opportunities for international business.

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Making it in the Drug Game


This is one of the most dirtiest and grimiest businesses that ever exists, the end result is beautiful but what it takes to get there, nobody wants to talk about. Much like the experiences in jail, we all want to forget. That’s understandable but we need to teach these youth the truth so that they know what they’re getting into. Always be ready for it when you enter into this business.

What many main-stream rappers don’t admit is that they have never made it big in the drug industry, they just claim to be because it sells. When you do your research, many of these rappers haven’t even made it to the upper echelon, they just sold nickel and dimes, and single kilos if they were lucky. This just shows you how fake the media is and that they’re really hard to believe. They teach the youth the wrong message and train them to fail, right from the beginning.

Going back to the roots, this business is very hands on, still kind of in the stone age but getting there slowly. This is because we have nothing to build from, the past empires our predecessors had worked so hard for gets wiped out, clean to the point that it no longer exists. This causes us to have to start all over again from scratch, rebuilding the empires that our past predecessors have built. During the process, we lose some of their knowledge and know-how. This is why it’s so essential that we write all of this stuff down so that we can pass it on to the future generations.

Treat this business like any other legitimate business, and learn to differentiate between the lifestyle and your business. While you’re in the game, you can never live a normal life. If you treat it like any other job, that’s when it starts to get dangerous. While in the game, you should keep it low key, low key to the point that you don’t have a social life. Only step outside your house if you’re making money.

Never tell people what you’re doing.

Never flash your cash.

Never show that you have wealth.

If people start getting the sense that you’re successful, they’ll come after you. That’s how society is and that’s the way it always is. Jealousy is dangerous. Learn to blend in and camouflage. Never expose yourself or give out clues of your success. I know it gets hard when you start getting the cash but try not to indulge in the luxuries of life, at least for now.

Drive regular cars.

Wear regular clothes.

Don’t brag on social media.

Girlfriends or family is never recommended. Again, I will state that this is not a normal life, they could become a liability to you if they know too much. Think about it, if they are normal people and if their life gets threatened, they’ll get scared, either ratting you out or setting you up.

Normal people don’t have the nerves to go through what we go through, they’re a weaker species, not to be trusted when shit hits the fan. Normal friends, family, significant others, lose them all during your drug dealing career. You can go back to them later after all your business is taken care of. The game is to be done in solitude, not involving innocent people in your crimes.

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Kenny K.


Strategies When Switching to New Phones


Although useful, our communication devices pose the greatest threat. Just imagine what could happen if the cops were listening to every word of your conversation. In the old days, if your phone is tapped, you could here a click, click, click when you were talking, but nowadays it’s not that obvious.

Using burner phones or cloned phones is never fool-proof, the cops are used to doing these kinds of investigations so it’s not hard for them to track you down. That’s why you need a strategy, a communications strategy to be exact.

The safest thing to do is to switch up your phones every couple of months but not everybody has the discipline to do that. Another problem that arises is that your people keep on calling your old phone and not the new one, this can get annoying real quick. A way to get around this is to have a transition period that allows enough time for your people to transition to calling your new phone.

Pay attention to the intervals in which your customers pick up, so for instance, if one of your customers picks up once a month, you have to hold on to the old phone until they call, or you call them and inform them in person. You want to switch all of your good customers onto the new phone!!! Once they phone the old phone, meet up with them and pass along the new number to them. After a certain period of time, make sure that nobody important is phoning the old phone and then disconnect it.

The best method to lose the cops is if everyone around you switches to using new phone numbers at the same time, but this strategy takes a high level of organization and is not realistic. Imagine coordinating with other dealers and suppliers to get them to change their numbers, it’s better off giving them new phones to use. Using this strategy may also end up hurting your business by inefficiencies in lost communications because everyone has to get used to phoning the new numbers, even a few contacts may get lost.

Switching to new phones can only slow down the cop’s investigation because all it takes is for them to have one of your phones tapped to get to all of your people. You must discard of the infected phone, otherwise there’s no point in everyone switching to new numbers. That’s why everyone must try to change their numbers at the same time.

If you use one phone to conduct all of your business, you’re doing it wrong. Designate each phone for the sole use of contacting one person. One phone for your supplier, one phone for each manager, etc. By operating this way, you’ll end up with a lot of phones but you also avoid any cross-contamination from happening.

Do not store any phone numbers on your phone, remember them in your head. If the cops confiscate your phone and manage to unlock it, they can look at all of your saved contacts. This is physical evidence that you were contacting those associates. It is also wise to erase all the history from your phone, even though they may be able to get your phone records through other means, make them work for that information.

Never mention any names on the phone and if you do have to, use nicknames other than the street names. Even if you use coded words, the cops can tell so it doesn’t matter that much what you say.

For important deals or for important conversations:






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Kenny K.

Thinking of Expansion


We all know that you have high aspirations. You want it all and now. It’s okay to think that way because that’s the reason we got into the game but what we want to say is to not spread yourself too thin.

Understand the reality of your resources. Time is one. Manpower is two. Money is three. In order for a great organization to thrive, all three must be present, working in unison, complementing each other. Each project that we’re involved in deserves the proper attention and care for it to prosper.

If we take on too many projects at once, our power and our ability to prosper will be greatly diminished. Focus on that one thing first, master it, then move on to the next. Focus on perfecting one thing first before going on to the second.

We see plenty of dealers out there with ambitious goals, often times taking on multiple projects at once. But if we take a closer look at what they’re doing, all of their projects are half-ass compilations of junk. If you want your operations to truly prosper, focus on that one thing and master it. Once you do that, you have your own permission to move on to your other projects.

Don’t worry about having to decline certain opportunities because most of those opportunities are start-up ventures. Remember that starting up from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, it’s also a gamble. Starting a start-up venture while still growing your bread and butter operations will enable your ability to prosper.

If an opportunity comes up that’s a turn-key operation, a business that’s already running and proving itself in profits, then you can consider it. Just make sure what you’re getting into and what you’re obligations are, or what they ask of you. This can only happen when your other operations are running itself with the use of managers. In order to do this, you must organize and restructure your business so that you don’t have to be there. Free up your time before taking on a new venture.

At times, there may be people who are willing to do the work, the only required fact is that you put down the capital. Ask yourself is it really worth it? Taking on potential reward for more risk? Stick with what’s already working and don’t let your greed make your decisions for you. Don’t let your greed make your decisions for you!!!

What we’re building is a business system then to replicate it. In order to do that, your system must be perfect. Spreading yourself too thin will deplete your resources and will get in the way of your ambitious pursuits.

Educate yourselves by reading “How to Sell Cocaine.” $8 will teach you the fundamental philosophy for you to prosper in the drug game. Book #2 is coming out soon which will cover the technical aspects of this business. 

Kenny K.


Big Time Drug Dealer Phone Etiquette


Do any of you guys use Google Maps to see where your deal spots are? There’s a proper way to use technology that you must learn as a criminal, if you’re not using it properly, it’s going to play you. Never compromise your own safety.

Never look up the address on Google Maps. The only way to use it is by not plugging in the addresses. In order to do this, you must physically know your geography. An old map book is still the best for drug dealers. Staying off the grid is the best bet for drug dealers.

I know, technology is convenient but learn to go back into the times if you want to survive. The cops use technology to track drug dealers, if you’re mid-level and off the grid, they’ll be too lazy to catch you unless you commit a murder. Otherwise, they’ll be too busy chasing the latest drug dealers using the latest smart phones.

Instead of smart phones, get prepaid cell phones or cloned phones. By using these phones, there’s nothing that ties it to anyone and it’s difficult to prove who’s using it. In this business, you’ll constantly be changing phones, going through at least 10 a month.

The safest thing to do is to have each phone for specific purposes. If you want to go safer, assign a specific phone for communications with one specific person. By not mixing uses, your contamination rate will be less. If you use only one phone to do all your business and if the cops have already wiretapped it, they’ll know everything. Like in everything, you must diversify. Diversify your phone uses!!!

Have at least 5 phones on you. You can separate them like this. Get them each in different colors. Black for the business managers. White for the connect. Green for the money launderers. Gold for your personal. Red for your shooters. Phone expenses are just a cost of doing business, never skip any steps and do this properly.

When communicating, never use text. Talking is the best form, the written word stays in there forever. When talking important stuff, switch phones every 2 minutes or so. A way to do this is to have one phone on your ear and the other phone in your lap. This is the easiest way to lose the cops. The phone in your ear, you’re using it to talk to the person. The phone in your lap has the person’s phone number in it, waiting to get dialed. Important stuff should be talked about in person so you should just set up a meeting spot during these conversations.

If you’re ever going to text, you must use sophisticated code. We like using the dictionary method. If you ever use this method, get a specific dictionary for everyone. Remember that the dictionary has to be the exactly same edition in order for this to work. For this method, for each word you want to communicate, you must look it up in the dictionary. Note which page it’s on and how many rows down it is.

So if you want to communicate: “10 kilos belmont street 9 morning,”

It’ll be like this “736:12     398:5     65:10      703:10     477:16      462:5

“Page 736, 12 rows down”

“Page 398, 5 rows down”

“Page 65, 10 rows down”

“Page 703, 10 rows down”

“Page 477, 16 rows down”

“Page 462, 5 rows down”

Get the book and get your basics straight. Book #1 is already out, Book #2 coming out soon. For $8, you get the knowledge you deserve. Up your game with 3 hours of reading. 

Kenny K.

2018 Risk Management Strategy


Nobody wants to get caught in this business, we all must be careful. For those who have been doing this a long time, you might have let your guard down. What we want you to do is to keep your guard up at all times. Just like in boxing, you’ve got to keep your hands up because the moment your hand goes down is when they’ll hit ya.

Change Your Phones

If you haven’t already done so, it may be time to switch up your phone numbers and to get a new phone. What we recommend is to get the old flip phones. Although smart phones are useful, they can be used to track your movements, making it risky for criminals like us.

As for phone numbers, you can use the prepaid phones or get cloned accounts. Cloned accounts you can get through organized crime or through some hackers. These accounts are replica accounts of existing phone numbers of a complete stranger, as long as you keep the payment up to date, the accounts go unnoticed.

Switch Up Your Reload Spots

When was the last time you switched up your reload spots? If you’ve been using the same location for the past year, your enemies might be on to you. The worst thing that could happen is if the cops do a raid on one of your properties or if a group of jackers come looking for your shit.

When you go back to your property, make it a habit of circling the block at least 2 times before driving directly to your location. If any people are following you, you’ll notice them and when they notice that you’re circling around, they’ll make the exit on one of the turns. This is when you get a description of their vehicle and see the occupants of the vehicle. If you suspect they are cops, leave them alone. If they’re a bunch of gangsters, keep on circling the block while keeping a distance from them, phone your people and kick them out of the area. This scenario reflects the importance of having a couple people posted up at your spot at all times.

For some of us, get used to using commercial properties such as offices as reload spots. These are way more inconspicuous than normal residences and are more convenient to access. If you have a lot of traffic coming in and out, this might be the perfect place. Normally these properties go on a 5 year lease but negotiate down to a year or even a 3 year if you can, and also make sure that you have a couple of them, obviously under someone else’s name. A small office in a huge tower in the middle of downtown may be something you need.

Switch Up Your Vehicles

You can’t ride the same whip forever, we need to change them every year. This year buy 2 vehicles just in case. They don’t need to be expensive but they must match your surroundings. If there are a lot of Chrysler minivans driving around, drive Chrysler minivans. Pay attention to the make, model, and color of the vehicle. The more of these vehicles that you see on the road, the better. Our job is to blend in with the scene, not stand out.

Add Extra Layers of Insulation

Further your distance from the streets. The more people you get working for you, the better. You never want to come in contact with the streets once you’re established. When you’re starting, you’ve got to put in some work but you know what I mean.

You can’t do everything yourself in this business and if you do, you might be making a little more money but you’re assuming a lot of the risk. Our job is to pass along the risk and to get our people to do the dirty work. You might make a little less in the beginning but watch what you do in your spare time. Because you no longer have to hit the streets, you’ll start thinking about other things as working on your business, not working as a worker in your business.

Everybody Keep It Real

Kenny K.


Rethinking Drive Bys


If people are really intent on killing, they wouldn’t be doing drive bys. Drive bys are a lazy person’s way of saying that they did the job. What they don’t realize is that their half ass nature alerted the enemy that there’s going to be a full out war. Also, they only wounded the enemy, what good is that?

Have you ever had this sort of thing happen before? Send a couple of young ones to kill someone and they come back saying that they shot up the place? And this made it harder to kill the enemy, let alone made it harder for you because a full-blown war was created from this amateur event.

What percentage of drive bys result in the actual killing of the target? It’s highly ineffective and when you miss, it leads to even more violence. We could even hit innocent civilians which could make things worse. We need to become more professional and do things the right way.

If you have an enemy, don’t you ever let them know that you’re going to attack them, hit them when they least expect it. Make your methods as effective as possible. Never attack in public places, always kill in private places, no witnesses. Make it swift and clean, guns are not the only method to kill someone.

Kidnapping the victim and taking them to a secure place to do the business is the best method. The more control you have over the process, the less the chances of getting caught. Dispose of dead bodies in a safe and secure place that you control, get rid of them in a method of your choice. Even the Mexican Cartels clean up some of the dead bodies after they kill, we should be responsible too. We don’t want to expose innocent people to the violence, especially the children.

A drive by shooting counts as an attempted murder charge, offenders spend at least 10 years in prison. For a job so incomplete, it’s a total waste of time. My wish is that you don’t have to kill anybody at all but if it does happen, do it professionally.


Kenny K.


Drugs: Market Forecast 2018


Throughout our history, we have seen many drastic changes in our market. 10 years ago, coke sales far surpassed most drugs, but in the current times, the trend has began to shift. There has been a tremendous surge in all markets with new drugs entering the market, and the revitalization of old ones.

Coke has began to get more expensive throughout the years with the potency dropping. Meanwhile, meth, opiates, and marijuana has seen their potency increase and the price getting cheaper. There has also been a huge surge among prescription pills, especially in the opiate variations. What is this world coming to? Well, here we will show you the current trends which are happening with the Big 3. Meth deserves it’s own section so we will post it later on.


Cocaine sales are dropping in the US front, however, there is still a lot of product coming in from Mexico. The trend now is to use the US as an export base to both Asia and Europe. Since the US is an economic powerhouse with a clean reputation, it is easier to ship the drugs out of America to international markets.

Imagine shipping your drugs internationally from Columbia or Mexico, it will get searched every time. Each time that you make a shipment, the risk will be very high. By distributing through the US, the chances are lower of getting caught. The US is one of the biggest exporters in the world, take advantage of this.

Since the prices have sky rocketed, the potency in the street level has dropped drastically. The current trend is that dealers need to buff their products so that they can get their desired profit margins. The purest product is available near the border states. Maybe we need to raise the prices for retail.

There will always be a need for cocaine and even though it may not be profitable on the domestic front, it provides the dealers opportunities to expand overseas. Europe is a perfect destination for this but you’ll need to find a clever way by using an export company or freight forwarder.


The heroine trade has trickled up. However, there is new competition with prescription pills. Opiates are getting popular in the US as everyone has a need to slow down their life. This trend will continue to grow throughout the years.

Most of the heroin comes into the US from Mexico nowadays, this is because they have been ramping up their productions there. Marijuana farming is still popular but the price per pound has dropped since it has became legal in the US, more reason to ramp up their heroin productions.

The heroin from Mexico is targeted at the US because of it’s close proximity, also for export purposes. Although it happens, it does not make economical sense for Mexico to sell heroin to European and Asian markets due to high competition from the Golden Triangle and Middle Eastern regions.

Heroin dealers also have to watch out for competition from the big pharma companies. The government is distributing a massive quantity of prescription opiates to get a slice of the heroin market. To counter this, drug dealers have began to manufacture and sell counterfeit pills which mimic what the government is selling. Although counterfeit, these pills still have the same potency, they are just marketed differently, you can get them from China.


The marijuana market has changed with the trend towards legalization. There are legal pot dispensaries which are in direct competition with the dealers. The cropping up of these businesses have taken a share of the market. Drug dealers need to watch for consistency in their service and their quality of product. If we don’t do something now, it will get harder to compete with the pot dispensaries.

However, a way to compete with them is to focus on a niche. If you can get your hands on some strains which aren’t found at the dispensaries, it will give you a winning edge. In Canada, the pot industry is changing, there are countless variations of weed strains but next year they’re going to cut it by half. This provides some growers an opportunity to compete in the black market with their own unique strains.

The growers who are growing it illegally are having a tough time since the price of the pound has dropped. This is due to over-availability of the drug. It is now legal in many states which has big companies mass-producing marijuana at very low prices. Although the price of a pound has dropped, the retail price still remains the same. This is good news for us because the profit margins has increased.

The growers will have to hang on for a little while longer and see how the market goes, in the meantime, they can focus on producing new and better strains. As for the dealers, they can work on capturing the customers which the legal marijuana dispensaries has taken. They can beat them by having late night delivery services, delivery to their doorstep, or by selling special strains not available at the dispensaries.

It’s also a good time to get into the marijuana stocks in Canada. It’s getting legal in the province of BC next year, and Alberta and Quebec has already said that they’re going to legalize it. If you get in now, it may be worth it for later.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Dealing with Hits/ Surviving Death


When deep in the game, when you find yourself becoming high profile, depending on how you got there, you may have some hits on you.  In these scenarios, some survive and some do not. If you display yourself as being successful, enemies may latch on according to how they see you, that is why being low profile is so important.

The reason why hits get placed are for a few reasons:

  1. Aggression towards the enemy
  2. Being perceived as a threat by knowing too much information
  3. Someone wants your market share

In my case, I took too much market share. Due to the fact that my competition was horrible at customer service, I quickly grew to become one of the top 3 dealers in my state. Along the way, many of their customers switched over to me. The OG dealers got mad and we tried to work out a deal, they wanted to put a tax on me but I refused. I told them to go fuck it and the whole war started.

Before I stepped foot into the game, I already knew all the big boys in the game, their reputation, who they hanged out with, which areas they frequented, and what they controlled. Doing a thorough competitive analysis while you’re still small time will pay dividends because when a war starts, you know exactly where to hit.

My competition didn’t know a thing about me, they only knew what car I drove. The first week, they shot up some cars that looked like mine, I knew this because they followed up with me via phone call after each attack. Every time they missed except for one occasion when they recruited one of my customers to set me up, then this happened:

Scenario #1

One time I got a call from a dealer I used to do business with, except this time, the order was somewhat bigger. He would usually pick up 6 ounces at a time but this time he ordered a kilo, somewhat surprised, I delivered it, except this time it was different.

We met in an underground parking lot, I was driving my Ford F-150 at the time and pulled in, the dude was in his car parked right up against the wall. I see him and pull in parked right next to him, he was alone. He usually gets in my car real quick but he waits in his car, I roll down my window and say “Hey, come in.” All of a sudden, this black car pulls up and pins my truck between the wall, I’m trapped.

A guy wearing a ski mask steps out with a gun pointed at me, he begins to walk up to my window. As soon as I saw him approaching, I put my truck in reverse and stepped on the accelerator, I rammed his sedan all the way to the other side, and managed to free myself to escape. As I made an exit out of the parking lot, there were about 20 guys rushing in. I ran them over and escaped. There was only a couple of dents on my car and a couple of blood stains but aside from that, I survived unscathed.

Lesson #1 Never ever place yourself in a position where you can get trapped. When parking, choose open places with an escape route. Luckily I was driving a bigger vehicle than him, that is how I am still alive. There are many other examples but it would take forever to list them all so I will write them in the future.

When you have a hit on you, take it seriously, if they attack you, it means it’s on, they will never stop unless you work out a deal with them or kill them. The attacker always feels superior to the one getting attacked, but by doing your homework, you can play the strategy of looking weak and then attacking.

When the enemy’s ego allows to make them think that they’re superior, they underestimate the opponent. When this happens, they put their guard down, thinking that it’s easy. If you did your market research before there was even a problem, you can hit them where it hurts and defeat them easily.

It’s essential to have a crew that is keeping eyes on your competition for you. Groups that we used for this purpose were called warriors, we gave them protection and they took care of people. They also damaged our enemies by looting their stuff, a part of their pay check. If we happened to know their locations, and have their descriptions, they’ll hit them up immediately.

Most of the guys, we got their names and found them on Facebook. They were very easy to take care of since they posted their entire life on Facebook and Instagram. Never ever post anything on social media, you shouldn’t even have it when you’re in the game. If you have one, erase it right away. The cops and your enemies will have the upper hand if you choose to have it.

Sometimes we knew who their enemies were and set up a meeting with them. In the meetings, we made an arrangement to defeat our mutual enemy. We also worked out which areas we would share and divide the area into future territories. We always made it look advantageous to them by giving them the busiest areas, a part of the plan to entice them to finish the enemy off quickly.

Kenny K.



Invest in Real Estate


The one human requirement that is always essential is a house. No matter what happens in your life, you will always need a place to stay. A house, or houses is the best investment that you could ever make because even if you fuck up, you’re still left with a place to stay.

Most dealers choose to invest their money into other things such as clothing, cars, and women, we advise you to stay away from that. Many of the dealers that I knew chose to invest in the latter, and 10 years down the road, I see them on the streets. Meanwhile, the smart ones are getting passive income and own successful businesses, they’re doing very well for themselves.

Be smart with your money, ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE!!! What you buy now will pay dividends to you in the future, clothing and cars will not. If you can, get a real estate license, this will do many wonders. By being a real estate agent, you only have to do business for yourself, so you do your own transactions and you will do very well.

There are many benefits to being a real estate agent. The first and obvious reason is that you can launder money. The second one that most people don’t recognize is that you will meet a lot of wealthy people. This is a perfect opportunity to network and to get to know the movers and shakers of the city. The third one, it’s a good disguise to being a drug dealer if you like to look nice. The fourth reason, you can check out the best real estate deals on the market and snap them up as it comes along.

Remember, as a drug dealer, we get a lot of income, some of us might be earning upwards of $400,000 a month. If this is the case you might be panicking of what to do with your money. You always need about 50% of your money to pay for the product, your workers, and other cash expenses, so you have the other $200,000 just sitting there. Unless your business grows exponentially, that $200,000 isn’t gonna get touched.

Sitting money is the worst thing that you can do. First, it could get stolen and second, it could be put to proper use. If you’re going to buy your first piece of real estate, own a business to buy the real estate. By using real estate companies or other companies, you hide your true identity. Buy a business first, wait a year, cook the books, and buy the house next.

Instead of setting goals such as getting a $100,000, you can set goals like buying 5 houses. You see, if you make it like a game, it’s much easier to reach. If you buy 5 houses, it will also provide you with passive income that you can live off of after you retire the game. Remember, as drug dealers, we cannot sell drugs forever. Think about the future and always prepare yourself for a brighter future. KEEP GOING FORWARD!!!

Kenny K.


Big Changes Within the Drug Industry


The current state of the game is misery, it’s a never ending cycle of murder and violence, treachery and deceit, and people going from riches to rags. The game is already made up folks, by your very own government, the Western world. It’s already set up to bring misery: for the drug users, the by-standers around them, and to the people who are selling them.

But you know what, we can reverse this trend. Only if we were smart enough and banded together, would this game work. I’m pretty sure that if all drug dealers worked together in unison would all of us succeed. Not only will it benefit the people but to the drug users as well, by providing them with pure product and helping solve their addictions. I know that those who have made a fortune in the drug trade would give back to addiction centers and bring positive changes within the community. Helping people is a part of human nature, drug dealers are no different.

We only need one chance, that’s why we all chose to sell drugs, to escape out of poverty. If you come from an impoverished background, it’s common logic that one would do anything in their power to get out. That’s why there are so many drug dealers, these are all people who are looking to better themselves. They don’t mean to hurt the world, they had no other way, they already know that working at McDonald’s is never going to get them ahead.

If this society were not so lop-sided, or overly capitalistic, this kind of trade would never exist. If the media was more responsible and didn’t show glamorized images of drug dealers or drug users, there wouldn’t be this much of a problem in this world. This world is fucked up but we have to do the best with it, and to improve on it.

We need to snap out of the Western way of thinking because it is all wrong. It might have started off with good intentions but somewhere down the line, it got infiltrated, now it is being used against us. The dangers of the media are very big, many fake news going around, deceiving people. Which source do we trust, we don’t even know anymore. We are blindly walking through life not knowing the truth.

If we all work together and respect each other, there would be no murders anymore, there wouldn’t be any shady business. If one group governs over all OR if all groups work in unison would the game be a better place. This competitiveness is killing us, only if we worked together.

We all must understand that this game is not forever, it’s only a stepping stone to get to where we want to go, a chance for the poor to become rich and to do something better with their lives. The game exists for a purpose, only if we learned to use it properly would the game be of benefit to mankind.

Look how far this thinking has gotten us. It’s time to change this and to look for better ways which benefits us all. And we mustn’t forget the drug addict, we must invest some portion of our funds into bettering this problem. And to make this situation better, we must overtake the media and control all the content on it as there is too much negativity going on in this world. We must gather our money and buy these media companies out so that we get to control things, and do the things that are necessary.

Kenny K.

International Drug Smuggling


International business is the safest way for drug dealers, it’s the cornerstone to a long and profitable venture. If we are to succeed, we must get familiar with their customs. This is important, especially in the illegal industries because one wrong move could get you killed.

Everyone who is big-time knows that at the upper echelons business is done properly, only at the lower rungs do we ever need to watch out. When looking for international business partners, work with groups who have experience dealing internationally, better if it’s with your country; otherwise both sides inexperience could amount to nothing.

The main points to watch out for are their business styles, one can never get too frustrated in this regard. Most business people are good with keeping their word but if you venture out into third world countries, things may seem a little unorganized: no cell phones, they don’t come on time, you don’t know who’s coming, etc. Think of the pros, if they can get you an unlimited supply of potent product at a bargain, it’s definitely worth the hassle.

Pay attention to language, if you can’t speak their language, learn it. To further your communications, recruit gang members in multiple ethnic backgrounds. Having people from different countries in your group may pay dividends because they may have established connections in their home countries.

The larger the deal, the safer it is, international business partners enjoy long-term partnerships. This is a fact because it takes a long time for these people to establish connections, once they find a good one, they want to deal with them for as long as they can. It’s also much harder to shop around in foreign countries unless you’re well connected in the region so in most cases, the first or second introductions become their go-to choice.

Pay attention to the currency when dealing, if they like to receive in their local currency, the price will be cheaper, this is because they don’t have to go through the hassle of converting their money into their local currency. Keep in mind the exchange rates and if you’re in a continual business relationship, have a stockpile of that currency.

For international business in third world countries, cash is accepted but in first world countries, bank transfers or asset transfers are accepted. This also depends on the volume that you’re processing, any transaction larger than a $100,000 should be done through off-shore bank accounts or through company transactions. For cash deals, we like using Euros, the 500 Euro bill because of it’s value and the fact that you can conceal large amounts in a small space.

Many things can happen for international exports, sometimes the product can get confiscated. Most times, when this happens, the sender will give 50% credit to the buyer for the next purchase, then they will resend it again. This is why drug dealers like to send multiple shipments so that if one gets caught, that package gets all the attention from the cops, keeping the other shipments safe. 


Kenny K.


How Asian Organized Crime is the Best


Asian Organized Crime is the best, and as criminals, we should incorporate their philosophy. The way they work and how they operate is immaculate, a far cry from how America does it, and why no real long lasting criminal organization exists in America aside from the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Throughout the years the Chinese have silently built up a power base, so strong that it keeps on growing. Soon, their global empire will reach every neighborhood in the world without anyone ever knowing.

In every Chinatown that you go to, there’s always something going on. This is a place that’s shrouded in mystery, nobody talks nor cares about what these mobsters do. Asian citizens are the best because they mind their own business, they remain silent because they want no part of it, that’s why there’s no witnesses that come out. It’s the same thing in their organizations, they think about the whole and take the hit, there’s rarely no informants. There’s a silent code in this culture and this makes it easier for criminal dynasties to operate.

Everywhere in the world, there’s a Chinatown, there’s no other country in the world that does this better than them. The Chinese have already formed a sophisticated network throughout the world, with each Chinatown connected, they’re GLOBAL. This is much bigger than the Freemasons or the Illuminati, the scale is unimaginable. With so many people involved knowingly and unknowingly, it’s an important part of the global agenda.

Many people don’t know that they exist, but that only shows how good they are. Their key to success is in dealing with their own communities, they never let outsiders in. This could be called the Great Wall of China: Impenetrable, Unbreakable, and Long Lasting. Very hard to get in.

We need to remember that the Chinese Empire has been around for centuries. This isn’t the normal organized crime that we hear about, in this case we’re dealing with Empires, Dynasties to be exact. These organizations are built to last and is a way of life for many, they have mastered all parts of the yin and yang.

They operate much differently than their American counterparts.

  • They are Global.
  • They are legit.
    • They own many legitimate companies and are shareholders of them. This makes it easy for them to integrate the 2 together.
  • They are a multi-national.
    • The home base is in China which is untouchable. The USA does not have any extradition treaties with them. All the international business decisions are run through China.
  • The Chinese are very low key, you never see them with their gang signs.
    • Americans like to be flashy and to stand out, they wear gang signs openly and with pride. This is why they get police attention and get taken down. If they were serious about building a dynasty, they would never do this.
  • They look like any other person on the streets.
    • When Chinese Criminals get money, they don’t show it around lavishly. They hide it and save it, investing it into other lucrative ventures. They watch their money grow and some even go legit.
  • They’re in union, both loyal and obedient, the lower rung respects the higher ups.
    • The Chinese think of things as a whole, it’s not about individual advancement. Each person is a tiny atom in the universe, they know their place in the grand scheme of things. They corporate and think of the future of the organization and they never act out of their own self interest.
  • They’re not afraid of dying.
    • They believe in reincarnation and that we live more than once. If they sacrifice in this life, they do not care because things will be better for them in their next life. That’s why they’re loyal because this crew will meet again and do business in the next life. That’s why they’re not afraid of taking the rep or getting sent to death. This life is just this life, there is always a next life.
  • They’re good with their money.
    • They’re disciplined and look at the bigger picture. Even the small gangsters are like this, this is because they were taught the Eastern Philosophy earlier on in their lives.
  • They incorporate the Yin and Yang in everything that they do.
    • There is balance in their way of life that doesn’t provoke the karma. As they do bad things, they also do good things to balance it out. They are whole as human beings.
  • They are patient.
    • They’re not like the Americans where they want everything now. They know that life is a long game and that everybody has their journey. They’re focused on their path and strengthening their empire, that’s why they think of everything as a whole. What’s good in the short-term may not be good in the long-term, how can the decisions of now affect your empire 50 years down the road.

If they stay true to their roots and maintain their Eastern Philosophy, they will be powerful. We understand that some of the Asian Gangsters who have moved to Europe or the Americas have gotten Westernized. This may be good for business but these gangsters must never stray from the True Eastern Philosophy. The Eastern Philosophy is a good one that must be protected. It is not corrupted yet.


Kenny K.


Other Lucrative Criminal Enterprises


First and foremost, we are drug dealers, but that doesn’t stop us from getting into other businesses. We need to keep all of our options open, it’s a dangerous place out there and we need to adjust accordingly. If the competitive landscape is getting too crowded and there’s a lot more risk, what do you do?

You have the options of:

Is it smart to stay in the same industry if there’s an extraordinary high risk?

This is a question asked by many people from around the world. The answer is that we need to diversify and to get out of the linear perspective which keeps us selling drugs. Pay attention to the opportunities which are presented and take advantage of them. If you fail to do this, you’ll get in trouble with the law or you’ll end up dead. There’s a lot more we can sell than drugs and we should know that.

You started off in drugs but there are many other lucrative ventures. If you notice a lot more violence on the streets due to more competition, what do you see? Do you just see a problem in your industry or do you see a whole another industry that you could capitalize on? People fail when they don’t see the situation from multiple perspectives.

If there’s a lot of violence on the streets, there will be more weapons. Why not sell weapons instead of drugs? Then you could get all the clientele, even your enemies will be buying from you. You need to be flexible in your approach so that you can stay ahead of the curve and make the money, at the same time protecting yourself.

Look at the bigger picture and start seeing more than the drug business. You could even set up a legitimate venture which may be more lucrative than what you are doing. This is all about money and that’s the number one reason why we chose to sell drugs. If you could make a lot more somewhere else, go for it.

What we focus on is “Risk VS Reward”. In the beginning, the risks seem to be worth the reward, but in the later stages where we already have the money, we focus on less risk. Once you work your way up, you no longer want to deal with unnecessary risks. You need to start thinking of a way to create money in another way, a much safer way.

Kenny K.


Boom Towns


Booming economies are good for business, whenever you hear big companies hiring, target that area, this will bring prosperity to your business. As dealers we must be opportunistic, taking advantage of situations for our own economic benefit. If we fail to do so, we’ll miss out on precious opportunities. Our time in the game is short, we must take advantage of the current opportunities which presents itself.

We are businessmen, we travel the world and make millions of dollars, never worry about relocating. If you have read How to Sell Cocaine, you’ll have no problems in setting up shop. All you need are the proper fundamentals and the resources to do it, a good business system will do it.

Before you send people in, see if you have any connections in the area. If you have somebody that’s familiar with the area, you’ll have a head start, if not, you’ll have to do some research. The first thing to do is to do some research on the internet:

  • What kind of drugs are most common in the area?
  • What are the quantities in which dealers were caught with?
  • Which groups are running the show?
  • Are there any drug related violence?

After you did your research, you’ll get a clue about the market and what kinds of people you’ll be dealing with. Now do your research on what kinds of jobs are created and what kinds of people will be in the workforce.

  • How many white collar jobs and how many blue collar jobs?
  • What are their expected wages?
  • Are there physical labor jobs?
    • Men are most likely to fill physical labor positions. Physical labor correlates to a higher chance of drug use.

Now research the city.

  • Which races are most common?
    • This will determine the skin color of the workforce that you are sending.
  • What’s the population size?
    • The less people there are, the more infrastructure that needs to be built. This means that there will have to be construction workers to build those houses. Construction workers are very good customers as well.
  • What kinds of amenities do they have?
    • The smaller the town, the less stuff to do which equals more drug use.
  • Is it fairly easy to get to?
    • Consider that some boom towns are hard to get to, some you can only access via airplane. According to how difficult it is to access, the price of drugs can go up.

After you did your research and if all feels good, send your crew in. You’ll need a couple of drug runners and a manager, at least 5 will be good. You choose whether you want to sell retail or wholesale. If it’s a small town, it’s best recommended to do retail but if it’s a bigger town, wholesale will be good.

It’s best to send some of your men disguised as potential employees so it makes it easier  to get your customers. Once your business starts going, you’ll need to get used to supplying it consistently. We recommend supplying double the required amount than you’re used to if the location is very far. Once your business gets bigger, you may even want to have a storage center a little closer to town.

It is no longer of benefit to be focused on owning territories, we must be fluid in our ways, always travelling to the areas where there’s money.

Kenny K.

Stolen Goods


If you could get a gold chain for a gram, would you do it? Most dealers would pounce on this opportunity but high level dealers won’t, let’s explain why.

It’s Christmas season and if you’re dealing on the front lines, you’ll experience a lot of this: Junkies stealing other people’s stuff and trying to barter for it. This might be one of the benefits that come with the business because you can get stuff for very cheap, often for cents on the dollar, but you must be aware.

Junkies who steal for a living so that they can support their habit are watched by the cops, these people are to be avoided at all costs. A gold chain for a gram is a really good deal in the short-term, but if you look at the long-term, this is one to avoid. You might think that doing this once in awhile won’t get you in trouble but remember that all it takes is one transaction for you to get caught.

Lets look at the bigger picture here and focus on our business. These kinds of situations can land us in trouble, especially if it becomes a habit. You might think that it’s okay to do this once in awhile but when you do this, the junkies will always be phoning you, looking to get rid of their stolen goods.

Once you make yourself a haven for stolen goods, word will spread and all the thief’s in the city will be calling you. This is very risky because these customers are well known by the police, their phone lines are tapped and their movements are tracked, it will only be a matter of time before the cops get to you.

No matter how good the deal is, we highly recommend that you don’t barter for goods. If the majority of your clientele are thief’s, it’s time to change. Think like the big time dealers and focus on moving the product. The majority of our deals should come from legitimate transactions, ones that don’t involve stolen goods. If you take a look at the bigger picture, stolen goods will only account for about 10% of your income so is it really worth it?

We should focus on doing legitimate transactions and not get side-tracked by this bootlegging business. Fencing stolen goods takes time and sometimes it’s risky. We used to get a lot of gold and melt it, but thinking back, it wasn’t worth the hassle. We made more money selling legitimately than from several ounces of gold. And trust me, it was a hassle finding someone to melt it, and then to sell it on the open market.

If you still choose this path, we’ll give you some advice:

When getting stolen goods, watch out for serial numbers and avoid storing them in one location. Keep stolen goods separate from the places where you live or the places where you store your money or your drugs. Never ever use the stolen goods yourself or have them on you. When selling them, sell them out of state, preferably to a wholesaler in one shot. Selling them individually will take up a lot of time, sapping the energy that you need to sell more kilos.

If you catch any of your workers bartering for goods, get them out of it, if not, fire them. You don’t want any of this shit to catch up with you, be smart about it, short-term gains aren’t worth the risk. You don’t want any other charges when you get caught, do you?


Kenny K.

Money Laundering Season


With winter, it gets dark outside, our money doesn’t see the day of light. With tons of stacks located in your stash spots, they keep on growing, and if you don’t do anything about it, the problem will get worse. Summer has been a busy season and we must begin to launder this money before the next season arrives.

Christmas is approaching and we must take advantage of it, money laundering season is in full swing. This may be the time that some of you go on vacation but we advise against it, there’s a lot of work to do. Instead of going to these tropical destinations, you must focus on getting your money to these tropical locations.

During winter, legitimate retail commerce is booming, as professionals, we must take advantage. Many transactions going on in the winter season provides a good disguise for us. These questions come into mind: How do we integrate our dirty money into the real economy? What is a good disguise?

Go to where the merchants are, where there’s a lot of cash transactions. The guise of a retailer buying wholesale from a wholesaler is all you need. As a buyer, you only want to be dealing with cash, once you buy the goods, you’ve already cleaned your money half way. The buying part can be done by your workers, from there, your workers will stockpile the items, from there, you will sell them legitimately. Dealing with Asian businesses are most recommended.

These goods are money once you sell them, by buying wholesale, you can also profit from them legitimately. You have the option of selling these items domestically or internationally. What we want to do is to move our goods far away, away from the country that we do business in.

By moving our goods to international destinations, it will make it difficult for the investigators, and even if you do get caught trying to get the goods out of the country, what are they going to do, arrest you for moving legitimate goods, it’s way better than getting caught smuggling drugs.

There are 2 things you must do. Create a wholesale company that purchases goods from other businesses. Create a front company, an import and export company and market your goods overseas. Hire legitimate salesmen and people who are familiar with the import export business. Hire accountants from your own workforce, people who know what’s going on.

This will be your way of making it into the legitimate business sector. Over time, you’ll get used to it, import export businesses are very profitable legitimately. This might be something that you want to get into after you put an end to your drug career. One clue we will leave for you is this: China.

Read the Book Here: How to Sell Cocaine


Kenny K.


Big Deals by Using Dead Drops


Big deals aren’t done like we’ve seen on Scarface, a suit case filled with cash and doing sketchy transactions is over. Nowadays we wire our money to off-shore banking accounts, after the payment is verified, we’re told a location to go pick up our drugs. This is called “dead drops,” no physical encounter ever occurs.

International drug smuggling routes work through “dead drops,” this is where dealers leave drugs or guns in a location like a storage locker and then give the buyer the locker combination so they can grab their stuff and leave the money behind without ever meeting in person. This is the best way to do transactions, you reduce your chances of physically getting caught.

Money can be swapped digitally but drugs can’t, drugs will always be physical no matter what. Physical dead drops are the best way to do big transactions. The reason why we never use dead drops in small deals is because we’ll run out of locations. It’ll also be harder to keep track of the deals and to manage them. With a big deal, it’s easy to manage because you’ll only need to keep track of about five of them at a time.

There are many ways to do this: Cars, bags, books, storage lockers, gym lockers, furniture, etc. Just make sure that they’re easily identifiable to the person that you’re dealing with. Also make sure that there’s a security feature such as a lock to prevent any unauthorized access to it. Choose the option that’s in plain sight which is just a regular fixture in people’s eyes. Combination codes or traps are the best for this kind of stuff because normal people won’t be able to get into them, this will have to be done through the hiring of certain professionals.

The important thing is to avoid places where there’s a lot of surveillance and to always let your other people do the work. Video footage is frowned upon if it pops up as evidence in court cases, that’s the reason why we use other people to do this work. We like to use places which we already own, places where we control the security and what goes on inside. Most of these places are legitimate businesses, one of our men is involved in them.

Obviously, we will be dealing with a higher caliber of people when we do this, this is because we never handle physical money, we only use digital currencies. Currency swaps are done through digital means through business transactions and trust funds. The people you’ll be dealing with will be more than familiar with laundering money, they’ll already have accounts and businesses which they can use as covers. If they don’t, you might have to teach them so that they’re up to par with how you operate.

As for safety, it’s much safer when doing bigger transactions. The higher up in the food chain you are, the more honorable the people will be. These people know how to get the job done, however, one fuck up could cost you your life. You must be punctual when doing business with these people, you must always get the job done. You must have alternate plans to get the transaction done if one of the options isn’t available, by doing this, you have the chance of living twice. Navigate and switch plans if necessary, sometimes there will be smooth transactions and sometimes there is not.

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Kenny K.


Never Talk When Cops Question You


I know some of you, the cops in your country are very easy to deal with, but in America, they are not. American cops for whatever reasons do not take bribes. They must be stupid because they’re missing out on the money but these folks seem to take pride in what they do which is unbelievable since their very own government is the one running the drug enterprise.

Any type of information is power and you should never give that away, especially to cops. American cops will use any dirty tactic to get you to talk, they will use fake stories, they will get you to be emotional, and they may manipulate you to saying what they want you to say. They are a bunch of manipulative con-men and they are very good at it.

We must be very careful when dealing with these folks, they are like women, they never forget what you say. Everything that you say can be used against you in court which is very dangerous for us when we have our back against the walls. We need to get used to these situations and handle them like a pro.

Same as a dog handler handles his dogs, we must handle the cops the same way.

  1. Always maintain your composure, everything will be fine.
  2. Never believe what they say. They are not human. They are animals.
  3. Don’t speak a word. Close your eyes and block everything out.
  4. When they read you your rights, never answer that question. Don’t even acknowledge them.
  5. When they take you to the police station, ask for a lawyer.

Pretty simple right, but when shit hits the fan, some people actually crack. This is what separates the real professionals from the amateurs. The key thing is not to open your mouth. Some of these cops will manipulate the story and will twist the story on you, when this happens, never lose your cool, just brush it off.

One time me and my associate got arrested, we were both solid, but at the police station, the cop would come up to me and say that my associate ratted me out. At first, I got enraged because for a moment I thought it was true, but after looking at the officer, I could tell that he was lying. I didn’t say shit, I just smiled at the officer and turned my back to him.

The next day we got released, I meet with my associate and we go over the situation. He didn’t say shit and I didn’t say shit. The cops were just playing games on us to see if we would crack. American cops play dirty tricks like this to get people to talk. If you ever get arrested, don’t say shit, and if you go to jail, don’t bring anyone else down with you. Your responsibilities are your responsibilities, you already knew the risks coming into this business. If you talk, we will kill you and your family, just understand that. This is very serious in this sense, no cowards allowed in this business.

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Kenny K.

Don’t Get Caught in the Cycle of Violence


The game is a treacherous place where anything can go wrong at any moment. There are many temptations and false opportunities that one must watch out for. What one must realize is to not fall for these traps because once you do, you’ll be going in a downward spiral.

Karma is a bitch and risky moves gets attention from the cops and rival groups. One must walk a fine line of behaving themselves, at the same time being able to defend themselves. If someone pulls a punk move on you, you must finish them. People get what they deserve but we must keep our cool and do things professionally.

Never disturb the public, drive by shootings and public showings of violence are a thing of the past and only shed light to our criminal activities. If there are any gang wars, we do it discreetly, behind the scenes. Nobody needs to know what we are fighting about, causing unnecessary attention is only child’s play.

We see many kids who are too scared to kill nowadays, this causes them to act out of fear and to do such stupid things as drive by shootings. These things don’t work and the surprise aspect of our attacks disappears when we do this. Instead of drive by shootings, do a home invasion, capture these folks, and bring them to a different location. Do this in one shot the professional way, this way it’s easier. From there, interrogate them, get all the information you need, and finish them off. Once you’re in a secured location, you have more time to plan where to dump the bodies.

Many people fall for the trap of committing violence in outlandish ways, however, that only leads to their downfall. What we need to realize is that once the cops latch on, they don’t let go, they’ll stick to you and bust your entire operations if you keep on going. That is our number one concern as criminals because once they conduct a major bust, we need to reorganize and start from scratch.

There are many groups out there who commit unethical acts but they create many enemies so a war erupts. Never get caught up in this shit because once a war starts, there will be cops watching. Think about it, even if you win the war, it doesn’t matter because the cops will bust you. We need to remember that we are goal oriented criminals, not career oriented criminals. We don’t intend to live this life for very long, this is just a stepping stone to where we want to go.

Career oriented criminals have a very short life span, we never want to be one of them. These people are not thinking about their future and think that they could do this forever. It’s very foolish of them because that’s not the way to play the game correctly. We go in, make our money, and get out and do legit stuff. That’s the way to do things properly.

There are many scum in the criminal underworld and you don’t want to associate with these people for very long. That’s why you work hard, make your money, and say good bye to everything. What you want from your future is to hang around with high class people, who are much different from the kinds of people you’re currently dealing with.

The temptations of the game are as follows:

  • Temptation to rip people off
  • Temptation to kill in outlandish ways
  • Temptation to bring attention
  • Temptation for war

All of this can be diffused by letting go of your ego. It’ll make it easier if you have a plan for your future because it will prevent you from doing stupid things. You don’t want to be known as a gangster, you want to be known for something else later in your future. Never follow the stereotypes that you see on TV, some of those folks are just too ghetto, you don’t need to be one of them. We are more sophisticated than that. Give yourself 2-3 years to stack the money and get out.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


Featured on Crime Beat Radio Show


Was recently featured on a radio show called Crime Beat.

Fast forward to __10:00__ to skip all the ads and go straight to the interview.

Listen to it by clicking here. The host Ron Chepesiuk said:

Hi Kenny:

Thank you for coming on the show tonight. You were an excellent guest and your appearance and comments were both enlightening and entertaining. 

Keep us informed about how things go.



Ron  Chepesiuk  is  an  optioned  screenwriter  and  the  award-winning  author  of  numerous  books  –  three  of  them  optioned  for  movies.  He is  a  two-time  Fulbright  Scholar  to  Indonesia  and  Bangladesh  and  a  former  instructor  in  UCLA’s  Extension  Journalism  Department.  His articles,  which  number  in  the  thousands,  have  appeared  in  such  publications  as  FHM,  USA  Today,  Black  Enterprise,  Woman’s  World, Modern  Maturity,  New  York  Times  Syndicate,  Toronto  Star,  Los  Angeles  Times  Syndicate,  Bulletin  of  Atomic  Scientists,  among  others. As  an  expert  in  crime  history,  he  is  a  consultant  to  the  Gangland  TV  series  and  has  been  interviewed  on  numerous  TV  programs, including Discovery, NBC Dateline, Biography, ID, Black Entertainment Television, Starz, and TV 1.As  a  journalist,  Ron  has  reported  from  more  than  thirty-five  countries,  including  Cuba, Northern  Ireland,  Colombia,  Kenya,  Hong  Kong,  and  Nepal,  and  his  16,000  plus interviews  include  such  luminaries  as  Gerry  Adams,  Yasser  Arafat,  John  Kerry, Jimmy  Carter,  Abbie  Hoffman,  a  former  president  of  Nicaragua,  and  three  former presidents and two vice presidents of Colombia, South America.In  2010,  Ron  launched  his  publishing  company,  Strategic  Media  Books,  LLC. As  an independent  U.S.  publisher  of  original  paperback  and  e-book  editions  that  aims  to bring  its  outstanding  publishing  program  to  the  widest  possible  audience,  Strategic Media   Books   publishes   nonfiction   that   includes   true   crime,   biography/memoir, business,  history/current  affairs,  and  lifestyle,  as  well  as  cutting-edge  and  inspirational fiction.   Strategic   Media   Books   also   publishes   a   book   series   titled   Gangsta Chronicles.” This  series  focuses  on  true  and  gritty  stories  from  the  street  and  the  world of crime. Strategic Media Books’ authors have received numerous literary honors and awards, taking many of the industry’s top prizes.tIn  addition,  Ron  is  radio  host  of  CRIME  BEAT  Radio  Show.  The  Crime  Beat  show  has  been  on  the  air  since  January  2011  and  has listeners  in  130  plus  countries.  Guests  have  included  Henry  Hill,  Noam  Chomsky,  George  Jung,  Joe  Pistone  (aka  Donnie  Brasco) and Chris Kyle, American Sniper, among others.

Learn where I come from and gain a new perspective. Listen to it while it’s still up.


How Legal Weed is Affecting Drug Dealers


The government is taking our money away by making marijuana legit. We understand that they want more tax dollars but what use is more money if they don’t even know how to run a country. Instead of looking for new ways to make money off of people, they should look for ways to become more efficient with their money and resources.

Since the government holds the power, we need to find a way to deal through this. These are the facts: By making marijuana legal, there are thousands of dispensaries out there slanging people weed. There are thousands of domestic farmers who are producing the output but still that is not enough. Americans smoke more weed than they make, so they always need to import it from other countries, that is unless they get more farmers to grow.

We need to observe how the market is going. The price per pound on the streets has fallen drastically. The black market growers see less profit and choose not to grow. This creates opportunities for growers in 3rd world countries to export their product. What we can do is to go in their countries, establish a connection, teach them how to grow and distribute it through your network of 1st world countries.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Check out the price per pound throughout your country, you can even make money from moving weed in your own country. If you move enough weight, that could be a profitable venture for you. Pick up from 3rd world countries, distribute it to your home base, and export East for even more profits.

By using this strategy, you’ll be purchasing kilograms for cheap, and creating an even bigger markup on your profits, tax free. This will be the way of the future if legal weed doesn’t keep pace with the emerging trends. Our obvious wish was for legal weed to go away, but we have found a way to adapt, utilizing this in our strategies.

Since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, many credit card companies won’t deal with dispensaries. The end result is that it creates a multi-billion dollar cash market which is perfect for laundering money. Cash businesses mean less reported profit, which is a good opportunity for all money launderers.

Although the government doesn’t see it, they’re providing fertile ground for us in the future. Like they say, marijuana is a gateway drug which leads people to take other drugs. If legal weed keeps on going, we’ll see more people taking other drugs, all of which we can supply them with. In the near future, there will be an enormous amount of junkies in America, and there will come a golden age. Before then, we must configure the new logistics and control the prices, so that we can make even more profit in the future.

If you were in the weed business before, your sales have been offset by the competition from the legal dispensaries. To make up for this, own as many legal dispensaries as you can. This is your business and you must take control of it. Pay the government some tax and they’ll let you go.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.




This website’s getting really popular, and as a dealer, I worry about your safety. My main concern is this: What if the feds were monitoring this site and what if they could track the people on this site? This is what I worry about night and day.

So I’ve been thinking and to counter this, we need to take the proper precautions. The internet is a dangerous place if you don’t know what you’re doing, so to be deceptive, we must learn how to use it. Similar to how you step up your security when you’re business is expanding, you need the proper tools.

We need to be extra careful, we need to protect our privacy, and we must take this very seriously. Never get too lazy or complacent in this business, this is our job, this is our profession, this is our livelihood. In order to succeed, we must protect ourselves, privacy is our main priority when using the internet. Use these to protect yourselves when visiting this website:

TOR Browser

The first thing I recommend using is the TOR browser. The TOR software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To begin, there are some people who say that VPN doesn’t protect you because they still track all of your information. Services such as Hidemyass has a history of giving up users so this may not be necessary.

The VPN is as a secure tunnel between your PC and destinations you visit on the internet. Once you’re connected to the VPN and are “inside the tunnel,” it becomes very difficult for anyone else to spy on your web-browsing activity. The only people who will know what you’re up to are you, the VPN provider, and the website you’re visiting.

When you’re on public Wi-Fi at an airport or café, that means hackers will have a harder time stealing your login credentials or redirecting your PC to a phony banking site. Your Internet service provider (ISP), or anyone else trying to spy on you, will also have a near impossible time figuring out which websites you’re visiting.

On top of all that, you get the benefits of spoofing your location. If you’re in Los Angeles, for example, and the VPN server is in the U.K., it will look to most websites that you’re browsing from there, not southern California. Once you start using a VPN, your internet connection may get a little slower, but as long as you’re protected, it’s worth the sacrifice.

VPN service providers work on a paid subscription model, so you’ll be paying monthly for it. Find the ones where you can pay anonymously, without using a credit card. I’m not going to list them for obvious security reasons but there are ones where you can pay using gift cards or bit-coin. 

Get an edge over your competition. 

Any internet experts who know more tricks, post anonymously below:


Kenny K.

Going on the Radio Show: Crime Beat October 5th: 8pm E.T.


Most recently, my e-book got taken off the bookshelves on Kindle. Why did they do this, I do not know, maybe they’re trying to shut me down before I go on the radio show on October 5. But anyways, I’m working on it. You’ll still be able to find the physical book on Amazon: How to Sell Cocaine #1 Introduction to the Business

My wish is for all of you to be successful and to make the money and to get out of it. And if we’re lucky, we may even be doing business with each other legit, without even knowing it.

If you want to listen on the radio show, you can listen to it by clicking here:

LIVE October 5, Thursday @ 8PM Eastern Time

Encore Show on Saturday @ 9PM Eastern Time

Listen on:


The Radio Show is on Crime Beat, hosted by Ron Chepesiuk, re-known Author and Film Maker.

Reach your goals faster so you can exit the game faster. The faster that we hustle and get shit done, the more freedom we can experience on the other side. We are goal-oriented criminals, not life-long criminals, we want to exit the game with our money and our life intact.

Kind Regards,

Kenny K.

When You Get Pulled Over


If you don’t have a game plan for when you get pulled over, you’re fucked. As seasoned professionals, we have to be ready for when shit hits the fan. Like the office workers have their fire drills, we need to practice for when disaster strikes. These are our procedures for when we get pulled over:

  1. Pull Over on the side of the road
  2. Turn off your vehicle
  3. Stay in your car
  4. Turn off music
  5. Message your boss if you’re a worker
  6. Message your second in-charge if you’re a boss
  7. Turn off your cell phone, hide it or break it apart
  8. If there’s any drugs or guns laying in the open, hide it
  9. If you’re carrying small quantities of drugs, swallow it
    • Always have an unopened bottle of water in your car for this purpose
  10. Ask them the reason why they pulled you over
  11. If they ask for it, hand over license and registration
    • Original replicas if you have them
  12. Don’t answer any questions, you have the right to remain silent
    • Simply say “I choose not to answer that question”
  13. Don’t consent to any searches
    • Simply say “No”
  14. Ask to leave. You have the right to ask the police whether you’re free to go
    • Simply ask “Am I free to leave?”
    • If they say yes, simply walk away
  15. If they arrest you, they’ll read you your rights
    • Always say that you don’t understand, or better yet, don’t answer at all (They will be persistent but remain patient, after about 15 minutes or so they will stop asking)
  16. Ask for an attorney right away
  17. Keep your mouth shut

Make sure that you send this to all of your workers so that they know what to do. If they don’t get caught, you don’t get caught, so just follow the rules. The more situations you’re in, the better, but always remember that we can’t fuck up. Practicing in real-time situations isn’t recommended, conducting actual drills will help immensely, always track your time.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Types of Money


Money is the one component that we must have to be in business. If they take it away, our business would be crippled. Without it, we would not be able to buy our product, pay our employees, or pay for other business expenses.

Cash is king in the illegal industries. Cash forfeitures slows down our business and grinds it to a halt. This is the prize that we worked so hard for so we must do everything in order to protect it.

There are 3 kinds of money:

  1. Physical Money- Dollar bills
    • Holding on to physical money is by far the riskiest. Since you cannot put a name to money, the owner can change hands in an instant. All they have to do is take it and they can lay claims to it. This is a dog eat dog world but we need physical money to do drug transactions. The benefits of using physical money is that it leaves no paper trail.
  2. Stored Money- Money in banks, trust accounts, off-shore accounts, credit cards, etc.
    • Holding on to too much physical money is risky. That is why we like keeping some of our money in accounts where it cannot be easily removed. However one must be careful not to put it under their names. There must be a front-man for each of these accounts so that your true identity isn’t revealed. The good thing about stored money is that it is readily accessible, it turns into physical money real fast. For bank accounts, do not put in more than $10,000 at a time.
  3. Digital Money- Crypto-currencies
    • The safest kind of money. Consider this your retirement fund. Once you put it in, you should scarcely pull it out. Have many different accounts to purchase these. Although there are many different types of currencies popping up, our advice is to go with the big ones which the big countries use.

In the future, the drug business will migrate to the use of Crypto-currencies. Right now we are at the mid-point where the use of physical cash is still majority. Being anonymous is a criminal’s duty and we must be aware of how to be one.

Protect yourselves by diversifying your holdings. We use 40/30/30 because we are more conservative. Also keep in mind that our business is steady, we do not push for crazy growth. What 40/30/30 means is that we hold 40% of our money in physical money, 30% in stored money, and the remaining 30% in digital money.

If you are a company that is geared towards growth, you must hold more physical money than any other kinds of money. Physical money is very necessary at the growth stage because the volume that you pick up will look different each time. However, if your business is more stable, you will know exactly how much physical cash to hold and how much to put away.

Another important thing is to divide your money. Dividing money means to hold portions of your money in different places. For instance, if you have $500,000 in physical cash, you would like to divide it into 5. Then you would have to hide that money in 5 different places, each holding $100,000. This way if you lose one, you’re still left with $400,000.

If you have any topics that you want covered, please ask. Before asking, get a VPN so that you cannot be traced, and make a completely new email just for this purpose. Also mail if you want to see any improvements on the website or if you want to add to any of the content.

Read the book today. Click here for the link.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Kind Regards,

Kenny K.

The Migration to Online Drug Dealing


As leading pioneers of the drug trade, we must continue to innovate. Now that we have conquered the physical realm, we must shift our focus towards online businesses. If you take a step in now, you will reap the benefits. It’s never too late so come join us.

What we’re talking about here is doing business on the Dark Web, not the use of social media. This is the place to be if you’re a drug dealer. Online drug dealing is the way to go because:

As you can see, this is way better than selling on the streets. It’s much safer, much more profitable, and there’s infinite potential. All you have to do is take the order, package it, ship it, and collect the money. That’s all you need to do. There is no need to meet with shady customers or get involved in gang violence. This is the way to go people. This is the future.

Although it’s been around for awhile, it’s never too late to get in. In order to get started, you must first download the TOR browser. Click on the link here to download the TOR browser.  For added protection, you would want to hide your IP address. In order to do this, you must get a VPN. You can Google VPN and many service providers are available.

Now that you’re on the Dark Web, you’ll need to find the websites that cater to selling drugs. This is how to search for these sites, click here on how to search the deep web. Now get your bitcoin and create an account on one of these websites. Check the competitor’s prices and assess their quality. See what you can compete with and sell it.

You can also turn this around by purchasing items and selling them physically. If there is a huge price gap, take advantage. Usually the prices are much cheaper on the internet. If there is a profit to be made by selling those items in your geographic area, do it. That’s the beauty of international trade.

I challenge all of you to convert 50% of your business to online business by the end of the year. Sell off your drug lines and focus online. This will be much safer and much more profitable for you, and if you’re really good at this online stuff, it may be a precursor for you to pursue legitimate online businesses. Always challenge and explore my friends. Online is the future. There’s big money to be made.

Read the book today. Click here for the link.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


Counterfeit Bills


Counterfeit bills are a common occurrence as the printing technology continues to improve. As drug dealers, we must all be aware of these fake bills because our business is a cash-only business (aside from bit-coin). The current bills which are getting rampant are $50s and $100s. Click here to find out how to detect fakes. 

Anyways, we need to train our employees to spot these fakes. We must also ensure that our employees are responsible if they are to bring any counterfeit bills back to us. If there are any counterfeit bills that they bring back to us, we must put them responsible to make up for the loss. This will give them the incentive to collect only correct money.

Your front lines must be properly trained so that their effort does not go to waste. It sucks if they work so hard and most of it was counterfeit, so you must train them well. We often spot counterfeit bills in these situations:

When a New Bill Comes to Market

When a new bill comes on to the market, no one knows what it looks like yet, and even if people know, they’re not too familiar with it. This is the perfect time that crooks produce the counterfeits. Be especially aware during this time because most drug dealers only have recycled cash, they rarely have new bills.

When Doing International Deals

If your currency is not the same as their currency, you will not be familiar with their bills. This is when you’re the most vulnerable. When doing international deals, prefer to go with your country’s money instead. If they refuse to, there may be something wrong. In the Americas, American currency is most preferred.

Doing Regular Deals

Some savvy dealers have learned to slip in a few of these bills in large transactions hoping that we won’t spot them. For every $10,000, they may slip in a $100 or so into the mix. We understand that this is a petty move but this does happen. Every dollar counts in this business and if they continue doing this, it begins to add up. Do random checks on their money to see if they come up correctly.

Money Launderers

Some money launderers may claim that there were a few counterfeit bills inside of the mix. Just in case this happens, always do a thorough check before you hand your money to them. This does happen and we need to do everything in order to stop this.

Read the book today. Click here for the link.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


The Best Place to Sell Drugs


The best place to sell cocaine differs if you’re a retailer or a wholesaler. The reason it differs is because of the types of volume each business deals with. For the retail drug runners, the deals range from 0.5g to 3.5g and go to end-users. For wholesalers, the deals range from ounces to kilos and go to the other dealers who sell it themselves. As you can see, the places you sell will differ depending on what business you are in, so lets take a look at the drug runner’s side.

The retailer drug runner’s main concern is efficiency, speed of delivery is very important to them, especially during peak hours. Drug runners do hundreds of transactions per day and when they do this many transactions, they are prone to getting careless. The most dangerous is when they begin to take shortcuts, leaving their fate to luck.

If you’re a drug runner, you must realize that this is the riskiest position available. No matter how busy you are, you must always think safety first and never forget to take the proper precautions. When your phones are blowing up, remember these things when meeting your customers.

Go to Your Customer’s House

The best place to do deals is inside of your customer’s house. This is a safe and secure place that no one can see what you are doing. It might take an extra 1 to 2 minutes to do the deal but you can count on us that this is the best place to do business. If the cops come, you have no need to worry because you have the time to flush your drugs down the toilet.

However, be wary if the house is a known drug house. In this scenario, it is best to meet the customers at least one block away from the house. Make sure that they are not being followed and meet them in a quiet, inconspicuous street.

Never Do Deals Out in the Open

As a runner, you never want to do deals out in the open. Never meet in public places such as shopping mall parking lots or on main artery roads. We understand that these are very popular spots to do business but avoid them as much as possible. There are too many eyes watching and you never know who might be watching.

Avoid Window Deals as Much as Possible

Many dealers do window deals to save them time when the phone’s blowing up. Just understand that you shouldn’t be doing it all the time. If you’re not busy, you shouldn’t be doing window deals at all. Also understand that if the cops ever catch you doing window deals, it gives them a reason to pull you over.

Pick Up Your Customers as a Passenger

If your only option is to meet your customer on the streets, pick them up and disguise it so that it makes you look like you’re giving them a ride. Pick them up, drive them down the block, do the transaction inside of the car, and drop them off at a different location. By doing it this way, it’s not that obvious.

Change Up Your Meeting Spots

It’s not good to meet at the same place all the time. Switch up your locations so that you’re not that obvious. If a spot gets heated out, the cops may start camping out there. If this is the case, train your customers to meet in different spots, preferably a block or two away. Change spots frequently.

Use the For Sale Real Estate Signs

If your customers are mobile, tell them to meet you somewhere. The best place to meet if your customer has a car is in quiet residential blocks. Choose side roads. Never meet on any main roads or parking lots. If there is a real estate sign on one of the houses, park in front of it and tell them to meet there. Use these “For Sale” signs to your advantage. This will make it blend in because the neighbors are used to unknown traffic around the house.

Public Restrooms

No porta potties. We’re talking about public restrooms here. You can flush the drugs if there’s cops there. It is the perfect place if there’s no people. If the washroom is too full, wait or go to another place. Just don’t make it too obvious.

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Kenny K.

Cooking Crack Checklist


Crack is where we make our money and if you already haven’t, you need to learn how to cook it yourself. Never ever pick up product that is already cooked because you won’t know the purity or what it is mixed with.

Cooking up is very easy. Many people buff it and stretches the product but we find that it lowers the quality of the customer’s high. Our philosophy is to sell the purest product possible to the final consumer. We want them to experience a potent clean high which they can’t get anywhere else. This will mean more repeat business and our product moving faster.

The first thing you need to do is to get the cocaine, water, baking soda, a pyrex glass, and a pot. As for baking soda, we recommend buying the freshest baking soda available in the store. Check for the expiry dates and never use the same baking soda over again. You will notice that the fresher it is, the more it will react.

For the pyrex glass, this is where we’ll put all of our product in. Don’t use any other types of glass because you don’t want the glass to break. The glass will come into contact with a large amount of heat so by using pyrex, you will be a 100% safe. We recommend using the kitchenware ones or the old school coffee maker jugs.

Before you buy the product, check for purity. Buy at least a gram of soft or let them just give it to you. There are 3 simple methods in which you can check for purity. The first quick method is to smear the cocaine onto a flat surface and look over it with a magnifying glass. The surface should be nice and smooth, uniform and consistent.

The second method is to get a clear cup, put some water in it, and put the cocaine in it. The faster that it dissolves, the more pure it is. You will see all the impurities float to the top. If it dissolves slowly, you will know that there is something in it. Pure stuff should dissolve in an instant.

The third method is to cook it clean. By cooking the product, you will be able to calculate how much you get back. Good stuff should be at least 90% and above. The rest of the stuff is written in Book #2 that is coming out soon. If you guys already know how to cook, use these simple tips to help you on your journey.

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Best Regards,

Kenny K.


Assess Your Operations


We’re midway into the summer and we should all be seeing our businesses flourishing. If you’re not, you should really step it up because this is the time where we establish ourselves for the winter. Summer is a time when all things grow, this means that you should too.

The smart dealers grow their business during the summer and focus on laundering money in the winter. By winter time, their business is on auto-pilot, raking in the cash. This should be you.

The most important thing about summer is new customer acquisitions. This is the season where everybody is social and this makes it easier for us to establish new connections. It will also make it easier for you to remember your customer’s faces because the sun is up until late. If you are in retail, you should be prospecting 5 new customers per week. If you are in wholesale, you should be prospecting 1 new customer per week. Set goals for yourself and establish new benchmarks.

When you establish new contacts, remember to train them how to do business with you. The summer should be used as a trial period. Your customers should have full paper and meet in designated meeting places. If you train your customers properly during the first couple of transactions, you will have an easier time doing business. This will increase your efficiency because you will not waste time doing business that you don’t like.

Let me explain why we hate new customer acquisitions during the winter. First, it is hard to track the customer’s movement. If you’re living in a city where the weather gets bad, it makes it difficult for your people to follow them. We always keep an eye on our new customers. We also get our junkies to provide us with intel.

Second, some cops in some jurisdictions have quotas to fill. With the year-end approaching, it may cause them to take down a couple of groups. Winter time is the time to lay low and focus on laundering your money. You should also be improving on your efficiency and your security during this time.

Go hard and be smart because summer is the time to take your business to the next level. Each year we must grow to keep our momentum going. Once you get the engine going, you shouldn’t stop. You are a money making machine. Just remember to call it quits once you reach your goal. We can never be in the game forever and we should understand that. The game is only a tool for us to make money temporarily so that it can bring us back on our feet.

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Kenny K.

Strategies of Becoming a Wholesaler

So you want to go from a street dealer to a key pusher. First off, you must have good connections where you can compete on quality and price. You know what dealers look for right? They look for quality first. Price is secondary. It’s always good to have a minimum of 2 suppliers for insurance purposes but you must order from them in tandem so that you keep both relationships going. Also remember that if you choose to become a wholesaler, you must not nickel and dime.
Strategy 1
If you live in a big city, the customers are already taken. They are other dealer’s customers and if you happen to take their market share, they may retaliate. However, if you have an competitive edge over their wholesalers with quality and price, you can turn the tables around and flip to their wholesalers. For this strategy to work, you must be able to secure a massive quantity. Wholesalers are in it to make money and if you are able to make them more, they will take the bite. As long as you don’t take their customers, it’s all good. Supply the wholesalers and make them do the distribution for you.
To execute this strategy, you must establish a connection with a dealer, preferably through mutual connections. From there, ask the dealer to introduce you to their supplier. Often times, you will run into dealers who want to prove their value to their supplier. These people are easy, but for the people who continue to keep their supplier away from you, focus on the people around them to introduce the supplier to you. You must do this discreetly by building relationships with them first. Repeat this pattern until you reach the wholesaler. Oftentimes, before you reach the big bosses, you will only come in contact with the managers. Submit your business proposal to them and let them relay it to their boss.
Strategy 2
Start and run a couple of drug lines, or buy other people’s lines. Make sure that each of your lines are moving a couple of kilos per week. Next, sell those lines to other dealers and supply them with the product. This way, you money both ways, 1) by selling the lines and 2) by becoming their supplier.
Strategy 3
Supply small towns which are farthest from the city. Often times the supply in these places are dry and there are only a handful of dealers. The dealers there usually take trips to the big city to pick up. Instead, reverse the trend and go directly to them. These should be tourist towns or industry towns. Again, through a mutual connection, find the dealers there. Everybody knows everybody in these small towns and if one of your crew came from these places, they will always know the bad kids in their towns. Once you establish a solid connection that is trustworthy, make that connection a distribution manager for that particular town.
In short, you have to go through mutual connections. From the dealer, you get introduced to their supplier. From their supplier, you get introduced to their supplier. And from there, you get introduced to the wholesaler. The people who keep the connections to themselves are called dead ends. If you ever run into these people, go through the people around them. The key is to do it without them noticing.

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Kenny K.

Rural Towns


If you want to expand your business without having to resort to warfare, rural towns will be your best bet. These towns are places such as vacation towns or places where there’s industry. A lot of these residents have nothing else to do other than to get drunk or get high, which will be your perfect opportunity. The farther out you go, the more opportunities there will be.

Dealers in these areas often take road trips to the big cities to pick up, you can reverse this trend by going directly to them. Start off by using your mutual connections, aka, a friend of a friend. This way, you will know that you’re customer base is solid. Usually in these small towns, everybody knows the bad kid. It is your mission to find the people who are cool with these bad kids.

It is very easy to cut off other wholesalers if you deliver directly to these dealers. The only risk is transportation, but it has to be worth it. The market in these towns must be big enough so that it makes financial sense. If you are to go at it, work at a couple of small towns at a time so that you can save yourself multiple trips.

The dealers from these rural areas are scared of the dealers from the big cities. This is because they see themselves as being inferior to the city people. Use this psychological edge as your advantage and flex your muscles when you need to.

The thing about these small towns are that you can pretty much set any price that you want, but it must be a fair price for them. Ask them what they picked up for before and add a couple grand to that. The thing is, if you have superior quality, these dealers will pay for it. You will observe multiple occasions where you find that they are picking up bunk when they go to the big cities.

The profit margins are much higher for these cities, but one must be aware that they are small towns and that word spreads like wildfire. That is why you must pick a local to run the show for you. If you begin getting noticed by the locals, the cops will be on to you. But if you get the locals to handle the business for you, everything will work seamlessly. Appoint a branch manager right away once you find the right candidate and set up a schedule of the delivery dates.

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Kenny K.



Moving Up To Wholesale


We must follow the steps if we are to get rich from the game. We cannot go from selling nothing to selling kilos. We must be patient and get to understand the game before we progress to that level. It’s obviously safer to sell kilos than grams but you must get experience with the street level first. You can’t skip any steps if you want to do things properly. This is for your own good. Pay your dues nigger.

If you are to be a wholesaler, you need to be savvier than your dealer clients. If they are savvier than you, they will try to touch you. That’s just the way it is. Learn the ins and outs first before you start doing wholesale.

The only way to get wiser is by experiencing the hustle directly from the streets. If you survived on the streets for a year, you should be ready to go. The more that you experience on the street level, the more it will help you. Sharpen up your skills while you’re still at the street level.

When most people start doing wholesale, they do it wrong. They skip a couple of steps and start to recruit other dealers. They forget that they are other wholesaler’s customers. This is one way to do it but that will create trouble in my hood. If you do that, you’ll get a warning within 2 business cycles. And if you don’t stop, you either work for us or you get killed. It’s your choice.

However, there’s a way to do things where you won’t experience the same problems. That way is to start from the bottom up. We call this “Creating your own customers.” This strategy focuses on building many drug lines on the street level. Once they get successful, you sell them to other hungry dealers and become their supplier. Here are some articles on managing drug lines: Drug Runner’s guide,  When You Get Pulled Over, Switch Up Your Reload Spots, How to Build a  Drug Organization. Read these.

This strategy will bring you repeat business and will promote loyalty because you have already established trust with them. Many referrals will result form this as well. Using this strategy will take about 2 years to progress to the wholesale level. During these 2 years you’ll have to work really hard at making your lines busy. Having 3 to 5 lines is best recommended. If you are serious about succeeding in wholesale, each of your lines should be pushing at least 5 kilos a week.

If you have 5 lines, each moving an average of 5 kilos a week, that will be 25 kilos a week you will be moving when you become a wholesaler. This is all possible. I’ve seen people do it with 6-7 lines moving 50 kilos a week. For those who want to become wholesalers, I urge you to use my strategy. It will work beautifully if you do it right. Just get a couple of lines going and flip them, then become their supplier. Easy.

Read more. Learn more. By buying the book “How to Sell Cocaine.”

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Kenny K.


Drug Dealer Cars


What do you think a professional drug dealer drives? The answer: It all depends on where you do business in. Where I do business, Mercedes, Range Rover, Jaguar, Cayenne, and BMW are considered normal cars. That is why I drive one of those. It’s considered normal, so it blends in. I would never drive anything fancier because it would cause too much suspicion.

Think in terms of ratios when choosing your car. For every 100 cars, if you see 50 Mercedes, 10 Jaguars, 10 BMW, 10 Cayenne, 5 Porsche, 3 Ferrari, 2 Rolls Royce, and 10 Range Rovers, what would you choose? Obviously the Mercedes because there are 50 of them. Then we break them down even further by color. If there are 30 White Mercedes, 10 Black, 5 Red, and 5 Blue, which one would you choose? Obviously white, the color of cocaine.

Choose a common car that blends in with the scene. Choose the make, model, and similar colors associated with it. What’s the most common car in your hood? For every 20 cars, what do you see? Choose the car that you see most. The goal is to blend in.

Never drive luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. while you’re still in the game. Save all that for after the game. I had a dude driving a Porsche in the hood, one of my business partners. I took the car away from him, put it in storage, then bought him a Honda Civic. Now that’s all he drives. I will give the car back after he exits the game.

We mustn’t forget that we are goal-oriented criminals, not career criminals. We set goals and when we reach them, we exit the game. 3 years in the game should be long enough to be able to stack your dough. During that time, you must sacrifice. Having money makes you want to stand out and shout success but don’t. That is a big no-no because once you do that, you start attracting the wrong kinds of attention. Never stand out. Remain low key.

Read the book and become a pro. Read the book “How to Sell Cocaine” today on Amazon.

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Kenny K.




Lets talk about leadership. If you’re a crook, all you’re people will be crooks. If you’re a sucker, all your people will be suckers. If you look closely to some cliques, they closely resemble who their leaders are. Be aware of who you are so that you bring your people up with you.

You can’t hide your intentions. Energy is energy and people can feel it. And even if they don’t feel it, they will slowly become like you. Become a leader that you are proud of so that you change your people with you.

Hire the right people with the right temperament. Make sure they have the right skill sets and make sure they have the same philosophy. Common philosophy and intentions are priceless to forming a solid crew. Everyone must be in unity.

When you’re at the top, you’ve got to watch your every action. You can no longer do what you have done in the past and you can’t say what you have said in the past. You have the responsibility to carry these people and you must act appropriately in order for your crew to be responsible. Act how you want your people to be and pave the way.

People follow leaders who are fair and respectful. They actually like that. Fear and intimidation works but does not arouse loyalty all the time. If you are able to connect with your people on a human level and bring the closeness out of people, you will definitely have a solid crew.

Sometimes we may make mistakes, but it happens. Let it go and admit them. The more that you show you are human, the more people will want to help you. We’re all human and even though we’re in the drug game, we’re still human.

We may always have a cold exterior but don’t forget to bring some warmth to your crew. They need it. Your workers are your children, you’ve got to take care of them. It takes a lot of time and attention, but the more you water it, the more it will grow.

Respect and honor is everything in this game. In order to get that, you must be a man who is respectable. Don’t do any sucker shit and don’t pull any bitch moves. Act fairly and always bring justice. Kill the people who are bad role models and make examples of them. If people know that you’re on the right, they’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Kenny K.

Read The New Book


How to Sell Cocaine is the proven and tested formula for selling cocaine. The people who have learned from us have set up shop all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small group or a large syndicate, if you read our book, you will be able to make use of it.

This book teaches the secrets of the business and will give you a solid foundation for when you first step foot into the drug business. If you are already in the business, this book will take you to that next level. Through our experience, we have worked with American, Asian, and European crime syndicates. We took what was good from each and combined them into 1.

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You will get a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. A lot of blood was shed in the process of making this book, and also a lot of tears as well. We have lost many along our journey but have managed to learn through those experiences. This knowledge is to be shared to save millions of lives around the world. If you read and implement the concepts into your business, you will see both your business and safety grow.


How To Sell Cocaine is the first textbook in the world that teaches drug dealers how to be a professional at it. There are no schools about this topic so we are educating people through the form of this book. This book will teach you how to run a successful drug organization and will teach you the ins and outs.

In this industry, the knowledge is strictly guarded among the elite few. This makes it so the rest of the dealers have to figure it out on their own. However, the learning curve is so steep that many die or end up in jail. Our job is to prevent that.

We want to teach the dealers the proper fundamentals so that they start off on the right foot. We want to give everyone a good foundation to build upon. We will show you how to build a business system and show you how to set goals. Our hope is that someday you will be able to exit the game and make it legit.

Part 1 of this series gives an overview of the drug business and explains how this industry works. This book is made purposefully short not to discourage any readers. It is very easy to read and can be read in 1 day. What we recommend is to use this information immediately upon reading it. We hope you make a lot of money on your journey. Our wish is to see you get out of the game with your money and your life intact.

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Book 1 3D

How to Build a Drug Organization


Lets focus on teamwork. As an individual: Focus on your strength, not on your weaknesses. Whatever you are lacking, you can cover by expediting. If you are spending too much time trying to improve on your weaknesses, you are compromising the time that you could be improving on your strength.

We have to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect person. No one can be good at everything. This goes for you as well as for your employees. One must remember that you cannot do this all alone, you must have a well-rounded crew which balances the strength and weaknesses of others.

If you’re a good organizer but aren’t good with people, partner up with someone that is. What we are creating is a team. If you are to do it alone, the path to riches will be a slow and tedious one. If you work as a group, you will be able to make more because each person that is in your team brings in earning potential.

Use your people as leverage to make even more money. An organization of a 100 people has the ability to earn more than an organization that has only 5. It is the basic law of economics. Each person in your group is an open outlet of distribution and the more outlets that you own, the more you will make.

By creating a team, you no longer have to look at the weaknesses of your current teammates. Instead, you can focus on hiring people who will complement them. Create winning teams that balance each other. On these teams, each member will be able to utilize their own strength, while covering for the weaknesses of others.

We have to remember that we never work individually. We always work and act as one. The team is a living organism and each member is a cell that keeps it going. We need to remember that. We look at each team as a human body.


There is the head that consists of the brain, eyes, ears, and mouth. This would be the team leader. He will organize (brain), observe what is going on (eyes), listen to what’s going on (ears), and bark out orders to the crew (mouth).


The body is the connector of the human. The body connects with the arms, feet, and head. These would be the managers. The managers make everything move in the organization. They get orders from the head and control the hands and feet.


The hands do all the dirty work. These would be the security. They get the orders from the body and kill whoever needs to be killed. They get the job done and clear the way.


The feet move the whole body. These would be the drug runners. They get orders from the body and sell the drugs. Without them, the entire organization would not exist. They are the income earners and are the most important. Without them, our organization would not exist.


Forming a well-rounded team where everybody brings something to the table is essential to making more. It will also make your organization stronger because your military and security will be improved. Never hire just one type of personality, we want diversity. Hire a whole bunch of individuals that brings something to the table. They can all be different but must have the same mindset and goals.

Learn to see your talents and that of others. As a leader of a group, it is essential that you know what your men are capable of. In order to find what they are capable of, you must be able to read them. You must know what they are good at and you must know what they are bad at. God has given each dealer a gift and it is your responsibility to nurture and grow their gifts.

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Kenny K.

Regulating the Drug Industry Ourselves


If Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas both sold drugs on 116th street and had no beef, we can do it too. What’s with all the gun play nowadays? There’s too much stupid shit going on in the streets. We need to keep ourselves in check and learn that we can peacefully coexist. We need a regulating agency which governs the streets.

We’re all in it to make money, so why don’t we make money peacefully? If we all band together, we’d be much more powerful. We’d actually be a force to be reckoned with, more powerful than some small countries.

If we make money together and take care of each other, there is no limit to what we can do. Our only enemies would be the hypocrite government who is selling drugs themselves. Drugs are to be sold so that we can get out of poverty and once we reach our goals, we should make the transition to the legit world. Thus, this industry can be used to bring our people up, an ever-revolving door which makes people rich.

We need to remember that we can’t be in this game forever. Don’t ever let this lifestyle become normal to you because once it becomes a normal thing, that is when you get into trouble.

So what can we do about this? We can either stop shooting each other and have people shooting at us or we can kill off the bad apples and start regulating this industry. If we form an informal regulating agency which governs the conduct of all drug dealers, things would run much smoother. The offenders would get persecuted and all the dealers would have to abide by the rules.

In the beginning, there would be a lot of bloodshed because we need to get rid of the bad apples, but if you think about it, the future would be bright. The current state that we are in is that the unethical dealers have an edge over the dealers with principal. The dealers with principal cannot compete with the unethical ones because they use every dirty tactic to move ahead. This leads to the good dealers resorting to dirtier tactics to be able to compete on even grounds, thus a downward spiral of the industry is at works. This industry is full of crooks and thieves and we need to change that.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Level Up Your Business


It’s time to level up your business. If your business is stagnant, there’s something wrong. The drug business is made to prosper and the only time it should go down is if you get caught or get killed. But if you’re doing it right, you should be experiencing exponential growth.

In my crew, if you’re not making at least a $1,000 a day, you’re out. We only work with winners and champions. As you get bigger, you no longer have time to deal with the small folks. All the attention goes to the big money; those big deals worth $100,000 a pop.

The one way to spur growth is to stop focusing on what isn’t important. Instead, focus on the types of business you want and just go for it. The rest of the stuff, expedite because you don’t have time for that. By forcing yourself into a situation, it will motivate you to think differently, giving you the ability to make it work.

If you want to be flipping kilos, only flip kilos. If somebody wants to pick up an ounce, say “Minimum order is a kilo.” Then introduce them to one of your crew who you supply to. Your crew will sell to the person wanting ounces and half a brick. By giving your crew customers, it will help them to traffic more weight which will result in more money to you because you are the one supplying them.

When you close one door, another one opens and that’s true. If you keep letting in the old, it will keep on coming. It won’t stop. Close that door and make other people handle that door for you.

The key thing in this business is to sell more weight. Think of it as body building. If you’re still 160 when you’ve been 160 2 years ago, there’s something wrong. Keep doing the same things over and over again, and you’ll get no results. It’s time to switch up your routine and the way that you do business.

It’s time for a change and this summer’s the perfect time to do this. Think about what you want and take it from there. We always like to think in terms of “Bigger.” We don’t like selling half grams or half bricks. We like to sell them the way we got them, without having to unwrap the original package. This way it’s cleaner and safer because we have no need to repackage.

But for the people building up, stack up your paper. If you’re picking up ounces and selling half grams, save up for half a brick. Once you get half a brick, your focus should be on selling ounces. From there, give your crew your customers and sell ounces to them. Once you stack up, pick up a kilo and start doing the same thing until you have the purchasing power to purchase 10 of them. Then keep on getting bigger. Make it so that the minimum order is a minimum of 5 kilos. Then you will be on top of your game.

Stay shining. Steady grinding. Learn more by purchasing the book “How to Sell Cocaine” and spread the word so that more people can be helped.

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Kenny K.

These are the Faces of Real Drug Dealers


The government are the real drug dealers. They operate behind closed doors. If the government is doing it, why can’t we? What gives them the right to distribute drugs and what gives us the right not to? How can they get away with so much stuff, while we do all the hard work and end up in jail?

This world is a crooked place and the more that you know, the more you will see how fucked up it is. Everything is inter-connected and it is a fact that drugs and other criminal activities makes the world go around. In fact, some banks would collapse if it wasn’t for drug money.

Our money finances the CIA, Mossad, and many other criminal stuff that the government is into. With the money produced from drugs, they create the terrorist groups, provide them with guns, provide them with training, and spend an enormous amount of money on the media to sway public opinion.

This is one big hustle that the Western governments keeps on repeating. This is overly simplistic but the main points look like this:

  1. They sell the drugs
  2. Make the money
  3. Create terrorist groups to wreck havoc on other nations
  4. Show terrorists on the news to create a reason to invade that country
  5. Keep on repeating negative news about that country & create conflict
  6. Go to war with that country
  7. Make money off of arms
  8. Pay their contractors huge sums of money to build infrastructure for the war
  9. Kill innocent lives and destroy what is good
  10. Steal the country’s resources (OIL) and take over their banks
  11. And do it all over again with another country

They will keep on doing this again and again until there is no other country to invade. It is truly a shame that all of our money goes into this kind of bullshit. We believe that our money should be spent appropriately in ways which can benefit humanity. The government uses their drug profits in evil ways, all they are after is the power and the money.

For us, it is different because our reason is that there was no other way. It’s hard in the ghetto and with all the stuff that’s going on down there… It’s been a horrible situation for us… We’ve been repressed for far too long. We do this because we have to live. This was our way out of poverty and the profits that we made first went to our family and our communities.

For the government folks, they are already born rich. They don’t even need to do sell drugs because they can just print their money out of thin air. Instead, they choose to destroy people’s lives and play a game with us. This creates us opportunity but gets us in trouble as well.

The Western world thinks that they’re god, but they will never be. Soon, the people will wake up and the tables will begin to reverse. This time will come sooner than later. Millions of people, even those who work for the evil government will realize what they are doing, and realize that this world can’t be like this. Those who have been intimidated and threatened will no longer feel threatened because there will be millions who are with them. And those evil people at the top will all be eliminated.

Paying my respects to my man Prodigee from Mobb Deep. Rest in Peace. You spoke the truth and got killed. We know who killed ya. We know. They will soon get what they deserve plus a 100X more. For Real… We won’t stop.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Crystal Meth Market Report


The big question in America is: Can meth production keep up with consumption? Meth could be made in America but only in small batches. To make big batches, you must have the ability to gather the ingredients in bulk. A couple of litres will not do it, you need a couple of gallons to do it.

Crystal meth sales will continue to grow throughout the world because it is a cheap alternative compared with other drugs. With the chemicals readily available from China, you can manufacture and distribute it everywhere in the world. The cost is cheap to produce, but with more people doing it, we need to watch out, because the amateurs will make mistakes and that will shed light to the industry.

Getting the chemicals by hiring smurfs to purchase them is a long and laborious process. You can easily make a million dollars per year by doing this but I want you to think bigger. The more people that you have working for you, the more risk there is. Why not go big and get ingredients by the gallon? Why not lease a big warehouse and make it there? By thinking bigger, you can make a couple kg of meth everyday, very easily. Being small is more laborious than being big, remember that.

If you buy in bulk via China, the cost of the chemicals will continue to rise, as long as law enforcement keeps ramping up it’s efforts. The main costs will be distribution so whoever is good at concealing the shipments will make a lot of money. It may be wise to warehouse the extra inventory while you can. The thing about meth is that it can be produced anywhere if you have access to the right ingredients. You also have the choice of playing it safe and just focusing on moving the chemicals to produce meth. Becoming an international broker could be the next biggest thing.

If China produced meth in their own country and distributed it throughout the world, the price would be high because of the risk. One thing that stops the Chinese from making their own meth is their own government. In China, there are very stiff penalties to drug dealing which includes the death penalty.

China plays it safe because there are very stiff penalties. They only produce the chemicals used to produce meth and distribute it throughout the world. China is by far the biggest producer of synthetic drugs out there. New drugs come in from China all the time. Being in the import business will help.

South Asia will play a bigger part in the manufacturing throughout the years and may become the next big mega producer which can be comparable with Mexico. As the chemicals used to produce meth becomes harder to get, the countries closer to China will reap the benefits.

As a dealer, I want everyone to be good at it. We have too many amateurs running around and it’s not good for our industry. We have access to knowledge which other authors don’t. We are dealers, killers, and everything else. We are in the business of selling commodities. Check out the other drug reports by clicking here.

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Kenny K.


Trending Drugs


Throughout our history, we have seen many drastic changes in our market. 10 years ago, coke sales far surpassed most drugs, but in the current times, the trend has began to shift. There has been a tremendous surge in all markets with new drugs entering the market, and the revitalization of old ones.

Coke has began to get more expensive throughout the years with the potency dropping. Meanwhile, meth, opiates, and marijuana has seen their potency increase and the price getting cheaper. There has also been a huge surge among prescription pills, especially in the opiate variations. What is this world coming to? Well, here we will show you the current trends which are happening with the Big 3. Meth deserves it’s own section so we will post it later on.


Cocaine sales are dropping in the US front, however, there is still a lot of product coming in from Mexico. The trend now is to use the US as an export base to both Asia and Europe. Since the US is an economic powerhouse with a clean reputation, it is easier to ship the drugs out of America to international markets.

Imagine shipping your drugs internationally from Columbia or Mexico, it will get searched every time. Each time that you make a shipment, the risk will be very high. By distributing through the US, the chances are lower of getting caught. The US is one of the biggest exporters in the world, take advantage of this.

Since the prices have sky rocketed, the potency in the street level has dropped drastically. The current trend is that dealers need to buff their products so that they can get their desired profit margins. The purest product is available near the border states. Maybe we need to raise the prices for retail.

There will always be a need for cocaine and even though it may not be profitable on the domestic front, it provides the dealers opportunities to expand overseas. Europe is a perfect destination for this but you’ll need to find a clever way by using an export company or freight forwarder.


The heroine trade has trickled up. However, there is new competition with prescription pills. Opiates are getting popular in the US as everyone has a need to slow down their life. This trend will continue to grow throughout the years.

Most of the heroin comes into the US from Mexico nowadays, this is because they have been ramping up their productions there. Marijuana farming is still popular but the price per pound has dropped since it has became legal in the US, more reason to ramp up their heroin productions.

The heroin from Mexico is targeted at the US because of it’s close proximity, also for export purposes. Although it happens, it does not make economical sense for Mexico to sell heroin to European and Asian markets due to high competition from the Golden Triangle and Middle Eastern regions.

Heroin dealers also have to watch out for competition from the big pharma companies. The government is distributing a massive quantity of prescription opiates to get a slice of the heroin market. To counter this, drug dealers have began to manufacture and sell counterfeit pills which mimic what the government is selling. Although counterfeit, these pills still have the same potency, they are just marketed differently, you can get them from China.


The marijuana market has changed with the trend towards legalization. There are legal pot dispensaries which are in direct competition with the dealers. The cropping up of these businesses have taken a share of the market. Drug dealers need to watch for consistency in their service and their quality of product. If we don’t do something now, it will get harder to compete with the pot dispensaries.

However, a way to compete with them is to focus on a niche. If you can get your hands on some strains which aren’t found at the dispensaries, it will give you a winning edge. In Canada, the pot industry is changing, there are countless variations of weed strains but next year they’re going to cut it by half. This provides some growers an opportunity to compete in the black market with their own unique strains.

The growers who are growing it illegally are having a tough time since the price of the pound has dropped. This is due to over-availability of the drug. It is now legal in many states which has big companies mass-producing marijuana at very low prices. Although the price of a pound has dropped, the retail price still remains the same. This is good news for us because the profit margins has increased.

The growers will have to hang on for a little while longer and see how the market goes, in the meantime, they can focus on producing new and better strains. As for the dealers, they can work on capturing the customers which the legal marijuana dispensaries has taken. They can beat them by having late night delivery services, delivery to their doorstep, or by selling special strains not available at the dispensaries.

It’s also a good time to get into the marijuana stocks in Canada. It’s getting legal in the province of BC next year, and Alberta and Quebec has already said that they’re going to legalize it. If you get in now, it may be worth it for later.

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Kenny K.

The Book: How to Sell Cocaine


Get your copy before it gets taken off. We have finally managed to publish an ebook through our efforts. It took many attempts but we managed to put the book online without compromising any information. We hope that by spreading this information, we will be able to save many lives.

This ebook teaches the secrets of the business and will give you a solid foundation for when you first step foot into the drug business. If you are already in the business, this book will take you to that next level. Through our experience, we have worked with American, Asian, and European crime syndicates. We took what was good from each and combined them into 1.

Available on Amazon

This is the proven and tested formula for selling cocaine. This book can also help if you are selling other drugs. The people who have learned from us have set up shop all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small group or a large syndicate, if you read our book, you will be able to make use of it.

For $2.99, you will get a lifetime’s worth of knowledge. A lot of blood was shed in the process of making this book, and also a lot of tears as well. We have lost many along our journey but have managed to learn through those experiences. This knowledge is to be shared to save millions of lives around the world. If you read and implement the concepts into your business, you will see both your business and safety grow.


How To Sell Cocaine is the first textbook in the world that teaches drug dealers how to be a professional at it. There are no schools on this topic so we are educating people through the form of this book. This book will teach you how to run a successful drug organization and will teach you the ins and outs.

In this industry, the knowledge is strictly guarded among the elite few. This makes it so the rest of the dealers have to figure it out on their own. However, the learning curve is so steep that many die or end up in jail. Our job is to prevent that.

We want to teach the dealers the proper fundamentals so that they start off on the right foot. We want to give everyone a good foundation to build upon. We will show you how to build a business system and show you how to set goals. Our hope is that someday you will be able to exit the game and make it legit.

Part 1 of this series gives an overview of the drug business and explains how this industry works. This book is made purposefully short not to discourage any readers. It is very easy to read and can be read in 1 day. What we recommend is to use this information immediately upon reading it. We hope you make a lot of money on your journey. Our wish is to see you get out of the game with your money and your life intact.

Available on Amazon

Book 1 3D


What to Do When You Get Pulled Over


This is part 2 of managing drug lines. Today we will focus on giving our drug runners the proper training for when they get pulled over. Many arrests are preventable if you put the right security measures in place. It is the boss’s responsibility to train their employees well. The better training you provide, the better off they everyone will be.

We are going to focus on drug runners who use cars to make their deliveries. Your employees must always keep a full bottle of water with them so that they can swallow their drugs. The best place to hide your drugs is inside of your body. If you decide to hide your drugs elsewhere in the vehicle, the dogs will always find them. Just make sure that the cops don’t see you swallowing the drugs.

When you get pulled over, do these things immediately:

  1. Shut off your phones & remove the SIN card or batteries
    • This is to ensure that the phone doesn’t ring when you’re dealing with the cops. If your drug phone starts to blow up in front of the cops, it will be pretty obvious what you are doing. We want to hide what we are doing, the best that we can, and we can do that by shutting off our phones. The reason that we remove the SIN or the batteries is that sometimes the cops may try to rummage through your phones after you get arrested. It’s always a good idea to pull the battery and SIN card out and put them far away from the phone as possible, so that they can’t put 2 and 2 together.
  2. Swallow your product
    • Grab a bottle of water and swallow all of your drugs. If you can’t swallow, just bite it and eat it. Your workers should not be carrying more than an ounce on them. It will not kill you if you swallow that much. It’s better not to be found with anything. You usually have time to do this when they are scanning your plates. Do it quickly before the cop comes to your window.
  3. Destroy all other evidence
    • If you have any other evidence, destroy it immediately. If you don’t have time to destroy it, hide it from plain view.
  4. Turn off your music and don’t smoke
    • You don’t want to give off the wrong impression so don’t smoke and turn off your music. You want to be able to hear what the cop are saying so that you can get it over and done with.
  5. Always ask the reason why you got pulled over
    • If the cop states what you were pulled over for, you have set up a trap for him. Usually most cases will stop there if you did not have any prior convictions. If they said you were speeding, they will just give you a speeding ticket and will let you go.
  6. Don’t answer any unnecessary questions
    • If they ask you what you were doing, or where you are going, tell them that it’s none of their business. They have no right to know because that is an invasion of your privacy. Tell them in a calm and concise manner. If they justify that they have a right to know, tell them that you understand your rights and that they have no right to know.
  7. Ask to leave
    • If they are taking a long time or asking too many questions, ask if you can leave. That’s the most important question right there because it ends the conversation.

These are the main key points to remember. Half the dealers on the streets don’t even have any proper procedures in place. If you teach your runners what to do when they get arrested, it will keep them safe. Minimize everyone’s risks by giving them the proper training. You will encounter less problems this way.

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Kenny K.

Managing Our Client List


Undercover cops are a bitch and we all should be aware. You never want to spend your summers in jail. Summer time is the busiest and shit can get hectic. Summer is when most of our business grows as we get a lot of new customers. But we have to find the ones that are good so that we can feed off of them for the winter.

What we want to avoid at this time are undercover agents posing as customers. This is the most successful time for them to penetrate our groups because business is booming everywhere. There are new customers coming in every week, there are new people calling everyday. When your business is not used to being busy, you will really have to work on your customer relationship management (CRM).

CRM is a technique that we use to keep track of our customers. We can track when they got into our system, all of their contact information, who introduced them to us, where they met us, and what they usually order. We use a professional system such as SalesForce to manage our customers. I believe that using CRM can help all drug dealers out there. This will help you in managing your clients much better.

If new customers are coming in at a frenzied pace, such as when your competition gets shut down, you must slow down your business. What we like to do is to separate our original business and create a new branch to capture the new business. By doing this, our original business remains safe, while we play and experiment with the new prototype.

We classify our customers into 3 different categories. The A class is for our original clients who we know are reliable. The B class are the dependable people who are referred by the A clients. And the C class are the people who we aren’t too sure of. Once the people in the C class get approved to be worthy, we bump them up to the B class. As you can see, we are always working on the C class to see if they are true. We discard those who are shady and we keep the ones who are proven.

Undercover cops can be easily countered with intel. Your customers on the streets are the eyes and ears of the streets. Listen to what they say and do your due diligence. Do they always have their money? Have they ever been short? Most undercovers have full paper and are always ready to go. They are always on time and just too perfect. They would make perfect customers if they weren’t undercover cops.

Check their hands. Are their hands full of callus? Are their thumbs rough and rugged like they’ve been using the lighter a lot? How do they smell? Do they smell like they’ve been out on a binge or do they smell fresh like a cop? How clean are they? Do their clothes look like they’ve been worn a lot? How do they speak? Do they talk about their history? Take a look at their identification and take a picture of it. If they have a car, run their plates and see what comes up. Hack into their phones if they have a smart phone and see what goes on there.

If it doesn’t feel right, cut them off. Your freedom is worth more than money. If your business is too busy, slow it down and make sure that each step you take is safe. Safety first always. Move at the pace where you feel most comfortable. You can’t take on a 100 new clients at once, and expect to be safe. Get new clients in moderation. 5 a week should be fine, but anything more than that, you will need a good CRM system to manage.

Be safe while you make the money. This summer’s going to be HOT!

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Kenny K.

Expediting the Money Laundering Process


The money laundering process is a tedious one because it takes a lot of time and patience to go through. To go through all the steps, it may take a couple of weeks to a couple of months. If you’re a first timer, it could be a nerve-wracking experience. Always make sure that you allow yourself enough time so that you don’t need the money right away.

Depending on the volume that you want to process, there may be some specialized people that you may need to hire just so they can help you with your money. This article focuses on the expediting of these services to professional money launderers. We save on some costs by compressing our bills ourselves.

Step #1 Compress Your Bills

Change all your bills into $100 bills. Physical money is a liability to have and the more paper that we carry, the harder it is to store. It is also a major security threat to us because it can get taken away at anytime. This is the main reason behind compressing all the money into $100s, so that it’s more convenient to store and easier to move around.

This step can be made easier if you train your employees to bring in all $100s. I usually give them an extra $50 on top if they do that so it makes my life easier. I don’t have time to show my face to banks just so that I can exchange bills.

Step #2 Get the Minimum Amount

Get the minimum amount your guy needs to launder. Some people take a minimum of a $100,000, while others require $500,000 or more. It all depends on your service provider, but be warned that not all service providers are born equal. I find that the larger amount that you put in, the better and faster it is. Going rate is usually around 20%.

Step #3 Wait

Some places will make you wait for a couple of months until they have placed all the money into the financial system, while others only take a couple of weeks. It all depends on how big of an organization you are dealing with because the more people and outlets they have, the faster they can process.

You also have to remember that we are in the illegal industries and that we have to be careful of who we trust our money with. Money launderers are the shadiest types of people in this world and have the quaint ability to vanish unexpectedly. Always go through mutual connections who are using their services.

I remember the first time that I used a service, gave a guy a $100,000. After that, I felt real anxious because I thought that the person took off with my money. I called them regularly and checked up on them just enough to annoy them. Thank god the person was nice about it. He said that it was normal for people to do that and that he was used to it. Took 3 weeks to process.

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Kenny K.


Drug Runner’s Guide


There are many dealers out there who have not had any formal training. Well, today I would like to teach you some of the basics of managing a drug business. All of this information will provide you with a good foundation for you to build upon.


When managing a line, we like to use a call forwarding system where all of the customers phone the main phone line. From there, we call forward the call to the drug runner’s phone. This way, the main phone can be kept in a safe and secure place with the manager.

Some dealers lend the line phone to the drug runners during their shift but this is a big mistake. If the drug runner gets caught or takes off with the phone, your business will be disrupted for a couple of hours. Always have possession of your line phones and call forward it to whoever that is working. This way, you always remain in control.

Quantity of Drugs to Carry

First of all, we like to limit the quantity of drugs that each runner carries according to what day it is. By looking at our sales charts, we can predict whether it is going to be a busy day or not. Typically, Fridays and Saturdays are the most busiest days so we have all our men carry more quantity than usual. By them carrying more, they do not have to spend time reloading. Sundays through Thursdays are slower days so we have them carry less.

On the days where the product is not moving, there is no point in letting your men carry more quantity. If the drugs are selling, it is wise for you to let them carry a lot. Our main concerns are the safety of our workers. We always think “What if they get caught?” We also don’t want any loss on our product. By making our runners carry the appropriate amounts, we minimize our risks as well as our worker’s risks.


Reload spots should not be frequented on regular intervals as this is one of our most vulnerable spots. Workers should exercise great caution when coming back to reload. We have the workers circle around the block a couple of times to make sure that nobody is following them before they come. If anything seems suspicious, all our workers let us know.

Some dealers like to give the runners a key to the place, and this can work if there is a limited quantity of drugs in there. However, if you have a lot of drugs in there, we advise you not to give away any spare keys. We also advise you to carry a minimum amount of drugs in your stash houses, which should last for about a week. This is a security precaution just in case so we don’t get all our product nabbed at once.

If there is security inside of the drug house, they should be notified before the runners come to the house. If the drug runners say “10 minutes, 15 minutes,” it should be good enough. This way, the security can prepare for the drug runners appearance.

There should be cameras posted in and around the house so that the security can prepare for any kind of situation. The security should have the drugs already prepared for the runner so that he can quickly be on his way. The drug runner has to exchange the cash for the new drugs when he is there. The security will count the money in front of the runner so that all the numbers are confirmed. Any information that could not be talked over the phone should be discussed then and there so that they do not leave incriminating evidence.

If there is any suspicious activity going around the stash house, there will be a relocation that will happen on the same day. This is the reason why we like to hold 2 or 3 properties at a time, so that we can use them in case of an emergency. It is better to be safe than sorry in this business. Never be too lazy to move.

Another tip is to not have too much stuff such as furniture in the stash house. This will make it easier for you to move. The layout of the stash house should be nice and simple. Some dealers like to leave a lot of clutter in the stash houses so that it throws the cops off. Be aware that this trick does not outsmart the dogs. Less stuff or more stuff does not affect anything, the dogs can smell through that. If this is the case, having less stuff is better.

In the stash houses where we have security, we like to stash our drugs near the washrooms farthest away from the front door. This way, if the cops ever come by, we can get a head start by flushing all the drugs.

I need to cut this a little short but I will be back. Leave me some comments of what you guys do.

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Kenny K.

Basic Security Procedures


Make it a habit to clean up after yourself and never leave anything lying around. Always make sure that everything is secured every time you use it. This is a security measure that must be put into place to deter theft and incrimination.

Every time you leave your house, make sure that all your items are secured and make sure that all doors and windows are locked. Also make sure that any bars are put down and don’t forget to set the alarm system.

However, one must not use a normal alarm system as we don’t want to emit any sound. The stuff that we have inside of the house can get us in trouble and we don’t want the cops to come checking up on us. We use a sophisticated system in which if the alarm gets triggered, our pager goes off. I don’t know how to do it, but get a tech expert to help you with it.

You should also have cameras mounted in the important areas of your house, and those outside your house. Beware of the blind spots and rearrange items so that you can see them clearly. Get an app on your phone so that you can track the activity in and around your house from the palm of your hand.

The type of security that you have depends on what kind of real estate you are using. If you are living in a house, you will need to be extra careful. If you live in an apartment, make sure that it has a gated garage and make sure that there is heavy security throughout the place. It is a good thing to have concierge service in your building.

It is also good to have a couple of extra vehicles kicking around the drive way. Make sure that you move the cars around in regular intervals to make it look as there are people there. Also make sure that the vehicles are insured because thieves look at that. Leave the TV on with radio sounds of people talking so that there is always noise coming from within the house. This will deter some thefts as people will think that there is somebody inside.

If the cops are on to you, stash your drugs in the washroom so that they are easily able to be flushed. In a house, we usually pick the bathroom upstairs which is farthest away from the entrance. It is also a good idea to have your drugs and money separated. So one house for your drugs, one house for your money, and one house for yourself. Just make sure that they are in the same proximity so that you don’t have to go running around all the time. Learn more by reading the book.

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Kenny K.

The Power of Racial Diversity In Gangs


Racial diversity is becoming a trend for all gangs from around the world. Black, White, Asian, Hispanics, it doesn’t matter where you come from anymore, as long as you want to make money, we are all in this together.

To be successful, we need to start getting rid of the racial stigma. Nowadays, if we have a white person selling in a black neighborhood, they will get lynched. We all know this. White people are only good in white neighborhoods, and Hispanics are only good in Hispanic neighborhoods. That is the truth.

So, the gangs have come up with a way to overcome this by getting the people to sell to their own races. By doing business this way, we are not restricted on which markets we can enter. We can operate in a huge area which spans more than one nationality. This opens up many doors for us and the advantages are of many:

We can all speak multiple languages. We have access to multiple ethnic communities. We have international business connections. We have connections with other ethnic gangs. We are hard to identify because we have so many different races working with us.

If you’re dealing, it’s time to really start thinking about this. If you want to make it big, you have to go multicultural. You can make double the money in the same amount of time just by doing this. This world is a big place and it’s better off to associate with all of the different races. Take advantage of this new era and get used to it.

Oh, and did we say international business. Hiring people from all over the world will give you many opportunities of going international, especially if they are fresh off the boat. Take advantage of this fact and work with each other. If they have a connection overseas, use it, and vice versa. International business is much more profitable and safer than dealing domestically.

Think Bigger My Friends,

Respects to Clay Rouche, founder of the UN Gang

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Kenny K.

War: Attack the Leadership


Take down the leaders and all will come crumbling down. There is no use in taking out the low-level workers when in a gang war. In order to win quickly and decisively, strike where it counts. By doing it this way, there will be less casualties and the length of battle will be shortened.

On the streets, battles wage on because the military strategy is lacking. They lack the discipline and just focus on the action part. This impatience leads them to hit up anything that they can target and when they do this, it gives the enemy a chance to up their guard. Prolonged warfare is not good for anyone.

When we do battle, we like to hit them when they are least expecting it. By doing our homework on all that the competition has, it allows us to systematically dismantle them. We always start our investigations from the bottom up at the street level. If a new competition comes in, we want to know who they get their product from. And from there, our investigation begins.

We find out out who their runners are, where they reside, and where they go to get their product. Then we go on to step 2, where we scope out the stash house and get the manager’s information. This part is most often the longest part of our investigations because they may only pick up large volumes about twice a month. From there, step 3, find out the final source.

Doing the investigations can take upwards of 3 months, and if you get lucky, even less. Know your enemy more than they know themselves and make it seem like everything is normal, then strike when the time is right.

In this current age, we are also able to tap into smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers which makes our investigations even easier. By listening into their conversations, we know how many people are involved and get to know their hierarchy. This helps us when deciding who to target.

Of course, it will be nicer to disengage the enemy through formal alliances but it does not necessarily pan out. There are just too many egos in this game and it is just easier to take them out physically. Putting a stop to 10 people will do it for the organization, as these are the people who know and manage everything.

If you cannot get the number 1, take out the closest people to them. That will have the same effect as taking out the number 1, because the number 1 will no longer have the support to get the work done.

In warfare, we want as few casualties as possible. We also want to finish the battle quickly and to keep it out of the public’s eye. We don’t want the TV stations to be broadcasting what we do.

When going to war, put all your resources into defeating the enemy. The window of opportunity is open for only so long. From disorganized attacks, the enemy will have their guard up, making it an even tougher battle. Make life easier by building a strategy for war.

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Kenny K.


Hiring Ex-Military Workers


We have the best luck with hiring people from the military. This is because they have experienced a whole lot during their missions to war-torn countries. We find that they are much tougher and much more disciplined than the normal civilians. It also helps when we have a bunch of them working together because they can read each other’s minds. They have very good teamwork and it helps when our organization needs to go to battle.

These people are calm under pressure and have the battle instincts necessary to survive on the streets. Their weapon’s abilities are spectacular and they have the ability to take down opponents even when they are outnumbered. This really helps us because they win battles for us.

However, there are drawbacks as well. Sometimes we need to deal with people that are going through post traumatic stress disorder. But we help them through it the best we can. We provide them with high paying jobs and we let them work at a schedule that fits them. They are only assigned to certain roles that they feel comfortable with. If they want time off, we give them time off. We accommodate to their needs and they accommodate to ours. It is a 2-way street when dealing with them. If their PTSD is too severe, sometimes our only choice is to let them go.

These people are great teachers as well. They teach our troops about the strategies used in warfare: Where to position yourself, how to use the resources around you, which weapons to use, etc. These people are incredible and we recommend that everybody hire them. If the government doesn’t provide them with jobs, we will.

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Kenny K.


Switch Up Your Reload Spots


It’s summer time and it’s time to start things fresh. In other words, it’s time to switch up your reload spots. This is the most hectic time of the season and it will be sure that there will be many eyes watching.

The hyenas on the streets are scavenging for some fresh meat and what time is better than summer time to do this. The streets are so busy that our runners need to reload frequently. We pack them with extra quantity than usual but the other dealer got busted last month so their business seems to be coming to us.

There was an incident last week where some people tried to break into our place. Good thing we were prepared though, blasted them with a shot gun and they went running. Things got so heady that we moved out the next hour that happened.

Now we have 2 reload spots just so we are ready. We use one right now and have the other for safe keeping. So if something happens to the ones we are using, we have another spot that we can move into.

It’s also important to tell your runners to watch their backs when they come back to the spot. Tell them to circle around the block a couple times just to make sure that nobody is following them and to write down the descriptions of the cars which are following them because we can get the information of the drivers from their license plates. This lets us know if we are dealing with cops or a bunch of hyenas.

Once we run their plates, we track who they are and where they come from, thus our investigation begins. If anything happens to our spot thereafter, we know where to go. And if we ever run into the same car, we try to follow them as much as we can until our tank runs out. This way, we find out which streets they are familiar with and also get a glimpse of their face.

Hyenas can come from anywhere so we must always be careful. Anybody can do the shit and that’s one thing we must beware of. Keep in mind that most of them are amateurs and don’t know how to secure a room. If this is the case, it is very easy to thwart them when it happens, but we don’t want to be dealing with that shit all the time so we keep another stash spot on reserve and do counter surveillance so that we can prevent the danger from happening in the first place.

Anyways, I wish you guys a safe summer and I remind you not to keep your guard down. When it’s summertime, there are many people on the streets and we must be careful of what we do. We do not want to attract the wrong type of attention.

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Kenny K.

Business Strategy: Hours of Operation


The hours of operations should reflect what kind of business you have along with the business strategy you are using. The open hours will vary depending on if you’re a big time seller specializing in kilos or if you’re a small time dealer selling grams. This is especially important for drug lines.

It is true that the longer you are open, the more business you will get, but we must always be aware of the risks. The risks that the wholesalers face is much more than what the retailers face. The wholesalers have a lot to lose because if they get caught or robbed, they will automatically lose $35,000+ right there. Plus, the jail time on the possession of multiple kilos carries a much stiffer sentence than that of possessing an ounce.

Judging by this, the wholesalers have decided to go with limiting their hours of operations and to limit the amount of orders they take. They may even expedite the work to other dealers so that they can avoid the risk. If we are wholesalers, we like to deal in the morning. The hours of operations will be 10am-12pm, only 2 hours per day. If the customer’s can’t fit that time, we let them beat it.

If wholesalers want to reduce their risk even more, we get intermediary dealers and set them up with our deals. These dealers will buy the product from us at our set times and sell to our customers. They keep the profit.

If we are retailers, we would want to do research on the competition to see their opening hours. We will want to remain as competitive as possible with them within the bounds of our risk. In order to do this, we must research the characteristics of the area. So if the area is a quiet one and there are rarely any cars running after 10pm, we would want to shut down around 9pm. We also determine our times according to how aggressive the police are. If the police are very aggressive, we like to shut down our operations before the sun sets.

As you can see, the opening and closing times between the wholesalers and retailers differ quite greatly. The amount of risk involved reflects on the hours of operations. Now we would like to focus on the hours of operations which reflect on the business strategy.

When you are just starting out, you will want to be more available so that you get more customers so your opening times will generally be longer. During this stage, you are more about customer acquisition and don’t care about the risk. But as your business gets stable, you will want to set your own hours so that your customers can follow.

If you are doing international business, you need to be aware of the time zones. If you have a client in Asia, their morning times will be your night time. We recommend setting a time to communicate so that you can negotiate the terms of the deal in one shot. The last thing we want is for the conversation to drag on for days. Our goal is to wrap up the deal within the hour.

And on one final note, when you promise that you are open certain hours, keep that promise. The more reliable you are, the more people will come. This is business and the customers want reliability in what to expect. If you close at 2am, leave your phones open until 2am. That is all.

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Your Client List


It’s summer time, and it’s time to refresh our client lists. This is the most hectic time of the year when most of our business grows and it’s up to us to discard what is no longer needed. Discard all the bad customers and make room for the new to enter our life. Keep your drug lines nice and fresh.

The benefits of shedding bad customers is of many. It will shed you of the stress and the extra burden. You won’t have to put up with the customers that have given you headaches. The types of customers to get rid of are those who steal, the ones who are always short, the ones who are sketchy, and those who have fallen off.

Once you get rid of these people, your life will become that much easier. It will clear up room for the newer and better customers to enter your life. Simply put, close a door and another one will open.

The customers who steal for a living are the ones who the police are looking for. We must discard these people so that we don’t get involved with their mess. For the young dealers, it might be fun and tempting to get free jewelry, electronics, and other goods, but it’s time to realize that it’s not worth it. Getting yourselves involved in more trouble is no good for any of us. We have to learn to be not cheap because we can afford that stuff already.

The customers who are always short are the ones who waste our time. They take advantage of our niceness and prey on dealers who show them sympathy. Never accept anything less of full change. Your customers should always have 100% of the money when they call you, and if they don’t, they don’t deserve to be your customers. We want customers who respect us and follow the rules.

The sketchy customers are the ones who go around from dealer to dealer, using each dealer to their advantage. These junkies are scandalous and are not to be trusted. If they are already going to another dealer, fuck them. They probably just call you when they max out their fronts from other dealers anyways. Watch out for these junkies as when they hit their lows, they may try to set you up with one of their dealers for a 40 rock.

The junkies who have fallen off are already a lost cause. It’s like an oil-well that is dry, their is no more oil that they can produce. When it comes to this stage, we must cut them. These people may have had high paying jobs and may have bought a lot from you, but once they hit rock bottom, they are useless. It’s time to let them go.

As you can see, there are a variety of people who we must cut off. These people do us no good so we must protect ourselves by disassociating with them. Create another phone number and move all the contacts you want to keep into that phone. Give it about 2 weeks for you to hand out the new number to all of your good customers.

Then you will be left with a phone that the old customers phone. Sell that phone along with the contacts for all the junkies that you don’t want. That way, you can make some extra money. Anyways, have a good summer folks.

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Kenny K.

Money is Never Enough to Help People


I have tried helping countless people thinking that giving them money will help solve all their problems, but I was wrong. Giving them money only complicated their situation and they ended up in worse positions than they were in before.

But I can’t help myself from helping people. If somebody needs my help, my automatic reaction is to reach out and help them. Although I may do crooked things, my love for people is real. I love and respect my friends, families, workers and customers and I am grateful that I have them, because without them, none of this will be possible.

So back to the topic, money only helps people temporarily and the more you count on money to help people, the more they will need. It is similar to putting a band aid over a broken wound, no matter how many band aids you put, you need to heal the wound first before anything.

Throughout my time, I found that being a mentor is the best for these people because without education, their life will not be prosperous. Without education, they won’t know how to handle the money, and without education, they won’t be able to make the right choices. Education is the key to everything in life, not money.

I’m not talking about a post-secondary education here. I’m talking about things outside of that. Of course we can teach them how to handle money or how to do business, but the most integral part that we can teach them is how to look at life because without that nothing will work.

If you are able to instill in these people a positive mindset of abundance and confidence, it will help them much more than if you give them a million dollars. Everything starts from within, giving away materialistic possessions will not help. We need to focus more on the spiritual aspects of life that exists deep within each person to enact such a thing as charity.

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Never Be Intimidated


Sometimes there will be people who will try to intimidate you. Some of them will use the size of their body to try to get their way, while others may use threats. Some may boast about their connections to scare you or talk about lavish things to outclass you. Never worry about these things because you have the power to handle these situations.

From a strictly strategic perspective, when people try to intimidate you, do not intimidate or fight back. You want to walk out of the situation as calmly as possible so that you can hit them when they least expect it. On a cautionary note, if you leave the impression that you are going to fight back, they will be ready with their guard up or may attack right there.

Never fall for any intimidation tactics or threats. These people are very basic and easy to read. If you know what they are doing, it is easy to take away their power. The people who try to intimidate don’t know half the story. They don’t know your full capabilities or what you can do to them. During these situations stand firm. What these people want to see is if they can get a reaction out of you. If you don’t give them a reaction, either of these 2 things will happen: A) They will get mad or B) They will respect you.

For those who get mad, there may be conflicts which may get escalated to new heights. For these people, it is better off to kill them because the more time you give to the situation, the more people may get involved which equals more blood spilled. End the drama before it goes to your momma.

We are all human beings and each has their strong and weak points. Even the toughest of people get scared when their life is at stake. I have seen some of the biggest baddest people cry and beg for their lives. Just remember, anybody can be touched as nobody is invincible.

In your mind, visualize your enemy scared out of their minds. Picture them panicking and crying, running for their lives because this is what you will do to them when you go on the offensive.

On one last note, don’t start any shit. Only start shit when others do something to you. Never abuse your power and always remain humble.

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Kenny K.


When On The “Do Not Detain” List


When you are high profile, the police won’t fuck with you. Even if you are speeding or doing drug deals in the open, they won’t fuck with you. The reason is simple, it’s because they are doing their investigations and trying to reach your higher-ups.

When you reach this kind of status in the game, you are on the “do not detain” list. This list is exclusive to the top dealers and makes them immune from arrest until the cops are satisfied with their investigations. They may be immune from arrest for 1 or 2 years, but it all depends on how far the cop’s investigations are going.

The whole point of not busting the dealers are because they are looking for a bigger case. They’re smart enough not to arrest you for anything minor because by doing that, they will let the whole case go to jeopardy. Instead they remain patient, waiting for the bigger prize.

So what do you do when you are on the do not detain list? Well, you already know that the cops have enough evidence to incriminate you so the smart choice is to go on the run. However, when you do this you cannot let anybody know. You must escape alone and must continue to act normal until that date.

If the police know that you’re going to make a run for it, they will clamp down on you hard. If you haven’t already got your fake passports and IDs, I suggest you get this now for these purposes. They are very easy to get online or through European organized crime.

When you get these fake IDs, always check to see what options it comes with. Which states do they specialize in? What kinds of technologies can they embed on the card? Can they reproduce the current to date version? Can they reproduce all of the security features? If you haven’t got one, go get one right away.

When you go on the run, it is better to avoid airports. There is too much security at the airports nowadays and it is way too risky. But if you are on a continent such as Europe, you have the chance to escape via vehicle or train into other country’s borders. Right now is the most opportune time in Europe because of all of the immigrant migration going on. Anyways, all of you remain safe. Until next time.

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Kenny K.



Be a Respectable Dealer


It don’t matter if you own the block, when you do business, do it behind closed doors. We want to hide the dirt that goes on and to make the block look clean. We don’t want our neighbors, kids or passer-bys to know what goes on because our business is our business and should only be known by the people involved.

Doing crime openly will result in public outrage and if you do, the residents will report to the police. Public opinion matters a lot to the police and if they get enough complaints, they will act swiftly to shut you down. It’s very political in that sense because the current police chiefs don’t want to look bad.

I’m saying this for the safety of the dealers and for the safety of the public. We don’t want to expose our youth to this kind of stuff, we want them to think far beyond that. As a community, we must promote other things that actually enhance the community. Dealers in the past were looked up to as role models but the public opinion has began to shift.

Drug dealing existed because there was no other choice. There were no jobs and there was no money in the ghetto, so we had to do what we had to do to make our money. When the drug dealers of the past made their money, they spread the wealth around the entire block. But the drug dealers as of late only spend the money on themselves.

These new dealers spend lavishly while ignoring the poverty of their people. They take, take, take, and never give. They buy a Ferrari while the kids around the block starve to death. This creates resentment among the common people which breeds anger and hate. It’s time to break this pattern.

A lot has changed from the past origins of drug dealing. The young dealers must respect the block and come to terms that we, the people of the ghetto are in this together to rise past poverty. One man rising up from the ghetto while forgetting his people deserves no respect. If we get bread, we must give bread to those in need.

Have pride in your origins and support your people because if you don’t, nobody else will. Remember what happened during Hurricane Katrina? Like Kayne West said, “They don’t give a fuck about us.” This is true and as a dealer, you must do everything in your power to support your people.

Bring your people up with you, always.

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Kenny K.

Sometimes Smaller is Better


We all have the perception that bigger is better, but we need to know that that’s not always the case. In the drug business, the bigger you are, the more attention you will get. Attention is great in the legitimate industries but it doesn’t work that well in the illegal fields.

Lets talk size first. Lets just imagine that you have 50 people under you and out of that number, how many do you think will get arrested? The bigger your organization, the more prone to slip-ups you get. That means that there are more times that people can rat you out. Think about it, it’s kinda hard managing 50 people and expecting them not to make a single mistake.

If you train your employees well enough, you will minimize your risk, but you won’t be able to control how they react. You can also keep track of what everybody is doing and make sure they know how to handle certain situations but you can’t always expect them to perform perfectly as planned. Unless you have managers and sub-managers to look after them, having 50 people under you is very risky.

Another fact about being big is that even the smallest of mistakes can get magnified. One minor slip-up could lead to the take-down of your entire organization. Being big gives the cops more incentive to take you down. And trust me, they will take their time in their investigations so that they take down your entire hierarchy.

However, there is an advantage of being big. You will have the man-power to win at war and the smaller guys won’t mess with you. But that is quickly turned into a negative because going to war will get attention from the police. Just imagine if you are operating in every single city and someone starts a war. It will be very easy for them to attack you and the war that will be waged will get a lot of media attention.

The reasons why I say small is better is because it gives you mobility and more control over your business. And you want to remain invisible when you are operating in this business. You may think that it is less money by being small but it depends on how you look at it. If you have a crew of 10 people and you are raking in $100,000 per month, that is pretty good. Of course, you will be pushing less weight but your employee expenses and costs of doing business will be lower and that will more than make up for it.

Compare it with an organization of 50 people. In this case, you will be pushing a lot more weight and making more but the profits may be the same if you subtract the business expenses. By operating bigger, you will have a lot more business assets to cover your grounds and you will have the responsibility of feeding 50 people. That is a lot of pressure and if business doesn’t go right, you will have to resort to war to feed your people.

So think about it. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Of course, you will have more power by being the bigger guy but you will also lose your mobility and control. The trend is to go small so that you get maximum mobility and control over your business.

This article is only talking about the retailers and wholesalers, not the cartels. The only exception of having a big group is if you are an organization that moves a massive quantity of drugs internationally from the source country.

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Kenny K.


Country Songs Talk More About Drugs than Hip-Hop


Who would have known that these plain country white folks even know about drugs. My image of them was that they were Sunday morning church goers who sat on their front porches sipping on whiskey all day. Who would have known?

The conception was that hip-hop talked more about drugs than any other musical genre, but studies have found that they are dead last when it comes to mentioning drugs. Country music topped the list at #1 for having the most mention of drugs. Take a look at the list:

  1. Country
  2. Jazz
  3. Pop
  4. Rock
  5. Other
  6. Folk
  7. Hip-Hop

Is this because the hip-hop fan base has less money than the other genres? This may be the reason why as the illicit drug industry controls a segment of the media. Different music caters to different audiences and their income differs as well.

If the government drug dealers want to focus on where the money is, they will spill mentions of drugs in the musical genres that reach the most people with the most money. That makes logical sense, doesn’t it. So now that they experimented with the black man, they are moving on to the white man who has the money.

The government is involved in the drug trade and has set up the war on drugs as a front to cover what they are doing. They infiltrate the source countries and then grant power to a certain number of people. And from there, they market the drugs while these people distribute and sell the drugs for them. Music and movies are one of the outlets that they use to market their drugs. You can read it in my past article here.

If you are a dealer, follow these trends as this will make you rich. Watch, listen and get a sense of what is going around you. Music is a good barometer on which markets to focus on. If we pay attention to which music makes certain drugs popular, then it gives you the ability to capitalize on them. So it’s time to step out of our own comfort zone (ghetto) and it’s time to hit the suburbs.

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Kenny K.



U.S. Officials Can’t Find a Dime of El Chapo’s $14 Billion


El Chapo is truly one of the greatest. He is the Michael Jordan of drug dealing. Unstoppable, untouchable, fearless, and clever, he has pulled a finesse move on the U.S. again. The U.S. government has not been able to find a cent of El Chapo’s $14 Billion fortune (although they have found some minor assets).

No matter how hard they try, it will be very difficult for them to find El Chapo’s money because his money is not in the financial system. He is very smart because of this, he must have known that someday he would get caught and if the money was in the system, his assets would be frozen. This idea may have dawned on him after his first arrest.

This is a man who has studied what has happened to past dealers. He learned from their mistakes and crafted his own way of doing things. He is a genius. What is sad is that he could have been very successful in the legit business if he put his mind to it. Maybe he was addicted to the money or the power. Or maybe he just wanted to help the thousands of people in poverty by giving them high paying jobs.

The fact that the Mexican government is corrupt helped him as well as they are paid millions of dollars to be of service to him. Everybody from the policemen to the governors have worked for El Chapo at some point in their careers. This just shows the extent to how corrupt Mexico is and proves that money still talks in third-world countries.

Amid the arrest of El Chapo, the Sinaloa cartel is having a tough time of late with the arrest of Number 2 Damaso Lopez Nunez. Also the emergence of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel as a new power-house doesn’t help either.

Either way, with their top lieutenants down, the Sinaloa cartel will have a tough time recovering. There is a lot of infighting within the group for power and as they do this their enemies are fast encroaching on their territories. This struggle for power must be stopped and they must work together to choose a new successor or else their empire will be over.

As you can see, greed remains rampant in this industry as former allies turns into enemies as soon as their top leaders are gone. What would El Chapo think of all of this? This must be embarrassing for him because it took 30 years to build his empire and now it is disappearing right in front of his eyes.

This is a good lesson to be learned if you are a boss. You should have a succession plan in place which lists your number 2 and number 3. And in it, you will list the responsibilities which are to be shared among the group. By doing this it may keep the group together after you get arrested or killed.

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Kenny K.

How to Get Cocaine to Sell


I got asked this before and it all depends on what your budget is. If you’re just starting out, you will want to start off with an ounce. For this, you can go to just about any dealer as they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Finding coke to sell is easy, start off by asking your sphere of influence. Ask your family and friends if they know of a connect and if they don’t just hit the streets. I’m pretty confident that you will be able to find it in your circle of friends because everything is so easy to get nowadays but if you are in a country that is scarce, you might want to hit the dark web or travel to a country where the supply is plentiful.

If you are in one of those countries where cocaine is scarce, we recommend you travel to first-world countries and build connects there. Drugs are plentiful in first-world countries and everything will be easy to get.

If you were thinking of going to third-world countries, think twice because finding the connects there are hard to find unless you go to very dangerous areas. On a cautionary note, you must know a native person there or there will be dangers lurking.

You will have better luck in first-world countries where it is safe; however, you will pay a premium price. If you are on a budget, go to the third-world countries and take the risk. Do your research and see if it’s worth it. If you’re not getting at least a 100% return on investment, it’s not worth the risk.

If you want to buy a kilo, the people you will be dealing with will change. You will find that the dealer that you were picking up ounces from was just a middleman and you will want to get to the main source. These people will be harder to find as they operate under a veil. The only way to meet them is through working with the middleman until you get to that stage.

Focus on the quality and negotiate the prices. 

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Kenny K.


Only in Nigeria: Money Everyday and No one Goes to Jail


In Nigeria, large sums of money are being found but no one is getting arrested. That shows how corrupt the country is and that means that there is a lot of opportunities for criminals.

And for us, it is very easy to fit in. First, they are an English speaking country. Second, they are a fast developing country with a lot of developments taking place. Third, there are many Nigerian people in our home countries that have the connects back home. So it might be time to think about it.

Wherever there is corruption, there is opportunity. Big money is just around the corner waiting for us in third world countries. As criminals, all you have to do is pay people off to secure your freedom. How easy is that?

The poverty of the country makes it easy for us to operate. These people are starving and even the people in power are struggling so the people with money hold power over them. That is how corruption gets started. However, not everyone is down with this. There are people who have high moral standards but they often get killed.

The rule when you operate in these countries is to pay them off when they ask. It is a two-way street, pay and you get off or not pay and you face punishment. In the end, it is just a cost of doing business, something like a tax. We should not think nothing of it and just continue to pay them.

In the beginning they will hold the power but if you operate in the country for a long time, you will eventually become an asset to them. In other words, you will own them. If the amount that you pay is a significant portion of their income, they will need you. And when this happens, you hold all the power.

You will be able to do anything that you want, untouchable, almost reaching a god-like status. As money talks and corrupts minds, we can use this as a weapon in the poorest of regions.

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Kenny K.

Prime Business Opportunity in Sycrause, New York: 52 Charged in Syracuse Drug Bust Bricktown Gang


Police are going after the most violent gangs first so if you fit in this category, operate low key. The group that was busted in April, 2017 Bricktown Gang is said to be one of the most violent street gangs in the South Side of Syracuse, New York.

This group is permanently crippled and we will see if they can recover in the near future. 52 arrests were made and this will have a major impact on the hierarchy of the organization. If the top leaders were busted, the organization of the group will be non-existent and they will only have the ability to deal with small business in limited quantities because the cops took their money and drugs.

A big risk that they face is that they may have lost their supplier connections with their top lieutenants missing. Also if they still have suppliers, they may not want to risk dealing with them. This is a huge problem that they face.

What this group needs to do is to switch up all of their communication devices and start from scratch. The smartest choice that they can take would be to skip town and lay low for awhile. But whatever they choose , the rival gangs will be watching.

The rival gangs are licking their lips at this moment because it gives them a chance to wipe them all out and flood the area with their men. This is a prime opportunity for the people on the East Coast as there is a lucky chance to enter this market.

Syracuse is prime real estate as highways span North, East, South, West. It is also close to Canada if you are looking for international business opportunities. There is also a lake as that connects with Canada. If you can figure something out, I highly recommend that you enter this market.

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Kenny K.

What to do When You Get Paranoid


From our experience dealing, we have experienced many bouts of paranoia. As we are in a very volatile industry, many eyes are watching us at all times. Some eyes may be harmless while some eyes may kill. We must be very careful in what we do so that we don’t end up dead or going to jail.

While dealing, we will get paranoid at some point in our lives. And when this happens, we have to consider if it’s for legitimate purposes or if it’s just a figment of our imagination. And this part can get tricky. But let us tell you this…

Humans have an innate ability to predict danger and if you are feeling something, there is definitely something going on. It may be a small thing that you don’t have to worry about but it could also be a big thing that can come and take your life.

Human beings are all receptors and we radiate a certain frequency. If someone were to think of us, we would catch this because their thought carries our vibration frequencies with it. Our minds are in some way a radio that emits frequencies and receives them.

That is why when we think of someone, we can feel it in the air. Have you ever had the time when you thought of someone and the phone rang, and it was them. It is all the same concept as this life works in synchronicity.

When we can feel it, there is something going on. And if it doesn’t feel right, you need to be aware. This is called gut instinct or inner clairvoyance. It is what was taught by our ancestors in Egypt which this generation has forgot.

This esoteric knowledge can be used in the game to shield us from harm. We can tell what is going on in the world around us by what we feel. The people who don’t understand this will die on the streets, but for the people who know will be many stories of survival.

In order for this to work, you must abstain from using drugs and other mind-altering substances, as these will cloud your thoughts. And when you feel something, prepare for it right away because paranoid thoughts don’t just come out of nowhere, there is always a reason. So cover all your bases and make sure that you are secured.

And remember that we are human receptors that catch on to certain frequencies.

Best of luck guys.

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Kenny K.

Having Too Much Money Does Not Lead to Happiness


Like in everything in life, there needs to be a balance. Too little money and you will be unhappy, and too much money will make you unhappy. You need to find that fine line that brings balance into your life.

The problem with too much money is that once you get it, your done because that’s what you’ve been striving for all the time. And once your mission is complete, it’s hard to find meaning in your life. Money doesn’t equal happiness but it eliminates all your financial worries.

When you get to the stage where you can buy anything that you want, it’s good for awhile but it gets old. You can buy all the designer clothes, drive whatever you want, and live wherever you want but once you have everything that you want, none of that stuff matters anymore.

Many people wonder what to do with their lives and they find that life becomes boring after they get rich. These people need to find a new challenge in their lives, a new purpose or else they will end up crazy.

Everyday, all the rich worry about is what to do. So they eat breakfast, go out shopping, go dining at nice restaurants, fuck a few bitches and then repeat the same pattern over again. After a couple of months, they get bored and try to find new and stimulating ways to spend their day.

My advice to you is to have something else to strive for other than money. Find something that makes you happy because money won’t. Make all the money you want but have a purpose is all I’m saying.

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Kenny K.

Respect the Game


Since our industry is not regulated, we pretty much operate in the wild west. We operate in an industry where everyone operates the way they want and that creates conflict among groups. One group could be acting ethically while another group could be breaking all the rules.

The group that is breaking all the rules have an unfair advantage over the others because the way they do business is dirty. This causes the other groups to become dirtier so that they can compete with them, thus a never ending cycle is created until the whole industry becomes full of crooks.

This lack of regulating authority encourages people to break the rules because they can get ahead. This is due to the fact that the media has encouraged this type of behavior. By glamorizing ripping people off and doing dirty business, it teaches the youth to do this. The end result is the creation of hundreds and thousands of savages who act violently on the streets. The media has brought our ethics down and has brought with it a dangerous way of thinking.

The people in our industry should know right from wrong and just because they are doing something illegal doesn’t mean that they can act like savages. What we need are responsible people to operate in the game and for them to control and regulate the industry.

We must begin to kill off the people who act unethically. It is our responsibility to bring law and order to the game by enforcing a high standard of ethics. We may need to rule with an iron fist, but by killing off the rule breakers it will bring good changes into our industry.

The rule breakers have provided bad examples for our youth and must be made examples of. They must be humiliated and ridiculed before being put to death, only then will people know to behave. This kind of action may seem cruel but is absolutely necessary to bring this industry to a more respectable state.

Because this lawless behavior has continued for too long, trust has become a major issue in our industry. We never know what to expect from people and that causes us to act in a paranoid state. We want to build a platform in which people feel safe. We need law and order in our industry so that people will obey the rules and play fairly.

The dealers of now disrespect the game by breaking all the rules. They preach that they do the right things, but do the other. These aren’t true dealers but are professional con artists. These people don’t even care about the future of this industry and leave a mess for everyone.

We should all feel an urgency to act. We must fix this now to provide the youth with a better future. We have to teach them right and raise them right so that they can have a good career in the game.

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Kenny K.

Code of Thug Life


This is a tribute to Tupac. It’s been 21 years since we last saw him, yet he inspires millions and millions of people around the world to this very day. We must not forget what a difference he has made in this world.

If a brother from the ghetto can make such a huge difference, who knows what potential each of us can yield. Tupac taught us possibilities and to see the true reality of things. He exposed many things which were swept under the rug and he helped shape the black community to what it is today.

His life was of service to strengthen the black community and to show people a glimmer of hope. He was and still is the ultimate warrior. He is the man who fought the Illuminati head on. A truly fearless man, he was god-like.

In 1992, things were getting so bad in the game that he organized a cease fire agreement between the Bloods and the Crips. This was the code of ethics which was to be carried on to the future generations to bring order to the game.


1. All new Jacks to the game must know: a) He’s going to get rich. b) He’s going to jail. c) He’s going to die.

2. Crew Leaders: You are responsible for legal/financial payment commitments to crew members; your word must be your bond.

3. One crew’s rat is every crew’s rat. Rats are now like a disease; sooner or later we all get it; and they should too.

4. Crew leader and posse should select a diplomat, and should work ways to settle disputes. In unity, there is strength!

5. Car jacking in our Hood is against the Code.

6. Slinging to children is against the Code.

7. Having children slinging is against the Code.

8. No slinging in schools.

9. Since the rat Nicky Barnes opened his mouth; ratting has become accepted by some. We’re not having it.

10. Snitches is outta here.

11. The Boys in Blue don’t run nothing; we do. Control the Hood, and make it safe for squares.

12. No slinging to pregnant Sisters. That’s baby killing; that’s genocide!

13. Know your target, who’s the real enemy.

14. Civilians are not a target and should be spared.

15. Harm to children will not be forgiven.

16. Attacking someone’s home where their family is known to reside, must be altered or checked.

17. Senseless brutality and rape must stop.

18. Our old folks must not be abused.

19. Respect our Sisters. Respect our Brothers.

20. Sisters in the Life must be respected if they respect themselves.

21. Military disputes concerning business areas within the community must be handled professionally and not on the block.

22. No shooting at parties.

23. Concerts and parties are neutral territories; no shooting!

24. Know the Code; it’s for everyone.

25. Be a real ruff neck. Be down with the code of the Thug Life.

26. Protect yourself at all times..

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Kenny K.

The Benefits of Selling Pure Cocaine


Many dealers have began to lose the true essence of drug dealing. They have lost having pride in their product. They don’t feel the same way that we used to in the past by holding the superior product. Instead, their focus is on maximizing profit by buffing their product and getting more out of it.

What is the point of this? They are selling out their customers by focusing on short-term gains. I understand that they get more product out of it but what is the point if the quality of the product is so low. It wrecks the true essence of the drug and degrades it to the state that it is no longer real. It becomes fake and inauthentic instead of being pure and natural, the way it’s supposed to be.

Instead of focusing on the short-term gains, why don’t dealers focus on the longer haul? By selling pure the way that they get it is the way to go. If they do this, they would have the highest quality possible and the product will move faster. By selling pure, the end means work itself out because more junkies will come to you. The only downside is that you have to pick up more frequently from the wholesaler when it comes time to reload. But even this can be seen as a benefit because the wholesaler will begin to give you discounts for the more weight you push.

The new dealers of now don’t seem to get it. They buff their product with dangerous chemicals which increase their inventory and kills their customers. Why risk it by getting 25% more inferior product? Why even bother with tampering with the product? And with each overdose that they cause is born an increased exposure to the authorities who will come looking for them. This creates trouble for the rest of the dealers out there who have to deal with these fucking idiots who operate unethically.

The product is what it is because it is perfect. It is not there to be tampered with. There is one exception though. If the product is too strong and has potential to harm the customer, the potency must be reduced so that it is suitable for safe consumption. Otherwise dealers should sell the way it originally came. Our job is to sell the true essence of the drug.

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Kenny K.

3 Things Junkies Look For in a Dealer


If you’re wondering why you’re sales are lagging, it may be time to take a look at your business. Think about your customers. Why is it that they came to you in the first place? And why don’t they come anymore? See things from the customer’s point of view and you will find the key.

Sometimes when we are in business, we ignore the basic fundamentals which we built our business on. By relearning what we did right in the past, it will improve our business and the relationships with our customers.

Junkies look for 3 main things when they look a dealer. They are: High quality of product, availability and speed of delivery. You must have all 3 components to be able to satisfy your customers.

  1. High Quality of Product

Junkies want the best quality product, that pure shit. They don’t want the stuff that is buffed with shit. If you have the best product in town, all of the junkies will come to you. This is the ultimate key. Always be known to have the best and the money will follow.

One thing we found is that junkies would pay a higher price to get the purest product out there. They don’t like spending money on buffed product. What they want is potency and the genuine high that only the purest of products can provide. Too many products are buffed nowadays and they don’t like that. They would rather pay a premium for the best shit.

2. Availability

Junkies are always looking for dealers who are available when they need them. They love the dealers who always pick up their phones and respond quickly. As drugs are an impulsive purchase, you need to be there when they need it. It’s important to set your hours of operations so that it accommodates their needs. The more available you are, the more they will come.

3. Speed of Delivery

When they order, they want the product delivered right away. They want short delivery times and they love it when you show up at the time you say you will. To keep competitive, your delivery times should not exceed 20 minutes.

Anything longer than that may become a cancelled order. You never want that because you don’t want them to go to other dealers. However, if you have the best quality product, they may wait. Junkies are really impatient and when they want to get high, they want to get high now.


By having these 3 things, the chances that you will be their 1st choice will increase. However one must keep it consistent and each piece of the puzzle should be there at all times. Make sure the junkies know what to expect from you when they pick up. You want to be the reliable dealer that they can always count on.

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Kenny K.


Keep the War on Drugs Going


We must never let the government take control over our industry because they will mess everything up. We need to fight with our lives for this to maintain our keeps. Drugs is our business and that is how we make our living.

Right now, the market is wide open, just waiting to get fucked. We can set up shop whenever we want and wherever we want. We can also sell anything that we choose while not having to pay taxes. Do we really want to lose this freedom?

The war on drugs keeps our prices high and many businesses are flourishing because of this. The distribution of wealth is the highest among drug dealers and things have never looked better. The war on drugs is what we feed off of.

Just think what may happen if they legalize drugs. The first thing they would do is to control who is able to operate, and chances are likely that won’t be us. The second thing they would do is to make a profit through taxation, making it unprofitable.  And third, they would give only a handful of companies control over the market, which will kick us out of the picture.

Legalization will strip the dealers of their power and give power to the elite. Our businesses will get wiped out because big business will take over, much like what Walmart did to small business. The big businesses will be running the show and will form the new cartel. In other words, they will shut us down while making all the cash. Legalization will destroy our ability to make large sums of money fast.

The scary part is, once they figure out how they can profit from it, the regulation will come. Slowly but surely this is happening as society is becoming more accepting of drugs. Remember back when being gay was not socially acceptable? Look what has happened now, being gay is widely accepted among society. We do not want the same to happen to us.

One word has the ability to shake up our industry and when that time comes, it is game over for us. That is why it is so important to take advantage of this opportunity while we can. Make the money and milk it, sell as much drugs as we can.

We must never let them strip us of our livelihoods. The current way that things are going is good. Just look at the amount of freedom that we have right now.

Now that’s something worth fighting for.

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Kenny K.


Don’t Hang Out With Dumb-ass Niggas


The people around you are very important. Important in the sense that they change who you are. If you take a look at the closest 5 people that you spend the most time with, you will notice that you carry some of their qualities.

It may be a good thing or a bad thing but noticing them is a start. If someone is overly negative, you may become overly negative or if someone is an angry person, you may become an angry person. So be careful who you hang out with because they can plant bad behaviors in us.

It is always a good thing to associate with people that you aspire to be, those people who are at the next level of what you want to be doing. This will bring you up as a person and you will learn many new things from them. It will also bring you closer to your goals.

Use this as an advantage in everything that you do. Hang out with only those people which hold admirable traits. If you want to get stronger, hang out with strong people. If you want to be fearless, hang around with a bunch of leaders. If you want to learn something, go to the people who can teach you.

Never hang around the same old crowd because it will get you nowhere in life. Associate with many different people from many different backgrounds because they all have a lot to teach. Just make sure that they have the traits that you are looking for.

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Kenny K.

Media Shows Drugs to Our Children


Today, I’d like to touch upon a subject that has been brushed aside for too long. A subject so deep and controversial that the motives are clear, yet we do not notice. What am I talking about, you say. I’m talking about the media and how corrupt they are.

Have you ever wondered why they glamorize drugs in the movies? Or ever wondered why they showcase drugs and murder through our music? Why are they making this stuff look good? And why are they promoting it anyways? Do they want our black youth to want to do it?

The media should go to jail in this matter. There isn’t any other country who demoralizes it’s own people more than our country, the USA. We are hypocrites, having one hand in the cookie jar while the other hand waves no.

And when we sell drugs and get caught, they act like it’s such a big deal. But in reality, they are the ones who showed us this stuff through their media. If we didn’t see this stuff in the first place, we may have never known about this stuff. So why are they blaming us that it is bad when they are the ones who are doing evil by showing us in the first place.

In these current times, they show our celebrity role models getting high and advertise what kind of drugs they do. This makes the young kids want to do those drugs so that they can be a little bit like their celebrity role models.

And when little kids watch the movies and see how cool that drug dealing is, they want to do the same. The same goes for the people who idolize their rappers, when they talk about that shit, they want to do it. So why is this stuff even legal to show anyways? And why isn’t the government doing anything about it? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

The big question is who wins here? Is the government in on it too? Are the cartels funding the media into showing what they want to show? In my opinion, I assume that everyone is profiting from it and that’s why they do it. The government makes money off of drugs and the media makes money off of advertising drugs. And they profit by making us slaves to it.

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Kenny K.


Message to the Young Drug Dealers


“If you’re an up-and-comer, you’ve got to put in twice the effort to get to the top. If you’re the reigning champ, you’ve got to put five times the effort just to stay there.”

 There will be times when your journey is painful, but keep on going and never take no for an answer. If you dedicate your life to this craft, good things will come, new doors will open up for you at just the right time. As in everything in life, when you try real hard at something, things start coming together for you.

Keep your faith. Your success is dependent on what you do everyday and you must be accountable to that. Take responsibility for your life by taking action towards your goals. Even when everything seems impossible, keep striving forward and never look back. Good things always come to those who try. Put in the work to reap the benefits, reap as you sow.

When you are in the game, dedicate your entire life to it. Our career is very short so we must not waste time. There is a great urgency in making money while you can. Make your money and exit before the cops and rivals get to you. Never miss a day of work and always stay on the grind.

This business is no joke, if you’re an up-and-comer, you’ve got to put in twice the effort to get to the top. If you’re the reigning champ, you’ve got to put five times the effort just to stay there. The harder you work, the more luck you will create. Blow your competition away through your hard work and dedication. Put in every ounce of energy that you have and just do it.

When I first started out, I was on the streets from dusk till dawn. The reason why I did this is because I had no other way. There was no other choice for me. I was so focused that I had no time for friends or family. I gave it my all on getting my business up and running. I spent 18 hours a day on it.

While my other dealer friends were partying with girls, I was out there on the streets hustling. Everyday, every night, I’d get up at 8am and go to sleep at 3am. I was a machine, my business was my life. I had no other reason for living at that point, my mind was obsessed.

If you have time to work, get out there and work. Forget your friends, your family, just work on your business. The rest of the stuff can wait until later. Sacrifice is what it takes to make it. At times we may get lonely and at times we may feel lost, but don’t let that get in the way of achieving your goals. It’s lonely at the top wherever you go. You’ve got to kill your feelings when you are in the game.

We are all on life’s journey and we never know where it will take us. One day we could be broke and the next day we could be rich. Always hope for the best and no matter what the circumstance, don’t give up. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke right now so don’t let that hold you back. Instead, focus on where you want to go and make it possible.

When life gets tough, never give up. There is no such thing as quitting in a champion’s mind. The only default is if you get killed or get caught. You are a star in the making and destined for great things. The pain that you experience is only going to benefit you in the long run. Never let the pivotal moments in life stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Even the greatest of legends have experienced pain on their journey. The only thing is that these champions have learned to overcome these situations and power through it. Keep on going and believe in yourself because whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Pushing past adversity is what sets real men apart from the boys. The grind is just a process and it’s something that we all have to go through to get to where we are going. Respect the struggle and savor the process because the more that you go through, the more you will appreciate.

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Kenny K.

It’s Time to Break the Pattern


“Young men of color in many communities are more likely to end up in jail or in the criminal justice system than they are in a good job or college.”

Below are the familiar patterns that you will find yourself in, if you are a career criminal:

Hustle -> Jail -> Hustle -> Jail


Hustle -> Jail -> Life of Poverty


Hustle -> Death


Hustle -> Life of Mediocrity

As you can see, these are very familiar patterns. We’ve seen it happen time and time again to our friends and loved ones. The game has fucked them up and took everything away from them, all because they didn’t have any proper plans in place to escape out of the game.

It’s time to break this pattern. We should never be career criminals, but should be one-time criminals with a clear goal in mind. We should never get stuck in this criminal lifestyle. We should find our way out of the game and on to better things in the legit world.

Many join the game because they are attracted to the flashy lifestyle. Their focus is on driving the fancy cars and indulging themselves in the pleasures of this world. These people tend to live in the moment, blind to their future. They are comparable to those who live in the legit world, living day by day, paycheck to paycheck, and in the end, they remain trapped in a vicious cycle. As their spending habits increase, they have a need to sell more drugs to sustain their lifestyle, remaining a slave to money and the game. Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s time to start thinking about your future. The legit world is your future after you exit the game. It’s spreading its legs and waiting to get fucked so go get it. Lets stack the dollars and live a good life. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t let it go to waste. Make this opportunity yours and own it.

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Kenny K.

Choosing a Location


“Starting out is the hardest part, but once you get past that, everything gets easier.”

You think selling drugs is easy? Well, it’s not. Instead of in the legit world where they have to deal with rules and regulations, we gotta deal with police and rival gangs. Plus, there’s a hell of a lot of competition out there. This business ain’t for the faint of heart. This business takes total commitment and devotion.

Down in my block, I’ve seen it all. Starting out is very hard because the gangs own the territories. New dealers come in everyday but as fast as they come in, they get shut down. These days you can’t expect to go into someone’s block without expecting a gun fight. Those peaceful days are over.

So what do you do? If you’re serious about setting up shop, do your market research first. New dealers throw themselves into situations that they can’t handle so in order to prevent that, the first thing you must do is to pick an area that you want to sell in that you are comfortable with. Write down a list of the top 5 places which you are considering getting into and ask yourself:

  • What is the total population of the area? (you can research on the internet or in the library)
    • The larger the population, the larger the market and the more competition there is. If you are new, consider staying away from the large metropolitan areas, leave those for the big boys for now.
  • What is the average rent in the area?
    • The lower the cost of living, the more junkies there will be. People who are addicted tend to live in these areas so that they can support their habits. Just take a look at the cost of rent in the area.
  • What is the average family income per household?
    • The more income people have, the more they will spend. Addiction has no boundaries.
  • Are there a lot of jobs in the area?
    • Check out places where an industry is booming. You always want to be where the economy is thriving. Choose cities with a lot of jobs so that all of your customers will have money.
  • What are the ethnic groups in the area?
    • Which ethnic groups dominate the population in the area? If you’re black, you don’t want to be selling where Hispanics are and vice versa because if you do, you will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • What kinds of drug busts happened in the area?
    • By checking out this info, you will get to know your competition as well as what kinds of quantities they are dealing with.
    • You will also get to know which groups the cops have shut down. When one group gets taken out, there will be gaps in the market for you to take advantage of.
    • The news is good to check up on because you will see where the police are putting their efforts into.
  • How severe are the drug laws in the area?
    • Some states are more lenient in drug felonies than others. Focus on the areas where the punishment is less.

After you did your research on where you would like to sell, you will need to go in-depth to do research on your competition. Tally a list of the top 5 drug organizations in the area and see who runs the show. Who are their top commanders and what kind of a reputation do they have? How big are their crews and which parts do they dominate? What kinds of drugs do they specialize in? What kinds of quantities do they deal with?

Then find out what happens to newbies who start in the area. How fast do they react to new competition? Do they shut the newbies down swiftly or do the big boys tend to fight among themselves. Don’t just jump into a territory because you can, evaluate your risk first. If you are just starting out, you will want to minimize your risk.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Make Money Now, Party Later


“Many live it up when they start earning the doe but that is a huge mistake. One must be disciplined when in the industry and never forget the mission.”

The reason why we got into the game is to make money and to get out, not to get stuck in it. Many dealers lose their focus and start living their life like it’s normal but we must never forget why we got into it. We got into it because we want money, that is all. Not to fuck bitches, not to live an easy life, but to make money.

The more time that you spend in the game, the more risk there is. Your risk of getting killed or getting incarcerated go up with the amount of time that you spend in it. Your goal should be to become more efficient in making money and to minimize the amount of time spent in the game.

#1 It should be like:

  • Get in
  • Make money
  • Get out
  • Live a new life

#2 It should never be:

  • Get in
  • Make money
  • Spend  money
  • Make money
  • Spend money

Most of the dealers get trapped in the second example because they have an addiction to living it up. What they don’t realize is that the more expenses they incur, the more they get stuck in the game. So limit your expenses and just focus on making the money. If you discipline yourself not to spend, you can get out of the game in 2 years time with over a $1,000,000. But if you like to spend your money and party, your schedule to leave the game will be postponed. It may take you 5 years to exit the game with a million dollars or worst case scenario, you may get killed or go to jail because you overstayed your time in the game.

When in the game, you should never spend on luxury items and you shouldn’t do any of that outrageous shit. You’ve got to stay disciplined and remain focused. Staying low key will help you in more ways than one. Remember that you can live your life after you exit the game. It is understandable for the need to spend because many dealers grew up in poverty and have never experienced money while growing up. So when they earn the money, they don’t know what to do with it, so they spend it.

My advice to you is to save your money. Wash it and stash it in a safe place. The game is only a tool that we use to make money as it is not a lifestyle thing. It is only sustainable in the short term. Many dealers say that their life is short and make that their excuse to blow all their money. But what they don’t realize is that they are limiting themselves in that way of thinking. That belief alone is very pessimistic and shows that they aren’t thinking about their future.

What they need to know is that there is a future outside of the game. The dealers of this generation need to realize this and start thinking ahead. Only when they think like this, will they save their money. Be smart with your life because you have many opportunities ahead of you. Life is long and too short to spend in jail or end up dead.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

Never Be A Part Time Dealer


“If you’re not making at least a $1000 a day, you shouldn’t even be in the drug business.”

Like the title says, there’s no such thing as a part time drug dealer. I’m a firm believer that if you’re not putting your all into what you are doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all, especially in the drug trade. The drug industry is nothing to be playing around with. It is highly complex and involves a lot of risk. In fact, it takes total commitment and devotion to become a true professional at it.

I often wonder about drug dealers who do it part time because my philosophy is that if you are to do something illegal, don’t just do a little of it, but to do it big. Think about it, the charges are the same even if you’re a part time or a full time drug dealer. The part time dealer would be trafficking less weight so the charges would be less, but in true essence, an arrest is an arrest. An ounce, a kilo, or a tonne; an arrest is an arrest. Go all in.

Part time dealers also face the same dangers that full time dealers face. We are all prone to getting killed, kidnapped, robbed, shot, arrested, and ratted on. So if this is the case, why even consider being part time. If they were thinking straight, part time shouldn’t be worth it at all. And another thing about dealing part time is that your business will grow much more slowly because your availability is inconsistent.

If you aren’t accessible to your customers, they will not follow you. Instead, they will go to the full time dealer who is available all the time. What these part timers don’t realize is that junkies want some kind of a reliability from a dealer. What junkies look for are 3 things: constant availability, speed of delivery, and quality of product. If any of these 3 are missing, the dealer is said to be unreliable.

Part time dealers can’t provide any of that. First, they’re not available all the time. Availability is limited to when they feel like working so the junkies will have to go to the other dealers when they’re not there. When this happens, the junkies will slowly begin to frequent them less due to their inconsistency. This will permanently damage and slow down the part timer’s business as there is no momentum in their business. There is no incentive for the junkie to work with them. The result is that the junkie will only use them as a last resort.

Second, the part timer’s speed of delivery will be slower than that of the seasoned vets. They won’t know the short cuts and the secret meeting spots for each delivery. It will also take time for them to decipher the code words that each customer uses. Taking time during deals is the worst, it exposes you to more risk because it puts you in a vulnerable state.

The third and final point is that the quality of the product that the part timers get will be of lesser quality. This is because the part timer will most likely be picking up ounces. Well, what comes before an ounce? A kilo. When a supplier breaks down a kilo, what do they usually do? They step on it. The further down the food chain you are, the lesser quality product you will receive. The general rule of thumb is that the more quantity that you get, the higher quality it is.

The seasoned vets have none of these problems. First, they are available all of the time. Second, their speed of delivery will be very quick as they are used to it. And third, their product will be of a higher quality because they will be picking up kilos. The full time dealer will also be more experienced and smart when they are dealing in certain situations because of their experience level. The part time dealer definitely lacks the experience that the full time dealers have so the cards are heavily stacked against them.

If you are going to do it, go big. You can make more and accelerate your life faster and easier. As you can see, there are no benefits in being a part time drug dealer other than that they have more leisure time. The thing is that they also face the same dangers that the full time dealers face. So is it worth it to be a part time dealer making pennies?

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


Getting Out of the Ghetto


“If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto.”

In this day and age, we often wonder what we are doing with our lives. We are a lost generation, where the majority of the population are just going through the motions, not liking what they do nor liking how they live. We find ourselves endlessly slaving away for other people and getting nowhere in life. Our working lives consume most of our time and energy and it doesn’t allow us to do the things that we really want to do in our lives. And on top of that we get paid very little.

We are like a herd of sheep, totally under control because that is how society taught us to live. They say, we follow. The school system and the media are all about that.  We need to understand that a job doesn’t mean shit nowadays. You can lose it all in a blink of an eye and once you lose it, you’re fucked. Never give control over your life to other people. Remember that you control your own destiny and it’s up to you to make it happen. Having a job is like having a gun pointed at your head, you never know when they’re going to pull the trigger.

If you think that having a job is your only option, then you will be fucked, stuck living a measly life. The more broke you get, the more work you will have to do, and that isn’t sustainable for the long run. It might make sense at the time but it really isn’t. You need to build something for yourselves that keeps the money flowing without you having to work. This should be your number one priority if you are to escape out of poverty.

If you continuously keep on working for someone, there will come a time when your body will be too old to work anymore. And if you are at that stage and don’t have a lot of savings, you will be fucked. If you haven’t thought about your future, it’s time to think about it now. It’s never too late to plan.

For the people who live in the ghetto, there aren’t too many opportunities available for us. It’s either living a life of crime or slaving away at a dead end job because that’s the only thing that’s out there. So how do you expect to make it out of the ghetto? All I can say to that is that sometimes in life, we need to do what we need to do in order to survive, even if we’re not too proud of it.

At times we all need a financial boost, something that makes us money that enables us to do the things that we want to do. We must take advantage of the opportunities which are around us. If it is in drug trafficking, let it be drug trafficking. If it is pimping, let it be pimping. Take advantage of what’s around you and use that to propel you further. Once you stack your money, step out.

It is a gamble, but it all depends on how you do it. If you operate the smart way, you will never get caught. If you do it right, you will get a lot of money. But the key thing is when you plan on exiting the game. When do you know how much is enough? When do you know it’s enough? It’s kind of like gambling. It’s all up to you when you decide to fold your cards. You can’t get good cards all of the time so might as well exit when you are at the top of your game.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Best Regards,

Kenny K.

The Day I Said Fuck It


 ” Having a job is like having a gun pointed to your head, you never know when they’re going to pull the trigger.”

My workplace let me go because they found that I have a criminal record from 10 years ago. I have been working at this place for a couple years now and have never caused any trouble, but they insisted that I was a security threat. What they don’t realize is that I have changed throughout the years and am no longer the same person that I was 10 years ago. This was unexpected and I was pissed, but there is nothing that I could do about it. I cannot deny the facts of what has happened in my past, I can only plead that I have changed but they don’t believe.

So after that, I decided to get a job and sent out a few resumes. Got the interviews and nailed them. Some of these places really liked me and wanted me to work for them right away. Then this happened: They asked me for my social insurance number and asked me to consent to a criminal record check. I said “Ok,” and check no under the line where it says “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?” Thought they weren’t going to check but a couple days later they phoned me up saying that they really wanted me to work for them but that the boss didn’t want any ex-cons to work for them.

I tried a couple more times to look for a corporate job but they all said no. I guess large corporations don’t like ex-cons very much. The only option now was to look for blue collar work but I wasn’t really digging it. I just couldn’t picture myself flipping burgers or be hammering away at a construction site. That was the day I said “Fuck It.”

From that day on, I decided that I wasn’t going to depend on anyone anymore. I found myself getting too complacent with this legit life. I was just going with the flow and going through the motions, doing nothing special with my life. I was just a slave to these white folks doing whatever they wanted me to do. I finally had enough… I didn’t want people to go through the same shit I was going through so I started this blog.

Before my legit life, I was into selling coke, moving about 20 kilos a month. Was doing good but one day I got caught. I always regret that day because I knew I could have done better. I knew that that the cops were on to me and I didn’t adjust my business because I didn’t take the threat seriously. I also regret not having properly handled my money and I regret not getting out of the game when I was at my high. But one thing that I regret most was not having a proper mentor in the game.

There is such a steep learning curve in this business that many people die or go to jail even before they make it. It is very sad but this is true. This happens because the dealers aren’t properly trained. There isn’t a school that teaches people how to sell drugs and there aren’t any books that teach you either. In order for them to learn, they must go out there and experience for themselves, but experience takes time and they risk a lot during this learning phase.

The reason important knowledge doesn’t get passed on to others is because dealers don’t want to lose their competitive advantage. Knowledge is power and dealers are very careful in guarding their trade secrets. Due to this secrecy, their knowledge oftentimes goes to the grave with them, never to be heard by anyone. I find that this is a complete waste and believe that knowledge should be shared by everyone.

In this blog I am going to teach people how to sell drugs the professional way. I am going to teach people how to protect themselves and I’m going to teach people a business system that I used to operate my business. I also want to teach people when to exit the business at the right time. My job here is to teach you so that you don’t have to go through the same shit I went through. I hope this information helps you all. My wish for you is to live a prosperous life. I never want to see you in jail or end up dead. I want you to live a prosperous life.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Best Regards,

Kenny K.