Whatever you’re used to, get rid of it. All of it. This game is all about mindset and you need

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Still alive, just checking in. How to Sell Cocaine, the book has gotten taken off the bookshelves. As you have

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setting business hours for dealers. Learn how to sell cocaine

Setting Your Hours

The hours of operations should reflect what kind of business you have along with the business strategy you are using. The open

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How to Sell Cocaine: #1 Introduction to the Business by Kenny K.


“If you’re not making at least a $1000 a day, you shouldn’t even be in the drug business.” Like the

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How to Sell Cocaine #1

The second book’s coming soon. This book will have the details for the real professionals out there. We’re just in the testing phases right now, getting things right because we want you to have the best information so that you have the edge on the streets.

In the meantime, it’s recommended that you read the first book so that you’re fully equipped to handle all of this information. 

American Dollar and Chinese Yuan

China Money

An enormous rise in real estate prices is happening at an unprecedented pace in many cities from around the world. China

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Selling drugs in boom towns

Boom Towns

Booming economies are good for business, whenever you hear big companies hiring, target that area, this will bring prosperity to

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Selling drugs in rural towns

Rural Towns

If you want to expand your business without having to resort to warfare, rural towns will be your best bet.

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Japanese Yakuza Boss. Yamaguchi Kumi. How to Sell Cocaine and Kenny K.


Lets talk about leadership. If you’re a crook, all you’re people will be crooks. If you’re a sucker, all your

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Heroin Use in the United States

Trending Drugs

Throughout our history, we have seen many drastic changes in our market. 10 years ago, coke sales far surpassed most

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